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This is a birthday cake for a 4-year-old who was having a Disney Princess party. The bottom tier is chocolate with chocolate BC filling, middle tier is vanilla with BC filling, and pillow is vanilla with BC filling covered in MMF and sprinkled with shimmer dust. Everything else is BC. The bottom tier split in two when I delivered it!! Talk about embarrassing! Luckily it was for friends, but still. :-(
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By PinkPanther
Jun 10, 2006
6" round "smash" cakes for 1 yr old twins. Cakes were designed to look like little crowns but also have toy crowns on top.
3 3
By KimAZ
Oct 2, 2005
Well this is for my spolied daughters bday. They are both in the same week so i do a family party for both of them. This year I did a princess cake. the tiara is made from fondant.  It is white and chocolate cake with oreo filling. The ribbon roses are ok but i need more practice. Thanks for looking.
10 32
By cakeconfections
Aug 14, 2005
Chocolate Italian buttercream icing on  12 inch and 6 inch white cakes with fresh raspberry filling.  This was my only real disaster so far-- the raspberries fermented.  Tiara is gumpaste.  Pearls and daisies are fondant.
7 9
By itsacake
Nov 3, 2005
I saw this cake somewhere in the gallery not sure who done it. This cake was very hard for me to do, It took me a really long time, I made a lot of mistakes, in the end it turned out ok..
7 2
By tinanh27
Nov 6, 2005
This is a cake I made for a little girl turning "1"!  It is a buttermilk cinnamon chocolate cake filled with milk chocolate ganache and covered in MMF!  I wanted the heart tier to represent the "pillow presenting the tiara"!
39 41
By cakemommy
Nov 6, 2005
Tiaras are Sugar Cookies, fondant decorated and painted with superpearl dust.
10 59
By mvucic
Oct 1, 2005
6 38
By Taylorsmom
Dec 2, 2005
This was the smash cake for my niece that went with the castle cake.
By mjsparkles2001
Dec 5, 2005
My daughter is turning 6 and this is her second birthday cake.  Chocolate cake with buttercream and fondant.  Tiara is from the dollar store.
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By momlovestocook
Dec 10, 2005
8" & 6" French Vanilla cakes filled with buttercream and raspberry preserves, iced in buttercream with fondant bow and silver dragess for accents.  This cake was all about the 'bling'!  Tiara and 'Happy Birthday' were from the dollar store.
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By tripletmom
Dec 17, 2005
THis is an 8" and 6" French vanilla cake with Mexican Vanilla BC.  Quilted impression mat pattern and BC dots.  Store bought tiara.
36 407
By Mac
Jan 22, 2006
This was a cake I made for my niece's first birthday. I did add a wand to the cake when I got to the party.
17 74
By chikie
Feb 12, 2006
Inspired by a cake in Collette Peters' "Cakes to Dream On"
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By dolcesunshine20
Feb 25, 2006
Special thanks to Boween and Cakeconfections.  They used fonant, I used buttercream and jewels.
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By umfalcon
Oct 11, 2005
Another mini cake for fun inspired by all the pillow & tiara cakes I saw on here.  Chocolate cake covered in rolled buttercream.  The tiara is made out of candy melts.  First time I used them & the bottle I had them in kept blowing air so the design on the tiara didn't work like it was suposed to but I'm still pleased.  Any criticism or suggestions welcome!
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By swoboda
Feb 28, 2006
This is another take on one I have already done.  Just added the white chocolate tiara and dusted with silver luster dust.  Many thanks to MelC for the photo of her tiara she uploaded - it worked great for me!!!  Also added the little loops on the side like I had seen on the Sugar Creations website - they have beautiful cakes!!!
17 83
By _ChristyB_
Mar 3, 2006
6 1
By pastamela
Mar 9, 2006
Boy, have I been waiting to do one of these!  This was so fun and the little birthday girl loved it!  Chocolate cake, bc frosting, dollar store tiara and wand, fondant accents
14 62
By jdelectables
Mar 20, 2006
This is Psurrette's design that she was kind enough to let me borrow. It is a CMD strawberry cake with CCC frosting from this site. (Excellent frosting by the way!) First time at cornelli lace. Thanks for looking!
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By PinkPanther
Mar 25, 2006
This is a cake that customers were buying for a woman's birthday at their job.  The cake is a princess crown set atop two pillows, at the front of the cake sits a princess with a crown next to her sits an ugly toad.  They wanted me to write  around the cake, Do you know who I am?! .... The hottest girl in the bar!  I guess this was a joke between them.
2 3
By icingonthecupcake
Mar 31, 2006
my first princess cake. thanks to everyone on the help with the tiara. i ended up doing royal icing (tip #5) painted with silver luster dust. the dots on the cake are also royal icing painted with luster dust. 8 inche with 1layer 6 on top
2 10
By smashcakes
Apr 5, 2006
Another Princess cake!  Fondant with chocolate crown.
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By _ChristyB_
Apr 16, 2006
This was for a 60th birthday, for a woman who LOVES to wear jewelry & so we made her a fancy little bear with a mink coat on, and all the jewelry I could think of, including a tiara!
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By OCakes
Apr 17, 2006
I want a digital camera!!!  This picture turned out so bad!  It looks blue, but it was really the exact same shade of purple that is in the tiara!  Butter cake with cheesecake-flavored pudding mix added, covered in fondant with cheesecake flavoring.  The tiara is from the dollar store - I love those!
4 1
By mommymarilyn
Apr 20, 2006
This cake was for my neice's birthday.  It was french vanilla layers with strawberry buttercream filling and buttercream icing.  She is the little princess at our house.  Sorry for the horrible picture... bad camera.
3 4
By beez
Apr 26, 2006
I love these!
2 18
By jdelectables
May 6, 2006
Inspired by Colette Peters, tiara is made of royal icing and is my own design, bottom cake is red velvet cake made pink with white chocolate cream cheese frosting and top cake is white chocolate whisper cake with raspberry preserves as filling and raspberry buttercream for frosting.
5 77
By carrielynnfields
May 14, 2006
Made this for my son's class.  They had a mother's Day tea.  I orriginally wanted to make cupcakes with a Tiara on top for each mother but 7 cakes to do in one week by myself, 2 dozen cookies and then making all the tiara's was virtually impossible unless I totally neglected my 3 kids for the week so I did 5 tiaras and just did this.  Hope you like it!  Tiara's are my own designs.
6 9
By carrielynnfields
May 14, 2006
Another picture of the crown on top of my Mother's Day cake.  White chocolate brushed with Luster Dust.  Many thanks to MelC for her tiara template which I used!
10 24
By doofusmongerbeep
May 15, 2006
This is a cake I did for my daughter's 3rd birthday.  The crown is made from gumpaste and painted with pixie dust for that added sparkle.
46 728
By missyek
May 21, 2006
This was for a little girls first communion....all decorations are fondant...
35 552
By adven68
May 22, 2006
Someone had asked if I could post my patterns that I had designed.  Here they are, use at your leisure just be sure to psot pics when you are done so I can ooohh and ahhhh.
28 1,494
By carrielynnfields
May 23, 2006
feel free to use at your leisure..just make sure to post a pic so that I can compliment you on your skill :)
50 1,308
By carrielynnfields
May 23, 2006
8X3 and 6X3 round chocolate cakes iced in buttercream with a fondant bow and silver dragees as accents.  Tiara came from the Dollar Store.  The little girl loved it and didn't want to cut it!
4 23
By tripletmom
May 29, 2006
Made this for a co-worker who had admired my tiara cake.  Devil's food cake (Cake Dr. recipe) with chocolate buttercream, then covered with Satin Ice Dark Chocolate fondant.  My first time using chocolate fondant - next time I'll roll it out using Crisco instead of my usual cornstarch to avoid some of the marks.  

Buttercream stars and silver dragees for decorations.  White chocolate tiara (with some parts tinted red) and brushed with luster dust.

Many thanks to carrielynnfields for the tiara pattern!
11 10
By doofusmongerbeep
May 31, 2006
French vanilla cake w/Bavarian cream filling iced in buttercream.  Fondant accents brushed w/luster dust.  Fondant baby, ribbon, and roses.  Royal icing crown with fondant pearls.  Thanks to many people on this site for inspiration!
21 104
By newtocakes
Jun 1, 2006
Another tiara cake.  This one was for a little girl turning 3 so I designed a tiara with a three on the front.  The deco on the sides is inspired by a cake from Colette Peters Cakes to Dream On.
6 24
By carrielynnfields
Jun 4, 2006
Thanks to the inspiriation from people on this website, I attempted a tiara cake. The tiara is made from white chocolate and the cake is an eggless recipe that I found from this site. The kids ate the whole lot. The icing is MMF also from this site and great to use once I realsised that I could reuse it when I stuffed up a few times.
4 15
By bumblebee
Jun 4, 2006
2-tier yellow cake with BC and MMF accents.
1 3
By quills
Jun 15, 2006


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