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Thomas is iced in buttercream with fondant accents.  Chocolate cake.
9 x 13 is iced in buttercream with edible image.  Chocolate cake filled with buttercream and oreo's.
By gibson
Oct 28, 2006
This is a white sheet cake (1/2 sheet) and a devils food train on top, hand carved. All buttercream except face and smoke stack(fondant). I only had 'butter flavored' popcorn at this time but would make sure to use white next time..all in all it was a much loved cake :)
1 8
By joaaaann
Oct 29, 2006
my first all fondant cake, which gave me confidence to try more complicated projects. My nephew loved it - unlike the mothers who came to collect children who had just eaten all the red part and were bouncing off the walls!
2 7
By amberhoney
Oct 29, 2006
I promised my son that I would send Thomas cupcakes to school with him on his birthday. We already had his party which was dinosaur. I only had green icing left and did not want to make new icing, so I had to come up with something using the green. I came up with these. Railroad tracks on each cake with a unique train sticker on each along with leftover chocolate rocks I had used on the dinosaur cake. I raided my son's sticker book to make toppers. He loved it and helped me place each one.
2 1
By ctorno
Nov 1, 2006
Made this for a birthday boy who loved thomas. The train shed is the only cake but everything else on the board is edible. After the candle blowing, the kids dismantled the cake in less than 5 seconds..they loved eating everything on the cake! Was great!
13 36
By bohemia
Nov 2, 2006
I made this Thomas cake from the instructions in Debbie Browns Favourite Character cakes!
12 29
By socake
Nov 4, 2006
By Mandica12182
Nov 5, 2006
Henry from Thomas and Friends
I made this for a little boy's third birthday.  I used web site pictures to get the colors and lines right and I used chocolate chips for the coal in the coal car.
By vemorgan
Nov 11, 2006
I loved this cake!!  It was sooo fun to make!!  The little boy LOVED it too!!  That's what really matters!!
1 1
By Mandica12182
Nov 16, 2006
Carved white cake with buttercream and fondant.  From Debbie Brown's book.
6 9
By thecakemaker
Nov 17, 2006
Sculpted from chocolate cake.Iced with buttercream.Face & smokestack shaped from molding white candy coating. Cookie wheels. Foamcore "smoke".
8 26
By Twisted_Sifter
Nov 21, 2006
I made this for my son's 2nd birthday.  He loved it!
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By Nifferr
Jun 18, 2006
Birthday cake for a 3 year old that Loves Thomas the Train.  I can't seem to get the Balloons quite right, but it will have to do!
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By Sherry0565
Nov 21, 2006
This is a cake that I made for a "Gotcha Day" celebration for my nephew.  My nephew is adopted and Gotcha Day is when we celebrate the day we got him.  He loves trains right now.
3 17
By jaswift
Nov 25, 2006
Thomas the train
4 2
By lacie
Nov 26, 2006
Chocolate cake, custard & fresh banana filling.  Frosted with pastry pride and buttercream.  Train and sign are toys.
2 1
By luvdessert
Nov 26, 2006
My son loves reading his Thomas books, and I wanted to portray the Island of Sodor where Thomas the Train lives.  All buttercream.
2 12
By allissweets
Dec 2, 2006
Train tracks, roads, houses, trees and rivers. Toy trains were to be added.
Suppose to represent the "Island of Sodor" from that Thomas series.
4 13
By KimAZ
Dec 4, 2006
Choc cake with bc icing and a gumpaste face, that I modelled after instructions were posted here. Thanks so much to wendysue, I needed the help.
1 7
By Ursula40
Dec 6, 2006
Thomas is the 3D train pan, cars are cut out from 9x13s, trees are ice cream cones- everthing was edible. This was my for my son's 3rd birthday.
6 22
By suzystewart
Dec 11, 2006
Double chocolate cake with white chocolate buttercream icing covered in MMF. Bus, train and boat all made of fondant, as is the base.  Kit kat and chocolate buttion accents. Made for my sons 4th birthday, Donald from Thomas the Tank Engine is his favourite but his 1 year old brother bit the face off before the birthday boy could!
2 2
By seraphim
Dec 12, 2006
half choc/half vanilla, done in buttercream, our take on Thomas the Tank Engine
1 2
By southrnhearts
Dec 13, 2006
My nephew's favorite toy and tv show - so I had to do a Thomas train cake for him.  His eyes lit up.
By cowgirl58
Dec 14, 2006
NFSC with royal icing.
1 7
By cakecre8tor
Dec 15, 2006
This was the cake for my little son (2 years) he loves thomas!!!! the cake was made with lots of love.
2 12
By Claudine1976
Dec 19, 2006
MMF w/ BC.  Took some time, but was fun to do.  DH molded face for me.
1 3
By AZrunner
Dec 25, 2006
This was a Thomas cake made for a friends little boy, he loved the Fat Controller too (he was made from modelling paste so he could be kept).
4 14
By pb
Jan 3, 2007
Used the 3-D train pan from Wilton and it worked great.  Buttercream icing with fondant Thomas face.
4 66
By Suebee
Jan 6, 2007
Charles's 2nd Birthday
By BabeAlice
Jan 12, 2007
Wow this cake was something else to make.  What a project.  This is a double layer 10 inch round cake garage with some of Thomas's Friends.  Thomas is made from 2 loaf pans pieced together.  Thomas had a hard time staying together and that's why he looks like he's going down hill.  My boy loved it though and that's what counts.
3 3
By sunflowerfreak
Jan 12, 2007
Here is my first attempt at Thomas for my son's 3 year old birthday.  It was a little harder to decorate at times because he would come out and want to help with the icing. You can even see the spot on the bottom where he swiped some icing.  He kept bumping the table and the cake....But he loved it. I have another Thomas cake to do for the party...any suggestions for improvement are welcome.
1 19
By michindi
Jan 13, 2007
Did this for my little brother's birthday.  Had to send it through the mail, hence the light decor.  Cake is a double layer 10" chocolate cake with strawberry filling and iced with buttercream and fondant.
1 1
By reenie
Jan 16, 2007
The countryside on the Island of Sodor, where Thomas the Tank Engine lives.  Thomas is coming out of a tunnel.  Sheep are grazing on the hill.  Birthday torches in place of birthday candles.  All decorated with buttercream.
2 7
By minchan
Jan 18, 2007
I made this for my nephew's 3rd birthday.  It was a hit!  train signs are made of fondant.  Cake is iced in buttercream.
1 6
By laborrn2
Jan 19, 2007
Did this for a little boy's 4th birthday.  Cake is a white almond cake with buttercream and fondant accents with gumpaste wheels.
3 1
By reenie
Jan 19, 2007
My version of the train...choc cake w/buttercream w/fondant accents
2 3
By dyenana
Jan 24, 2007
Thomas the Tank train cake made for my little one's 3rd birthday. I changed # 1 engine to # 3 for his birthday. Thanks for looking :)
1 1
By my2sunshines
Jan 28, 2007
This was my nephew's 3rd birthday cake.  He loves everything Thomas.
1 3
By milal
Jan 28, 2007
Chocolate/french vanilla sheetcake with bc frosting. Thomas character cake on top.
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By flossgirl
Jan 29, 2007
Thomas was made from sponge chocolate cake. covered with whip cream.
1 2
By samandjamie
Feb 4, 2007


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