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We made this cake for my sister's coed baby shower.  My husband sculpted the monsters and Max using candy clay.  This was our first fondant, first candy clay and first tiered cake.
By BethShow
Aug 11, 2010
MMF covered triple chocolate fudge.... figures and accents all MMF with food coloring painted hilights all around. Smash cakes iced in buttercream.
By AmyLynn23
Aug 11, 2010
I made this cake for a bake sale, I shamelessly copied a cake I saw here on cake central.
By tcthedragonslayer
Aug 16, 2010
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By karenm0712
Aug 17, 2010
Cake made for Book week 2010 "Library Lovers Lunch"- Theme was "Across the story bridge." All figurines made from fondant. Castles and figures went with the main cake.
By JillOats
Aug 29, 2010
I made this cake for a colleague whose twins (boy and girl) were turning 1. I saw this design by mooj and fell in love with it. 10" French Vanilla cake with buttercream filling. Hat is made of three 4" chocolate fudge cakes stacked and covered with fondant. Fish and teapot are modeling chocolate/RKT mixture covered with fondant. Thing 1, Thing 2, book, ball, kites, and plaques are 50/50 gumpaste and fondant.
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By QueenOfSweets
Sep 23, 2010
These were some of the cupcakes I served at my son's Dr. Seuss themed birthday party. I made the outer wrappers and just put on some cotton candy for the hair. Pretty simple.
By CakesByLorelei
Sep 25, 2010
Superhero cupcakes for my nephew.
8 80
By Jennerlynner
Sep 28, 2010
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By heartofoklahoma
Sep 29, 2010
Butter Cream frosting, fondant and royal icing characters, vanilla cake, chocolate mousse filling
By onthecake
Oct 5, 2010
A birthday cake I made for my Make-up stylist friend.  Toppers are made of fondant molded blush-on brush, lipsstick and powder.
By MustBeSweetCake
Oct 11, 2010
The top is Wolverine so i made his fists and covered the cake to look similar to his outfit. The middle cake is the incredible hulk so i made it green with his purple pants coming up and torn around the egdes with a figurine on top. The bottom cake is the thing so i pieced together fondant to make it look like his skin and brought his shorts up and completed it with the fantastic 4 belt buckle and a figurine on top.
By dulciscakes
Oct 13, 2010
Made for a twin's first birthday party.  Cotton candy on top, buttercream w/ marshmallow fondant decorations.
By Lovemesomecake
Oct 17, 2010
smash cakes and bottom cake is b/c, hat and fishbowl are covered in fondant.  Borders and accents are fondant. Hand painted to accent details.  I fell in love with dr. seuss while working on this cake--was so much fun to create :)
By leanne1972
Oct 21, 2010
This cake was done for a great client who truely loves to push the limits when she orders cakes.  She was having a baby shower for her 2nd child Tyler or as I liked to call him "Thing 2"  Congrats Cary
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By kakebakery
Oct 24, 2010
Client asked me to mimic the creature from the "The Thing" movie. Once I finished, I thought it might actually crawl off the cake, lol :)
By sweetkisses
Nov 4, 2010
cat in the Hat themed birthday cake
4 53
By mykidsarekillingme
Nov 7, 2010
I was so excited to do this cake!  I love the whimsy of Dr. Seuss.  The cake was supported by a wooden dowel which was screwed into the wooden cake board.  My husband was so sweet to do it for me without any hesitation.  I know this cake would have probably ended up a disaster without his help.  It consists of (4) 6" round cakes.  The bottom 3 were doweled for additional support and in between the cakes were cake boards just a little smaller than the actual cakes and with a hole in the middle which allowed the main support dowel to run through it.  I iced it in butter cream, then covered with 2 large strips of fondant along the diameter and topped off with a circle on top.  Instead of coloring the actual fondant red, I decided to paint it by mixing a little vanilla, water and red gel coloring.  Then, I added white strips of fondant which hid the seams of the red fondant.  The fish bowl is made of rice crispies and all other decor is made with 50/50 gumpaste and fondant.  Thing 1 and Thing 2 had royal icing hair.  So that is that.  Hope this will inspire you.
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By miti
Nov 8, 2010
This cake was for the cast party of a local theatre company.  My daughter was Thing 2.  The cake is WASC and chocolate WASC.  Buttercream frosting. Gumpaste and Fondant decorations. Unfortunately, I didn't get a good picture at the party after I added the Cat to the cake.
By hockeymomnh
Nov 8, 2010
My first one!  I used "Whoopers" candies underneath the Buttercream Fondant!!  It was really fun and EASY to make!
Nov 10, 2010
By LuzTheCakeLady
Nov 17, 2010
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By Lovemesomecake
Nov 20, 2010
Thanks to all the insirational photos here on CC.
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By fairmaiden0101
Nov 21, 2010
cat in the hat bday cake i made for someone
4 7
By Mrs_Olivares
Nov 21, 2010
got inspiration for this cake from many CC members.  thank you!

12" cake, with 8" hat. i used two 8x3 cakes and two 8x2 cakes
3 24
By preciouspjs
Nov 29, 2010
A charm from Henri Bendel pretty things collection. Two 9' and one 10' yellow cake filled with chocolate buttercream. Decorations were made using modeling chocolate and fondant.
By monni
Dec 5, 2010
dr seuss chocolite chip cookie pop
By AudreysCakes
Dec 12, 2010
The top layer is gluten free, all the rest is vanilla cake with oreo creamcheese filling. Cat in the Hat characters are laminated photos, ball and numbers and kites are all gumpaste.
5 27
By AmandasCustomCakes
Dec 28, 2010
Made this for my friend who is expecting baby number 2.  RKT hat.  Not my original design...thanks to all on CC for the great idea.  Everyone loved it.
2 8
By amygortoncakes
Jan 9, 2011
MMF and buttercream, crown is gumpaste
1 3
By Lovemesomecake
Jan 14, 2011
By Spilarski
Jan 16, 2011
My first Topsy-turvy cake.   I loved making this cake.  Chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream filling, and iced in buttercream.   Figures/Decorations are fondant.
2 21
By LisaR64
Jan 19, 2011
Three tier (10/8/6).  The figures are all gumpaste. I used a garlic press for the hair.  Fish bowl on top is real.  I can't seem to figure out the technique to cover the topsy turvy cakes and not get wrinkling at the tapered bases.  It worked out for a Dr. Seuss cake though. Made for my friend's twins.  She made red velvet cupcakes with blue cotton candy to go with it (one is pictured to the right).
By mburkett
Jan 23, 2011
By veve
Jan 23, 2011
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By edeliu826
Jan 23, 2011
Mr. Krinklebein (the fish) is determined to get that menacing cat and his cohorts out!.

(Just practicing my characters with this one.  Was really focusing on my characters, so you may see imperfections on the cake.  Gave it to a young lady.)
By Love2BakeCakes
Jan 28, 2011
Baby shower cake that I made for my sister who is pregnant with Twins
By Jody1234
Feb 5, 2011
5 49
By Rcajd
Feb 7, 2011
Dr Seuss Baby Shower Cake for twins! Covered in fondant.  Gumpaste/fondant figures.
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By allucas
Feb 10, 2011
made this cake for a friends birthday. I hope she likes it. TFL
2 3
By nancysmom
Feb 12, 2011


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