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bottom is vanilla cake with BC and coconut 
top is vanilla cake with fondant thong
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By KimErskine
Jun 22, 2012
I LOVED making this cake with my husband.  It was for my nephew's first birthday.  This will always be one of my favorites...
By ForTheLoveOfFrosting
Jun 29, 2012
I truly enjoyed making this cake. Alot of delicate detail, but I pulled it off. The cat is made out of rkt. I hope you like.
By Genel
Jun 29, 2012
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By sugarandstuff
Jun 30, 2012
Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 & 2 cupcakes, fondant hats and fondant blue flares. Used a leaf cutter for the blue hair, worked great!
By CraftyCakeGirl
Jul 1, 2012
Dr. Seuss themed cupcake/cake and cupcakes
By YolyWC
Jul 8, 2012
This was sooo much fun!
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By Kenzy
Jul 8, 2012
By mickey35
Jul 15, 2012
By HuneyBee
Jul 16, 2012
These cupcake were made for my Grandson's Birthday. The cupcakes are airbrushed with turquoise.The cupcake wrappers were made with the Cricket machine. I also made the cupcake stand.
3 6
By LisaKM
Jul 18, 2012
Cake for a baby shower for Twins.    Inspired by a cake on pinterest by Marj Jenkins my friend sent to me.   Thank you for the inspiration.
By hvanaalst
Jul 20, 2012
Cat in the Hat
By CristyInMiami
Jul 21, 2012
Cat in the Hat cake based on Dusty's.  Cakes are 6" and 8" chocolate chip with buttercream frosting.  Decorations are fondant and handpainted accents.
By sidcaes
Jul 21, 2012
These cakes were made for a Dr. Seuss themed birthday for twins! How perfect! :) Mostly buttercream, teeny bit of fondant and gumpaste.
By TheCakeDude
Jul 21, 2012
mmf, hat 6 in round cakes stacked and carved, fondant/gumpast thing 1 & 2 , ball, kites.
By cathyrose
Jul 21, 2012
All mm fondant accents and hand painted  details... copied it mostly from a photo and just added a few things. My hot tip would be, do not forget to put supports in the hat!! lol I had to tear it apart and dowel it under plate between layers but the damage was already done. The cake had smooshed and spread out. Turned out pretty, but coulda been a little thinner in the hat and taller. (it was 6 layers)
By brandeeb
Jul 24, 2012
To celebrate Dr. Seuss week, I made these adorable cakepops shaped and decorated like Thing 1 and Thing 2. The hair is cotton candy, so make sure when you make them that you immediately bag them and tie them so the cotton candy stays in place :)
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By sweettreatsbymarta
Jul 25, 2012
Dr. Suess themed cupcakes, cotton candy toppers.
By SissySweets
Jul 27, 2012
Strawberry cake with strawberry jam and chocolate ganache fillings, iced in BC with MMF decos.  The birthday girl, a budding caker,  rolled all the grapes herself :)
By KLCCrafts
Jul 28, 2012
Baby shower cake done for twins that had a Thing 1 and Thing 2 theme.
By rebew10
Jul 28, 2012
I made this cake for the first birthday of twin girls. The big brother calls them "thing one and thing 2" : ) 10" and 4" vanilla cake with cream cheese icing. All details are made out of fondant or gumpaste.
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By Celinescakery
Jul 29, 2012
4 little sister who's had a birthday. Ages 6, 4, and twins turning 1.
I REALLY wanted to stack these but mom was afraid to try to transport them stacked = ( Maybe next time = ) The fish bowl was to be filled with jello for the party but I needed to keep the fish in the proper position until then.
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By jenicharles
Aug 4, 2012
Snickerdoodle-flavored 6-layered rainbow cake iced with cinnamon BC, and decorated with a combo of BC and fondant accents.
By BrixBuilder
Aug 7, 2012
A Dr. Seuss cake for a little boy's first birthday. Characters/house/trees/balloon/kite are hand cut out of gumpaste and handpainted. Chocolate cake with Vanilla Buttercream. The Grinch and Horton are on the backside.... but I didn't get pics of it :-(
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By Bythebullseye
Aug 11, 2012
4 22
By jenicharles
Aug 12, 2012
By mdgosnell
Sep 2, 2012
I've always this design! Thrilled to finally have the opportuntiy to create one myself.
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By MacsMom
Sep 6, 2012
White velvet cake with hazelnut/chocolate cake. Everything is edible!
By prettycupcake
Sep 7, 2012
6" 9" 12" rounds all frosted in Pastry Pride. Gumballs and sixlets were used for the borders. All other decorations are gumpaste. This was replicated from a picture brought to me, I's sorry I don't know who the original caker was. Thanks for looking!
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By doramoreno62
Sep 17, 2012
By candylicious72
Sep 21, 2012
By madaboutcakes2
Sep 24, 2012
Hand painted fondant Thing One
By SamanthaSweets1
Mar 3, 2013
Cat in the Hat
By DGoettsche13
Feb 16, 2013
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By ashleyjoyk
Apr 20, 2013
By primacakesplus
Oct 15, 2011
By Christian0423
Jan 9, 2015
Cotton candy for thing 1 thing 2, pics of green eggs and ham, top hats made of candy and mashmallows.
By mom262
Apr 19, 2010


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