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By edeliu826
Jan 23, 2011
Mr. Krinklebein (the fish) is determined to get that menacing cat and his cohorts out!.

(Just practicing my characters with this one.  Was really focusing on my characters, so you may see imperfections on the cake.  Gave it to a young lady.)
By Love2BakeCakes
Jan 28, 2011
Baby shower cake that I made for my sister who is pregnant with Twins
By Jody1234
Feb 5, 2011
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By Rcajd
Feb 7, 2011
Dr Seuss Baby Shower Cake for twins! Covered in fondant.  Gumpaste/fondant figures.
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By allucas
Feb 10, 2011
made this cake for a friends birthday. I hope she likes it. TFL
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By nancysmom
Feb 12, 2011
Cat in the Hat seems to be a popular theme this spring :-)     WASC cake with raspberry puree filling & iced in buttercream.   Decorations are made of modeling chocolate & fondant.   Green Eggs & Ham cake is chocolate with peanut butter buttercream filling.
By LisaR64
Feb 19, 2011
Baby shower cake
By JReynolds
Feb 20, 2011
Three-tiered fondant covered cake with second tier as the "hat".  All detail work is fondant with some gumpaste used in the creation of the hat's brim.
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By FondantFlinger
Feb 22, 2011
1993 Ford Mustang 5.0
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By momgns
Mar 1, 2011
I made this cake for a Dr. Seuss cake contest at my kid's school.  I didn't get to completely finish the top tier but I was very happy with this cake and I won first place. :)
By Iri920
Mar 2, 2011
Transfered frozen buttercream outline and filled in with cookie glaze to achieve shiny efffect.  Cupcake cake
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By Bohnlo
Mar 3, 2011
This cake was my first topsy turvy cake w/a pipe inside I have ever done. All edible..Sugar Cookie Vanilla tinted red and teal for effect w. vanilla buttercream. Teapot and cat are RKT. MMF cover and pieces. Awesome cake and super fun to do!! Very happy client for her 1 year old twinns!!
My client saw this cake on CC & I used some of her design!!
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By BakerzJoy
Mar 5, 2011
This was fashioned after the cake in the Dr. Seuss story Happy Birthday to You. Mini Cakes were for each of the twin boys.
Airbrushed fondant, topped with whipped cream with fondant letters cut on the Cricut cake.
By gabby2
Mar 6, 2011
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By Caakies
Mar 8, 2011
I made this stand with PVC from the hardware store.  It was so easy!  I definitely plan on using this stand for a lot of kids cakes!  All edible decorations - characters are drawn with candymelts, and everything else is fondant! Plus, 2 smash cakes too!!
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By SweetIndulgences
Mar 8, 2011
Cat in the Hat, Lemon cake 10" and 6" BC with fondant accents.  Thanks to all the CC ideas that helped this cake become reality!
By CookCourt
Mar 8, 2011
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By kristy1982
Mar 9, 2011
By pattycakescookies
Mar 23, 2011
14, 10 8 inch rounds.  vanilla and chocolate filled with strawberry mjousse and fresh berries.  Thingamajigger cat head and hat made with RKT covered with fondant.  I used piping gel tinted with food colors to paint on trees and flowers.  Took a tip from another cc'er abiout using the blue cotton candy for the hair on Thing 1 and 2.  Fun cake to do but lots of work and planning!  Cake was for one of my grandson's birthdays.  Thanks!!
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By cakelady45
Apr 2, 2011
Made this for a friend's daughter.
By GimmeSomeSugarTX
Apr 10, 2011
assorted dr seuss cupcakes for his recent birthday.  Made with candy melts, marshmallows (truffula trees), cake bite (green ham) and dum dum lollipops (thing 1 and thing 2)
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By clausem
Apr 11, 2011
I did this cake for many things. Her husband had been over seas serving in the military for almost a year and he was coming home to see their baby for the second time and it was his upcoming birthday. She requested everything on the cake. TFL
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By YOUnique_Cakes
Apr 20, 2011
Baby shower cake for twins
By jamielz
Apr 26, 2011
An 8" base, with a 6" tall carved 5" round cake for the hat.  Fondant accents.
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By Goonergirl
May 1, 2011
Thing 1 and Thing 2 cupcakes from Dr. Seuss' Cat in the Hat. Cupcakes are red velvet with cream cheese icing and blue cotton candy. Only problem is we forgot the stickers that said "Thing 1" and "Thing 2."
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By CityOnAHillSweets
May 8, 2011
Fondant covered and decorated. The hair is butter cream with 3 different shades of brown.
By go_tamar
May 14, 2011
By 3crice
May 25, 2011
Thing 1 and Thing 2 for twins
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By grey
May 31, 2011
This cake was made for twins turning 2 years old! This is one of my favs thus far. It was so fun to make! I carved the hat from a 6" cake and 8" cake. It is all fondant, hand made, food color marker details.
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By EmilyJo9
Jun 3, 2011
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By jewelldiani
Jun 4, 2011
Vanilla & choclate topsy turvy cake with butter cream icing with fondant accents
Jun 5, 2011
Chocolate cake with Raspberry filling and buttercream icing. Thing 1 and Thing 2 red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and cotton candy!
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By Lynzi
Jun 21, 2011
Inspired by Rcajd (thank you). A few minor changes but I loved doing this one. It is doctored white cake mix, colored purple as per a six year olds request :)
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By not_the_cake_boss
Jun 23, 2011
Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 & Thing 2 Cupcakes made for my children's classrooms in honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday.
By Cristys_Cakes
Jun 27, 2011
Wild Things cake for my son's 1st birthday.  All made out of MMF.  Characters were drawn on MMF and painted with gel food coloring.  Really could have used a lot more time and more scenes, but I hope it gives people ideas.
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By monipny
Jul 1, 2011
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By DLee326
Jul 6, 2011
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By Dalaynea
Jul 12, 2011
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By Dalaynea
Jul 12, 2011
This was my middle child's 5th birthday cake... Superman, Batman, The Hulk, The Thing, & Spiderman!  The city skyline mimics the birthday invitation.
By lsz1978
Aug 3, 2011


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