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I LOVED doing this cake, because 'The Cat in the Hat' was always one of my favorites growing-up.  I found an image online & cut it out, then traced it onto the buttercream with a toothpick once the frosting was able to get firm in the fridge.  Flipped-over the image & traced it again, that's how I was able to get them so close, but the rest was free hand, so their faces & some parts aren't identical.
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By OCakes
Apr 23, 2006
A friend's son was having a "Fantastic 4" birthday party.  I never even knew what that was and soon learned it was a comic and a movie.  So I did some research and found a few pictures.  Then I found that the birthday boy wanted the cake to be "The Thing" and so this is what I came up with.
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By taznjo
Jul 20, 2006
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By sugarnut
Aug 30, 2006
I have know idea what you call this but I think it can pass as a hat!  It was left over cake mix from my mini snowman so I put it in a bowl and baked it up.
Dec 15, 2006
Cupcake cake.  Yellow cupcakes with buttercream icing and an edible image.
By tinabee
Jan 31, 2007
We din't do baby shower but we're having 1 month celebration for my niece.
By alwayscake
Feb 9, 2007
Made for my elementary student's class Valentine's Day party (Buttercream & MMF)
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By Eight
Feb 16, 2007
This is a 1/2 sheet cake that I made for Dr Seuss' birthday celebration.  It is made of 2 different 1/4 sheet cakes.  One is a white cake with cherry filling (don't know how that will taste, but it's what the client wanted).  The other is a devil's food cake with chocolate fudge filling.  The cat in the hat and the things are frozen buttercream transfers.  I normally don't like to put sprinkles on a cake, but I think it really worked well on this one.  The sides of the cake have red, blue, and yellow swirls
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By bethallan
Feb 28, 2007
Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cake with my secret filling and chocolate buttercream. Jimmy's nickname is Thing 2 so I did him in color flow.
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By nancys_world
Mar 21, 2007
Max is a chocolater transfer who gave me fits until I remembered I could "paint" with food coloring to get the shadows.
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By cakemomne
May 5, 2007
This was for a lady's birthday who loved Dr. Seuss.  Cake iced in BC with mmf accents.  Characters were cut out of foam since this was a last minute order.  Hat is rice crispy treat covered in RI then in mmf-  My first attempt at it.  Thanks for looking
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By hope22023
Jul 2, 2007
This is a frozen buttercream transfer that took forever.  It's a 1/2 sheet cake, so the transfer sheet was over 11 inches tall.  I'm happy with how it turned out, I just wish I charged more for it :)  I think the kid will love it!  Definitely an original cake!
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By bethallan
Jul 20, 2007
Made for 3 year old boy's birthday.  Frosting for everything except candy corn teeth and white chocolate chip fingernails and toenails.
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By Leapfrog
Aug 25, 2007
These are my moms favorite things, coca-cola, crossword puzzles and butterflies.
By Minta
Sep 24, 2007
This is the birthday cake I made for my son's 4th birthday. Brennan is such a Fantastic 4 fan and I wanted to make this extra special for him. This was my first time using MMF to make the letters to spell his name as well as using MMF for the number 4 on top. MMF plaques aren't edible since I don't have edible ink. They are photo paper on MMF. Melted chocolate on the bottom layer to make it look like The Thing. Top layer and the number 4 piped with BC to look like flames for Johnny, the Human Torch.
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By momtobtb
Nov 3, 2007
This was inspired by another CC members photo that I fell in love with (profile name 'Eight').  Devils food and chco buttercream with ganache filling
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By joaaaann
Feb 17, 2008
this is my cake from the international edible Book festival in Mystic-Groton. it is based on "Where the wild things are" I have to say I think this is one of my best cakes so far and it was so much fun to work with my granddaughter Kaitelin, you can she her cake in my pics. she did Wilbur form " Charlotte's Wed"
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By LauraS
Mar 30, 2008
This cake was for a friend's baby shower (twins....of course!) it is all BC (sugarshack) with fondant accents. The figures are all fondant. The idea was that Thing 1 is pushing over the top layer. I'm not sure how clear my idea came through, but the Mom-to-be seemed to love it! Thanks for looking!
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By sweetpea1972
May 12, 2008
Wilton Bear pan, cookie heart, bc icing
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By srod911
Jun 18, 2008
NFS cookies for a fun twist on valentine's day
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By pinkflamingo
Jul 12, 2008
By yarixa77
Jul 28, 2008
I saw this in a Wilton book then added the heart cake. Used some of my own ideas.
I also used the mini bear pan 
buttercream icing and yellow cake roll out cookie for hearts
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By donna2440
Sep 29, 2008
I made this cake for a friend who decorated her nursery with Dr. Seuss and wanted her shower the same.  The picture is a bit difficult to make out because it was at a church kitchen and the lighting was horrible.  It is "Thing 1&2" sitting on top of "Yertle the Turtle" who is sleeping on a pillow with his teddy bear.  Next down is a book cake "The Foot Book" which is sitting on top of a 10" hexagon with a clotheline scene including "Cat in the Hat" hats and "Lorax" trees.  This one was lots of fun to make!
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By auntiemcakes
Oct 27, 2008
A first birthday for a family I know.  The base cake is a 2-layer, 11X15 cake with another book cake on top (bigger than it looks in the photo).  The "Wild Things" on the front are Royal.  So worried they would break!  The 'blanket' is made from fondant.
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By aherefor
Jan 3, 2009
Cakes are chocolate and white with buttercreme. I could not decide on what kind of cake that I wanted, so I decided to make a baby shower cake with various decals.
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By KakeDeZNr
Jan 10, 2009
This was my version of a Wild Thing Cake. I used 'Eight' 's idea to work from. I used the barbie dress pan to make the body. I stacked in on one 8" round cake. I used the leaf tip for the hair. The arms and mohawk are made of rice crispies. Not sure how Eight got her arms to stay on. Mine didnt. I used a wooden dowel rod in the arm and put a plstic column into the body, filled with fondant. Put the dowel rod into the column. This worked ok, but my rice crispies split in two and half of one arm fell off. He was one armed on delivery! it was for my son's v-day class party. no big deal!
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By kweenofengland
Feb 13, 2009
This may be my favorite cake yet. I keep saying that, but who doesn't love Max and his Wild Things? This was for a boy baby shower and knowing the parents, it will be a wild rumpus indeed! 
Yellow cake with IMBC, raspberry IMBC filling.
27 86
By alimonkey
Feb 23, 2009
9 28
By claygal
Feb 23, 2009
I make this cake for a Dr Seuss Birthday party at my sons school. Every one loved the cake.
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By Jennabowers
Mar 9, 2009
Made this for the April's Creative Cookie Club.  The theme was books.  It came from Sandra Boynton's Philidelphia Chickens book and the song/story is Please Can I Keep It?  I used buttercream instead of royal this time to try something different and I think it turned out pretty good.  I think I will try the buttercream cookies family would be happier as they prefer butter cream to royal.
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By freddyfl
Apr 30, 2009
My daughter turned 16 and loves the book Where The Wild Things Are and can't wait for the movie in October, so we designed a cake based on the book.  Edible Image with a buttercream Moushie peeking over the top.  The sides was made to resemble monster fur.  She was very pleased with how it turned out.
By CIndymm4
Jun 24, 2009
I made this using the design by alimonkey.  I had never tried the FBCT before and it works so well!  I'm a huge fan of that technique now.  Thanks alimonkey for a great design!
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Jul 24, 2009
cake for grandson's 2nd birthday.   His favorite story is "Where the wild things are" so the open book was based on that with 8 inch max and wild thing plushes for accent.. Animals,nursery rhymes and harold and the purple crayon "books" complete the look. Cakes are covered w/ buttercream then a layer of colored choco-pan and  hand painted.  Page seperations in sides were made with fork tines. Some details were cut from chocopan, laid on the cake then painted.  Various size square and rectangle pans were use
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By MimiStacie
Aug 3, 2009
Made this cake and two smash cakes for twins' first birthday.  Super cute idea for twins!  All the decorations are gum paste, fondant, and/or RKT.  The hat is cake covered in fondant.  10" round cake with buttercream icing - yeah, it's under there somewhere!
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By mooj
Aug 10, 2009
Giant cupcake cake, thing 1 and thing 2 for a twin birthday party. I made individual cakes for each boy to tear into. The badges are melting wafers with black piped frosting.

frosting recipe here:
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By CAK3momof3
Aug 24, 2009
Top Hat is RKT everything else is yellow cake with strawberry filling covered in fondant. Thing 1 and 2 are fondant.
7 26
By yvette131
Sep 4, 2009
Cake for my best friends twins 1st birthday.
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By candicedianeflores
Sep 12, 2009
Class 4 Final Cake  Challenge - Make a cake based on your favorite book.  So I decided on the classic "Where the Wild Things Are".  Wanted to incorporate a book with the pages and the make the cover come to life. This was a blast to make. Thank you for looking. :)
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By mommyandmecakes
Sep 12, 2009
I loved making this cake!  Thank you for looking!
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By icalise
Oct 11, 2009
I actually started out trying to make that cute valentine's cake with the pink monster that says "wild thing" but that was a disaster.  So I scraped off all the pink icing and tried to make this from the Childrens' book "Where the Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak (the birthday theme was "wild thing").
14 19
By APCakes
Mar 25, 2006


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