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I made this for Thanksgiving.  Inspired by the Wilton project called "Gobble It Up" on their website.  It is a strawberry pound cake with buttercream icing.  The pan used was the 3D Rubber Ducky.  The feathers are chocolate candy melts.  The shapes came from a leaf mold.
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By talmas
Apr 13, 2005
I did 4 of these last Thanksgiving.  Whew...I was glad when Thanksgiving was over!  LOL
By lng_1978
Jul 18, 2005
8" yellow cake covered in fondant.  Scarecrow and fruits/veggies are fondant, chicken, leaves and grass are buttercream.  He was taller but the fondant settled a little bit so he looks a bit squashed.

You can't see the back but the oldest of my 3 dug out 2 little holes with her fingers.  Trying to repair it was not fun but it will have to do!
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By tripletmom
Aug 22, 2005
This was my first try with MMF and I loved it.  My only question do you get all the cornstarch off?  Mine still wanted to show - should I have spritzed it with a light mist of water?  Tips, please!!!
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By _ChristyB_
Sep 17, 2005
chocolate buttercream with hand made candy flowers
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By gabpeightysmom
Sep 23, 2005
My neighbour ordered a cake from me. The only trouble was they're vegans. She was nice enough to help me out by providing a recipie. I think it turned out pretty good. It's a carob cake (carob tastes like chocolate and is caffine free) and it has a carob glaze. The leaves, acorns, and the sign were made of marzipan.
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By Nermal03
Oct 7, 2005
This is my very first cake & my fisrt time using fondant. It is a Classic Yellow Cake, 2 layers BC in the middle. Used the Wilton Leave shape Fondant Cut-Outs. I painted the veins on the leaves with Wilton Brush-On Color. The pans I used were 9 inch 2 inches deep. This picture is a top view. This was just a trial cake to see if I could actually do it & now hubby can't wait to eat it,lol.
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By thesocialfrog
Oct 11, 2005
First attempt at marshmallow flow.  Turkey image cupcake cake for Daughter's kindergarten class.  Marshmallow flow colors ran into one another.  Also, hardened  enough to make separation of cupcakes difficult and messy.  Wouldn't use that again on cupcakes!!  A regular cake, maybe!  :)
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By finally928
Oct 14, 2005
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By teamtreadway
Oct 15, 2005
This was the centerpiece/hostess gift for my mother-in-law last Thanksgiving.  The turkey's body is chocolate and the feathers are all cookies.
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By bonniebakes
Oct 15, 2005
This was for my uncles birthday.  We celebrated it at the family harvest party on Oct. 16.
By shimmer
Oct 17, 2005
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By MontiBellesBakery
Nov 11, 2005
This is a 1/2 sheet made from scratch yellow cake with chocolate buttercream icing.  The decorations are buttercream and the flowers are made of royal icing.
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By MontiBellesBakery
Nov 14, 2005
Ok I thought I would try and make the Roasted Turkey Cake.  Once a month I make the cakes for our office for birthdays.  This month of course was a Thanksgiving theme.  I think I did an ok job for my first try : ).  The veggies are made of fondant.
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By gingoreilly
Nov 15, 2005
A wooden basket full of autumn leaves. Chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream covered in chocolate ganache. All decorations are fondant and gumpaste.
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By rainamehta
Nov 16, 2005
This was my first ordered cake.  A stacked birthday cake for a Thanksgiving Birthday.  "Happy Birthday" was written in snow white detail on all four sides of the bottom layer.  Fondant pearls with Copper Luster Dust.  The cake was Autumn Spice.
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By cakescouture
Nov 16, 2005
chocolate buttercream with chocolate leaves
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By gabpeightysmom
Nov 17, 2005
This Turkey is "drunk" with fear, he doesn't want to be the Thanksgiving Feast.  Fondant was used on the cake board and for the pumpkins, iced in buttercream.
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By KelCake
Nov 17, 2005
Testing making Pumkins for my Thanksgiving cake next week. I made them using rolled buttercream (recipe from this site). Fence is made with pretzel sticks. Cake is german chocolate filled with german chocolate icing. Buttercream on the outside!
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By danette62602
Nov 18, 2005
I learned how to make these cuties during a class a few years back.  They are made of store bought cookies (although I have thought about trying to make my own) and royal icing/frosting.  These were made with oatmeal bases, sugar tail feathers & fudge marshmallow bodies :)
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By tichay
Nov 18, 2005
Made this for my co-workers to help celebrate November birthdays.
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By tichay
Nov 18, 2005
I made these during a Holiday cupcake class I took five years ago.  I love doing the Santa cupcakes.  They are so much fun and kids love them!
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By cakemommy
Nov 19, 2005
This cake is inspired by the cake done by boysmomintx. Thank you so much for yours I waited all year to be able to do this. It is lemon cake with buttercream and fondant. I was afraid the feathers would fall if I put them up so decided to just lay them down. it got rave reviews at the school party.
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By tracyscakes
Nov 19, 2005
Basket Weave all around sides. Leaves made from Gum Paste. Butter cream.
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By thesocialfrog
Nov 19, 2005
Scratch yellow cake with chocolate buttercream icing and buttercream decorations.
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By MontiBellesBakery
Nov 20, 2005
My first cupcake cake and it was so easy thanks to the tips learned on this site.  All piped in buttercream.
6 26
By KimAZ
Nov 20, 2005
Simple cupcakes.  German chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream icing.  These were ordered last minute for an office party.
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By MontiBellesBakery
Nov 21, 2005
10" square yellow cake with strawberry/pineapple filling.  Turkey is FBCT.  Corn is piped over tip 6 oblong with tip 2 and 3 dots of color.  Tip 352 was used for corn stalk.
3 9
By KrazyKross
Nov 22, 2005
Yellow Butter cake with chocolate butter cream icing.  My first attempt at "blocking" the top and as you can see, it's a little off.
5 16
By MontiBellesBakery
Nov 22, 2005
Turkey cupcakes / made with buttercream and sour candy worms
5 3
By sofiasmami
Nov 22, 2005
Four alternating layers of chocolate and butter yellow, with strawberry filling.  Buttercream icing.  Real fruit and artificial leaves.  The "tail" of the basket is styrofoam since cake would not support the weight of the icing.
2 4
By piklpop2
Nov 22, 2005
This idea came straight from CC, thank you.  Half-ball covered with BC.  BC turkey and pumpkins.
4 14
By bulldog
Nov 23, 2005
MMF feathers, turkey, platter, covering.  Bottom layer is yellow cake with orange and cranberry filling, chocolate buttercream and MMF.  Top is chocolate chocolate chip cake with toffee almond chocolate filling, chocolate buttercream and MMF.
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By CranberryClo
Nov 23, 2005
Just placing picture in a different catagory. Decorations fondant with gumtex added. Cake is iced in buttercream.
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By brendaanne
Nov 23, 2005
8" yellow cake covered in fondant. Scarecrow and fruits/veggies are fondant, chicken, leaves and grass are buttercream.
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By tripletmom
Nov 23, 2005
This is a butter pecan cake with buttercream icing. The pumpkins are made out of rolled buttercream. This is for my family's Thanksgiving lunch tomorrow. I sure hope they like it!! I had a lot of fun making it. Oh and the dirt is crushed pecans mixed with dark brown sugar!
15 62
By danette62602
Nov 23, 2005
This is a pumpkin cake with cream chesse frosting. The turkey was hand made with mf.
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By jenscrativecakes
Nov 23, 2005
I ended up making 2 of these cakes since we're visiting my in-laws and then off to my cousins for dessert.  Chocolate buttercream and the pumpkins are MMF.  Thanks for looking...
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By Jennz818
Nov 23, 2005
10" pumpkin spice bundt cake with an 8" round on top. Cream cheese icing. Fondant figures and leaves dusted with luster dusts.
30 64
By krissy_kze
Nov 24, 2005
This is a cake I did for my son's Kindergarten class.  It's covered in fondant.
4 21
By marknrox
Apr 13, 2005


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