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Cake is 10" and 6" with the top carved into a tent. Cakes are iced in BC and all decorations are in fondant. I painted the characters but next time I'll just color the fondant in the first place.
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By reiscakes
Jul 9, 2005
JoJo's Circus cake for a little girl's birthday.  JoJo and the Lion are colorflow.  Everything else is buttercream.  A fun one to do!
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By susgene
Jan 17, 2006
8" round white cake filling with pineapple.  Dome made from wonder pan (doll dress).  I stacked the two cakes and frosted it in buttercream.  Accents in tinted fondant.
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By piramirez
Jan 22, 2006
My version from the Wilton 2005 yearbook. This is a 1/4 sheet cut to shape. Camping scene with tent, sleeping bag & pillow, campfire, boy, trees (bird on top and nest in one tree), dock and swimmers.  
Piping gel water, graham cracker tent, sugar cone trees, pretzel firepit.
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By KimAZ
Jan 28, 2006
Sorry about pic quality; taken with phone.  The BC colors were great in person.  Pretzel stick flag poles with fruit roll-up flags.  Went with the Jo-Jo's circus cake.
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By steph95
Feb 11, 2006
I made this cake just for fun it is a circus tent.  The tent is surrounded by (fondant  circus goodies!)  popcorn, candy apples and a red ball with stars.  This is yellow cake with vanilla buttercream.
By icingonthecupcake
Mar 2, 2006
Okay, so this is my version of Jojo's Circus Tent. It was the Adults' cake for a 2 yr old's birthday party. The bottom is an 8 inch round with raspberry Italian meringue buttercream filling and yellow Italian meringue buttercream icing; red fondant stripes. The top is a wonder mold with raspberry filling as well and covered in light blue fondant. All decorations are fondant. Thanks for looking!
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By heavenlycakes
Mar 5, 2006
Made for a 13yo who loved the outdoors. The tent and treetrunk is cake covered in sugarpaste, the main cake is the "hill" Saw the idea for the treetrunk in Debbie Brown's book.
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By Bayamoy
Mar 9, 2006
A 3 tiered Carousel Cake.

Bottom part (Red) was a 12x3 inch round Chocolate cake w/ Buttercream icing (flavored- butter, vanilla and almond).

Middle part (White) was a 8x5 inch round French Vanilla Rainbow Cake with Buttercream icing (flavored: vanilla).

Top part (Yellow) was the Wonder-mold cake pan. Lemon cake with Lemon flavored Buttercream icing. 

Carousel Horses were Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing.
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By angegreene
Apr 26, 2006
This is my version on Wilton's 'Come Join This Circus' out of the 2004 yearbook.  12" base, 8" round with wondermold for top of tent.  All funfetti and buttercream.
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By CustomCakesBySharon
May 26, 2006
A friend and I made this Jojo's Circus cake for my daughter's 2nd birthday.  The base is a simple sheet cake, the tent is two 8" rounds stacked and then the dome is made from the Wondermold pan.  We used butter cream frosting and added dyed coconut and the Circus characters.  It was a HUGE hit at the party!
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By jillt1966
Jun 13, 2006
This I made for my kids preschool. It celebrated it's 40th birthday yesterday and I also had to incorporate the teacher who is leaving for retirement after 27 (!) years. She a real ourdoorsy person!
It's as always all fondant - the little person on the front is the schools logo!
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By bmote1
Jun 18, 2006
Cake for my son's Pre-school Playgroup 25th Anniversary Garden Party.  Fondant covered: rich fruit cake for bottom tier, chocolate cake for middle tier, & lemon cake for top tier. Prayer cut out with FMM tappits, children made with help of Sculpey Moulds.
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By eilers
Jul 2, 2006
I made this cake for a birthday party tomorrow. It is all buttercream except for the rocks, logs, tent and men.
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By talycemana
Jul 13, 2006
My version of ChristyB's fantastic JoJo Cake.  I still desperately need more practice working with fondant...maybe next time no wrinkles!
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By wyatt
Jul 15, 2006
Thanks to Swoboda & KGunn for your trailer-themed cakes. They were very inspirational in creating my version!

I used 2 loaf pans of pound cake to make the trailer, covered in white chocolate fondant (purchased) and detailed with my trusty Americolor pens. Used the chocolate wafers of 2 Oreo cookies to make the wheels....and I ate the icing filling for energy! haha

Bottom cake is 12" x 18" Carrot Cake filled with Maple-Pecan Buttercream. Path stones are fondant & campfire is a Cadbury Flake choc bar.
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By antonia74
Jul 23, 2006
This is a quirky Retirement Cake for a gentleman that has chosen fishing to pass the time of day!  It is a 1/2 sheet cake decorated in butter cream and fondant accents!  Notice the "No Fishing" sign?  Uh oh!  He better watch it!  LOL
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By 3-DCakes
Aug 9, 2006
Fondant decorations on removable base.
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By mary-ann
Aug 15, 2006
A circus tent for a local bank doing a marketing promotion with a circus theme.  The cake is 2-layer 8" rounds with the Wilton doll cake shape on top.  Mostly buttercream with exception to the blue stars and flag on top, which are fondant.
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By mom2madisyn
Aug 27, 2006
this cake is for my mom and my little sister they are coming back from girl scout camp tomorw. it's devils food cake coverd in MMF.
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By bananaslug14
Sep 9, 2006
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By angelcake4u
Sep 11, 2006
Chocolate sheetcake for a camping themed birthday, all SC icing, pretzels for sticks.  then tent was grahm crackers covered in royal, sugarcones for trees.  Everything edible except the plastic deer.  This was a fun cake to complete and easy for kids.  My son recreated this cake once for a scout bake sale. (of course we added sweedish fish to his!)
4 69
By rosiecakes
Sep 15, 2006
Butter cake w/french vanilla filling and icing with MMF accents.  Ice cream cone and royal icing trees.  Chocolate rocks.  MMF camp fire.  Icing stream with chocolate rocks.  Royal icing grass.  Purchased plastic animals.  Thanks for looking!  Thanks to Boween for inspiration on this cake!!
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By newtocakes
Sep 30, 2006
Okay, as promised, here is the *finished* cake.  there will still be borders between the layers, I just don't do that until I get it on site.  It is fondant, gumpaste and buttercream.  This one was too much fun I think.
6 7
By yoktom
Sep 30, 2006
This was a cake from my first Wilton course...yep, those famous lil' clowns! I just did something a little different to make this for a baby shower. I created and printed from computer, little flags with the letter "J" on them attached to non edible string and toothpicks. One flag with "Baby Juan" is on top of circus tent. Circus tent is an iced cupcake. They are just hanging around waiting for baby Juan to arrive!
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By LisasCakes2626
Oct 7, 2006
This is a hunting themed birthday cake that I made.  The sides of the cake are mmf.  I marbled it together to make it look like camo.  The tent was actually something I made with cardboard and dowel rods and then covered with the same fondant.  The deer and leaves are also made of fondant and the trees are florist wire covered with brown florist tape.  It sure was alot of fun making this cake and everyone really enjoyed it.
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By sdaij5
Oct 16, 2006
White cake with "camo dark-green" BC icing. Autumn campsite with tent and firepit has black bear beside tree with fallen leaves aproaching tent with boots outside.  This was a birthday surprise for a hunter!
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By cake2decorate
Oct 22, 2006
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Oct 29, 2006
I did this cake for my daughter's 3rd bday, I was so burnt out on trying to get the whole party organized that I resorted to a small cake with cupcakes which a great friend of mine took on the job of the cupcakes Whoa! always nice to have friends like that!
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By donvi
Oct 30, 2006
French Vanilla/Chocolate frosted in BC with candy rocks and royal icing trees.  Tent is graham crackers & cat tails are fondant.
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By tiggy2
Nov 1, 2006
I made this for my best friend and camping buddy....Halloween was her birthday and we LOVE to camp....she loved it!  :0)  9X13" yellow cake with buttercream icing....fondant and gumpaste accents.....all edible!
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By CustomCakesBySharon
Nov 2, 2006
This is my biggest endeavor to date!  It was my son's 4th birthday cake.  I found this idea on Wilton's website.  It turned out a little lopsided, but that was ok by me!  I was able to make three different flavors of cake to suit everyone's taste.  Our guests loved it.
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By bethallan
Nov 2, 2006
This cake did not turn out at all like I had planned.  In the end though, I was happy with it.  I used a mixture of BC and MMF on a double chocolate cake (my son's request).  I bought the Wilton stand and it came with the wrong size "legs"...I'll be exchanging that after the party.
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By coolmom
Nov 17, 2006
This cake was done for a gentleman and his son for their birthdays.  They love to hunt, camp and the entire reason the dad moved to Alaska was to look for gold.  the icing is buttercream, the rocks, tent, tools, logs, tent strings, EVERYTHING else was hand made with fondant.  The river is CK sugar sparkles in 2 colors of blue.  The gold nuggets in the pan and the "hidden nugget" in the river are painted with gold highliter.  All items are "glued" down with piping gel for easy transport.
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By cakesbykitty
Dec 24, 2006
Staced rounds with a half ball pan on top.  Covered in mmf.
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By srmaxwell
Jan 13, 2007
Used all buttercream, circus peanuts for ring, cake for the shape of tent and bought the animals.  Clowns are also made out of frosting.
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By toneg24
Feb 8, 2007
Fondant with buttercream snow banks.
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By klkemp11
Mar 4, 2007
Cake elaborated in Gumpaste , Modelating Paste and Pastillage (Tent)
By isamen77
Mar 25, 2007
I made this cake for my Dad's Birthday.
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By Hookste
Apr 4, 2007
This is for 2 twin brothers who adore fishing and camping. I used broken pieces of Cadbury Flake chocolate bar for the fire's "logs", jelly beans for the campfire "rocks", raw brown sugar for the campfire "sand" and plastic fish/trees/pop cans. The "tent" cake is about 7" tall and 12" long in fondant.
6 42
By antonia74
Dec 2, 2006


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