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This is a 2 layer 10" cake for the box and a carved round for the controller. It is frosted in BC.
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By Kimmiekinkins
Apr 2, 2006
Had to come up with a Birthday cake for a teenager....I think this one will be a "HOME RUN"  LOL!!!

Chocolate cake with vanilla almond bc icing
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By Tat
Apr 26, 2006
This was done for a young man turning 16.  I have done many baseball cakes ine the past, but I did not want this one to look too childish.  After searching my clip art, I found this baseball player, and used it to make a BCT.  The background is airbrushed.
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By gmcakes
Jul 13, 2007
Request for Colorful cake, with lots of flowers.  Chocolate cake, royal icing flowers, iced in bc.
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By Tat
Jun 5, 2006
My son turned 13 and wanted a cake to reflect his personality.  This character from the Zits comics is one of his favorites!  The cake is a simple but moist white cake with butter cream frosting and decoration.  I have been decorating since he was born and have only ever done buttercream, but you all are inspiring me to try other things soon!!
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By MistyMommy
Jun 7, 2006
I chose black as the color to go for this cake. an order of just a plain cake for a 17 year old guy. decided on black; since it is the color bachelors love so much. :)
By CakesWithAttitude
Jun 24, 2006
just some left over fondant from another cake
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By dawnbakescakes
Jul 26, 2006
I used the scooby doo cake in the 2006 wilton yearbook for inspiration.  It was marble on the inside which was much more work than I anticipated.  I'm charging extra next!
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By cakesbydana
Aug 2, 2006
From the adult swim tv show Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Chocolate mayonaise cake with buttercream frosting. The picture is my first FBCT! I'm pleased with how it came out and I was amazed that there weren't any problems. Lucky this time I guess :)
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By Seeing_i_dog67
Aug 10, 2006
I made this cake for a 12 year old girl's birthday. She wanted "funky" flowers and polka dots. The dots are color flow and the daisies are royal. Iced in buttercream.
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By mac95
Aug 15, 2006
She wanted Bright Colors, so the Cake is covered in PINK, then trimmed in Bright Green, & Purple decorations. I cut a flip flop design from a piece of cardstock to make my pattern, then lightly pressed on the cake to make the imprint once the icing had crusted over. Then filled in with icing. Then to make the Straps for the flip flops, i used the Basket Weave Tip. I took a pointed object and traced out the words  Old Navy on the Strap, then wrote old Navy with Icing on the bottom of the shoes.
By Cakesbykaye
Aug 27, 2006
cake covered in marshmallow fondant made the flip flops out of rise crispy treats thought it would be more sturdy. Got alot of the ideas for cake from others on this site thanks!
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By colls
Sep 29, 2006
this was for my bf's 22nd b-day. My sister helped me a WHOLE lot. I did the plaque in the middle out of royal icing and I did the character's Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad. Shake was a standard styrofoam cup, Frylock was a McDonald's fry container with strips of diabetic cake, and Meatwad was a small diabetic cake, specifically because my boyfriend is diabetic...just in case you didn't catch on haha.
5 8
By littlesis
Sep 30, 2006
For my DD"S 16th and 14th birthday's. Their 2ys 1 week apart. @ their request bright colors and stacked all BC dif flavor choices. The chocolate/chi tea layer was very tasty.
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By stylishbite
Oct 14, 2006
... was a spongebob theme so we decided basic sheet with yellow and brown accents Marble cake with butter cream icing
By OhMyGoodies
Nov 3, 2006
I made this cake with no real plan when I started.  It's for a teen so I wanted it to look young.  Yellow cake with straw. jam filling and all buttercream.
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By Ishi
Nov 6, 2006
This was my second attemt at purse cake the first one broke in half. It is hard getting a big cake to stand up.  I covered cake with crusting butter cream and fondant accents.  The cake was for two girls so I put name on each side and gave them their own little cake in front.
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By colls
Dec 2, 2006
One of 2 cakes done for the same 13 yr. old.  Yellow cake, buttercream icing. Fondant crown,flowers, and banner.
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By subaru
Dec 8, 2006
Butterfly theme teen birthday, went along with butterfly cupcakes. butter flys are made from gum paste. iceing is butter creme, butterfly details are gel. Have to give a BIG thanks to all the great decorators on CC for the idea.
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By Motherducker
Dec 21, 2006
Wilton Butterfly cake pan. This went with the butterfly cupcakes. Iceing is buttercream and butterflys are made from gumpaste with wilton gel pens for the details. Once again Thanks to the Great Decorators of CC for the ideas.
By Motherducker
Dec 21, 2006
This cake was made for a teen boy on his birthday. He is a big Steelers fan. I used 2 8 inch round wilton pans for bottom and the wilton soccer pan for the dome top. Wilton chocolate buttercream colored black. and Gum paste for grill. and i cant forget to say thank you to the great cc decorators for the idea.
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By Motherducker
Dec 21, 2006
I realized I had missed posting this cake from way back in June.  This design came from a birthday card.  The girl and flowers are all done in chocolate.
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By fytar
Jan 9, 2007
oops-i 1st uploaded the pic w/his face. This is a drivers license cake that I made for my son who got his license on his birthday.(the numbers arent accurate for privacy reasons).
It was really easy to make! It was the 1st cake I ever cooked w/ a nail in it to make it nice & flat. It's not trimmed to be that flat! It cooked that way! I also used the crusted cream cheese frosting recipe & it's excellent! The cake is the perfectly chocolate cake recipe off the back of the hershey cocoa can with the extende
By myrrhmaid
Jan 14, 2007
By midialjoje
Feb 4, 2007
I made this for my daughters 15th bday.  All white frosting with white and lime boas, white ribbon, and the stars are sour apple airheads.
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By trowmom
Feb 6, 2007
So much fun!  Made it for my sons 11th bday!
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By trowmom
Feb 6, 2007
first time trying whimsical cake, started sinking I guess I didn't support layers correctly.
The girl I made it for loved it though.  All layers are different flavors covered in fondant.
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By colls
Feb 11, 2007
All she wanted was bubble flowers and that's what she got.  All buttercream 1/2 sheet cake.
4 17
By KlyKat
Feb 22, 2007
This cake was for my favorite little man who turned five.  He was into Teen Titans and he was having a big party, so why not have a huge cake!  The best part was when he bent down and took a bite of his cookie name while Mom was not looking!
By AppleTreePreschool
Feb 27, 2007
Wanted pink, something with a cellphone and a truck, bought the toppers because this was the "I need a cake the next day"
By hellie0h
Mar 4, 2007
1/4 sheet cake with airbrushed colors and all buttercream designs.
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By KlyKat
Mar 16, 2007
tiered hexagon birthday each layer a different flavor.
By mommicakes
Mar 18, 2007
2 layers of yellow cake and one of choc. Covered in fondant, I made the 18 out of gumpaste so it would dry hard. I got the idea from peacock.  I. had a litle problem with the cake buldging after sitting out a little while.
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By colls
Apr 1, 2007
For this cake, the birthday girl wanted pink and green.
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By curbsidecakes
Apr 6, 2007
This was for my son's 5th birthday.  I made Robin's face out of flesh-tone,black and white fondant.  I also made cupcakes to look like communicators.
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By cjhuston
Apr 14, 2007
Retro flower power cake for a 13 year old. chocolate mud cake decorated in buttercream frosting.
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By claygal
May 3, 2007
This is for my friend's foster daughter.  She wanted all of Ashley's interests represented (rubber ducks, writing a book, her faith, and interest in learning to play the guitar).  The decorations are fondant and/or gumpaste (fringe on rug is bc).  The rest if bc.  It was a fun cake.
By DBliss
May 11, 2007
This was fr a girl celebrating her 13th birthday in the hospital. When the hospital staff talked to her about what kind of party she wanted, she said she wanted a cake with a crown. She also mentioned that her Nana had died the year before, and that they all called her Queen Bee. The granddaughters were all Queen Bees in Training. It's hard to tell in the picture, but there is a bee shape in the middle of the tiara, and little fondant bees around the top of the first tier.
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By kbochick
May 11, 2007
This is a b-day cake for my niece who was recently in a school performance of Aladdin so she wanted something with an Arabian theme.  Instead of jewel tones I used green and purple tones to make it a little more girly.  Everything was done in fondant which is still a fairly new medium for me.  It's really fun to work with!  White cake w/ strawberry jam filling, iced in BC, covered in fondant.
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By Ishi
May 13, 2007
This buttercream and aibrush. Picture drawn from a photograph using a projector.
16 19
By Jenn123
Feb 26, 2006


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