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This is the wilton's tea party cake.  I used bowls instead of the sports ball pan.  For a girl's 4th birthday.
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By cheekysweets
Oct 6, 2005
More cookies to go along with the shoes. This is my first real cookie attempt. I learned lots. They will be better next time.
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By jgclucas
Sep 16, 2005
White cake covered in fondant, royal icing cherry blossom limbs and fondant cherry blossoms. Spout, handle, dollie and teacups are Pettinice as well. Since the cake was smaller, I also made cherry blossom sugar cookies to go along with it.  I learned a lot from this cake and your feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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By tiptop57
Apr 11, 2006
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By creativecakesbychristine
May 1, 2006
All buttercream except for fondant handle and plaque.
2 47
By DiscoLady
May 13, 2006
Little Teacup Cakes. These were for a little tea party for my aunt recently. Just wanted to try them out. Devils food chocolate cake with caramel and pecan filling and chocolate buttercream frosting.  Fondant saucers and fondant covering the cups. BC flowers.
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By Karenelli
Apr 7, 2006
Made for my for MIL's B'day May 2006.  First attempt; came out pretty well.  Next time will use denser cake.  Royal icing flowers, buttercream icing, chocolate doctored cake, fondant accents.  Sports ball pan for pot, mini ball for cups.  Thanks for looking and offering suggestions!
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By FunCakesVT
Jun 2, 2006
I decided to try one of these...  It turned out better than I thought it would.  I am going to add chocolate pudding to the teacups with mini marshmallows on top.
The Teapot is the Sports Ball Pan and the Teacups are Cupcakes.  I used buttercream icing and Royal Icing Flowers and leaves.
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By tsuitor
Jun 6, 2006
The tea cup and saucer are made out of fondant along with the tablecloth, then dusted with luster dust. Fondant baby inside... first one ever!!!
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By chefdot
Aug 28, 2006
Here's the fondant baby I did for the shower tea cup cake.
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By chefdot
Aug 28, 2006
This is my entry for the L.A. County Fair. All buttercream except for fondant handles.
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By DiscoLady
Sep 6, 2006
By DiscoLady
Sep 6, 2006
By DiscoLady
Sep 6, 2006
molded gupaste over heavy duty white paper plate for saucer.  made 6 inch rounds and cut out for tea cup.  gumpaste handle.  chocolate buttercream tea.
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By srmaxwell
May 15, 2006
Black handle didn't photo well...
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By DiscoLady
Sep 6, 2006
My first teapot and cup.  Made with the sports ball pans and covered in MMF.  I have an order this weekend for a tea party so I figured I better know what I'm doing before hand.  It was really easy thanks to all the CC members who posted in the forum questions and comments about teapots!
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By saltystella
Sep 10, 2006
Made for a 1st birthday tea party!  The teacup is the smash cake, a 2" on top of a 4" cake.  The tepot was the sports ball on top of an 8" double.  All cakes were strawberry with a cream cheese filling covered in mmf.  The mom of the bday girl was absolutely floored when cake showed up...sister made an executive decision and changed order from a number one cake to the teapot.  I heard raves were made about it!  Yeah!
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By saltystella
Sep 18, 2006
I was up until 4am baking another cake just in case this one fell apart again and repairing this one the handle was originally a cookie on a skewer but it fell off and left a huge hole in the side I made this one with candy melts and filled the hole with BC . She picked up the cake at 9am so I am on pins and needles waiting to here if something happened to it on the ride.
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By cheekysweets
Oct 1, 2006
Made for a social tea cake. Gumpaste cup and violets. The cup is painted with Albert Uster gold luster dust thinned with Everclear.
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By ShirleyW
Mar 24, 2007
My 1st teapot cake - made to match the invitation.  French vanilla - 4" round, half ball, 6" round, another half ball, with mini-wonder mold cup.  Covered  n fondant with fondant flowers and accents.  1st time using the Wilton color mist spray too.  I would love to try another one of these, when I'm not recuperating from the flu!
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By mommymarilyn
Dec 1, 2006
Here are some of the cookies I made for a little girl's tea party.  Made tea cups and tea pot cookies - NFSC with MMF and royal design.
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By MomLittr
Dec 18, 2006
This is my first attempt at the NFSC, made with the marvellous Antonia74 Icing (I will be forever grateful for this recipe). They didn't spread at all and were easy to roll out. Fun!
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By missyv110
Jan 9, 2007
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By wuzzled
Jan 23, 2007
This is first time making the teapot WITH the cups and table included .    The handles and spout were made of fondant a couple days ahead. Edible image for the Cindarella face. I used royal icing & toothpicks for spout/handles. Silver luster dust painted on pot and cups.
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By Susan94
Jan 27, 2007
I have to thank kylielam2005 for the inspiration for this cake.  I took the idea from her beautiful cupcakes in tea cups which she posted last year, thanks very much :) This was for a Bridal Expo last night, and it was a huge hit, plus it meant I didn't have to make 50 or so cupcake, which is what I normally do for an expo. they are just vanilla buttercake with whipped white chocolate ganache, sugar flowers and dragees.
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By franjmc
Feb 1, 2007
I have to thank wuzzled for the pouring tea idea!  It turned out very cute.  My daughter LOVED this cake.
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By JennLitton
Feb 7, 2007
This was for my daughter's teaparty.  I used the sports ball pan covered in BC with fondant spout and handle.  The pouring of the tea was an idea I got from another cc member. Thanks wuzzled!
3 9
By JennLitton
Feb 7, 2007
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By Deani
Feb 12, 2007
NFSC & Royal Icing

For a Bridal Tea Party
7 3
By MahalKita
Feb 28, 2007
2 6
By DiscoLady
Sep 6, 2006
10" iced in buttercream and covered in mmf.  The teacups were made using the ball pan and the saucers are 8" boards covered in mmf.  The accents are gumpaste.  The green teacup collapsed during transport.  Not sure what happened since it was doweled but we were able to just take it off.  The buyer loved it anyway!!!!I didn't really understand the teacup theme.  By the way, please ignore the coffee stains on the invitation.  Long night!!!
7 9
By bush1
Mar 11, 2007
The base is a oval scalloped board covered in fondant with white inlaid flowers and yellow centers.The teapot is carved out of styrofoam covered in fondant. Spout and handle are gumpaste.The cup is white chocolate ,saucer is fondant and the spoon is gumpast with luster dust. Vase,flower Olivia's name and candle are fondant with tylose powder or gumpaste. The large slice was cut from a 14x14x2 pan . I'm posting the end of the slice of cake just incase someone wants to see it. Thanks for looking!
20 132
By dolittle
Mar 14, 2007
This is the end of the slice of cake. I have a better discription on the front picture I posted.Thanks for looking!
7 54
By dolittle
Mar 14, 2007
This cake was really stressful!  I made the pot with the Pampered Chef small batter bowl.  I hope it all held together for the party.
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By natties_mom
Mar 17, 2007
this is a cake covered in mmf fondant......with gumpaste spout and handles....mmf flower accents and pink pearl dragees for the accents...
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By lastingmoments
Apr 1, 2007
This teapot cake and teacups for a friend's daughter.  The teapot was baked in the sports ball pan, and the teacups were the mini-wonder mold with the top cut off.  Covered in MMF.  The 'tea' is piping gel.  I tried tinted Kayro (from a suggestion somewhere on CC) but my rim was not perfect and it oozed all over the teacups.  Had to dump them and start over.  The second time I sealed the rim with royal.  Thanks for fellow CCers for ideas/inspiration.
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By azterp
Apr 6, 2007
copy of one of sylvia weinstocks. used 8 inch rounds stacked and carved. could have used a little more carving. the flowers are a combo of gumpaste and royal
By smashcakes
Apr 22, 2007
This is my Alice in Wonderland teapot. That's the Dormouse's bottom. the Dormouse is chocolate. The teacup is a mini cupcake covered in poured sugar, all wrapped in fondant.
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By kbochick
Apr 28, 2007
Teapot for and older lady that is a big tea drinker.  All buttercream with fondant (with Tylose powder added) handle and spout .
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By Granpam
Apr 29, 2007
4 inch mini cake with colorflow teacup.  This was done before I knew anything about real luster dust...the glitter on the cup is from Wilton (blah!)
6 3
By lisasweeta
May 7, 2007


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