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another view of christmas presents
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By golfgma
Dec 23, 2005
Chocolate cake with coconut filling covered in chocolate ganache. The corners and tag are white chocolate and the bow is fondant. It was ordered in the last minute (a lot less than 24hrs), so it didn't come out the way I planned, but it looked cute (with a lot of room for improvement!). It was for my sister-in-law, so it was OK!
By Marcia79
Feb 13, 2006
This is a 1/4 sheet triple chocolate cake with butter cream icing. My daughter wanted to have a Laser tag party which turned out to be a blast!!! I wanted to do a theme cake that would work with Laser Tag, ended up just doing the Laser tag vest and gun. We took this cake to the Laser Tag place and ended up working a contract out with the company to do cakes for them and their guests.  Cool huh?  LOL!
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By wolfyjules
Jun 4, 2006
These are for the head table for the 50th wedding anniversary party. It's very special, all of the original wedding party will be there. So these were made special.
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By manatee19
Aug 18, 2006
These are 8 inch cookies freehand cutouts. I used the no fail sugar cookie recipe and Antonia's icing. I made 20 of these things. I never want to see another cookie again! The bow and tag are fondant.
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By krissy_kze
Dec 21, 2006
The Bows and tag are gumpaste but everything else is buttercream.
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By TToomer
Jan 6, 2007
Carved vest iced with buttercream.  Fondant, chocolate accents.  Gun is molded RK treats and covered with fondant.
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By DianeLM
Jan 12, 2007
I have been wanting to try a fondant bow for awhile now....finally got my chance. Thanks to everyone who answered my questions about those bows! Lemon cake with raspberry filling
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By mkerton
Jan 28, 2007
1/4 inch sheet cake all iced in buttercream and MMF dogtags
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By cakecre8tor
Feb 7, 2007
8" present cake, single layer, dark chocolate with fondant, fondant bow and gift tag, and luster dusted pearls.
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By khoudek
Feb 24, 2007
1/4 sheet - Laser tag vest and gun with laser beams.
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By KimAZ
Mar 4, 2007
This cake was an inspiration from a fellow CC member!  It was for a 100th Birthday.  It was my first attempt at a fondant bow.  It had some "imperfections", so I added some real squiggle ribbon to cover my mess-ups!!!
By sbcakes
Mar 20, 2007
This was made for a soldier who was reenlisting.  He was going to Hawaii (lucky!) so I made the Hawaiian wedding cake that is in the recipe section.  Yummy!  Iced in BC with fondant flag, rope, and dog tags.
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By startropics
May 5, 2007
This one has the gift tag.
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By brilandken
May 22, 2007
This was my son's party cake for his eighth birthday.  I intended for the vest to cover most of the cake but my freehand didn't work out quite right.  I wish I would have attempted a frozer buttercream transfer.
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By anorris3
May 28, 2007
This is the side of my belly cake!  Thanks to Regan (sp?), ShirleyW, glad and anyone else I forgot to mention in the thread about writing so nice on the tags.
By nrctermite
May 29, 2007
This was a birthday cake for my brother in-law.  I piped the camo pattern on with Crusting BC then used the melvira smoothing method.  The dog tags are fondant, and I piped a line of BC and topped with dragees for the chain.  I loved doing this cake, it was lots of fun!
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By jannanners
Aug 3, 2007
I made this cake for my son's 11th birthday at Laser Quest.
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By Michele01
Aug 19, 2007
These were the "tags" for the party favors, NFSC with RF and RI accents.
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By Photomommie
Sep 4, 2007
..the dog warden has been going door to door in my neighborhood asking people if they have dogs and to show them their dog licenses.  My neighbor didn't have hers yet and I called her after they left my house to warn her. The next thing you see was every blind, door, and garage door being shut!!! They hid from the warden as she knocked on their door! She got the tags the next day! That Sunday was her birthday, so I couldn't resist making this cake for her...just in case the warden came back again!
By bubbles4500
Sep 6, 2007
Customer wanted a cake for her brother who is leaving for the army.  I thought this would be cute.  First attempt at a hat.  Cake covered in camo fondant w/ goggles and dog tags.
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By frog80
Sep 14, 2007
This was for a wacky 40th BD party themed "Jackie's Valentine Love Fest".  They served pomegranate martinis and everyone got
rhinestone dogtag "bling" as a party favor.  At the party was a giant poster of the birthday girl standing next to Snoop Dogg, who was
photoshopped into the picture!  Cake is covered with fondant stripes.  Martini glass is poured sugar, isomalt stem and gumpaste foot.
The "pomegranate martini" is piping gel.  The dog tags are fondant painted with silver highlighter dust.
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By DianeLM
Sep 26, 2007
This was done for a friends Birthday - All she wanted was PINK!!! with a little brown. :) Butter and chocolate cake with chocolate BC icing and Fondant/gumpaste mix bow.
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By Beezaly
Sep 30, 2007
I've never been to a Laser Tag studio so I had no idea where to begin - Thanks to Michele01 for the inspiration. It was for two brothers' birthday's at Laser Quest. Satin Ice dark chocolate fondant and MMF details.
8 49
By MacsMom
Nov 19, 2007
2-layer 8" chocolate iced in buttercream with mmf accents and bow
By AmyShu
Dec 24, 2007
Here is a cake we did for a marketing firm who ordered several of these to give as gifts.  That's why the writing on the tag doesn't has the company colors.  :)
By AmyShu
Dec 24, 2007
I did this for a fellow teacher who was being deployed to Iraq.  Our staff at school had a little going away party for him.  It's the large square on bottom. I used the soccer ball cake as the helmet.  I did the flag and dog tags out of fondant..tags covered in Wilton's silver pearl dust.
Thanks for looking!
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By bubbles4500
Jan 27, 2008
I made this cake for my cousin's boyfriend who was leaving for school to study to be a pharmacist.  Cake is half vanilla half chocolate and covered in fondant with fondant decorations.  I had some trouble writing with the edible markers but other than that I was pretty happy with it.
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By Blue0877
Feb 4, 2008
Similar to another cake I've done, but smaller in size. Iced in Bc with MMF accents and bows. TFL!
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By icedideas
Feb 5, 2008
Close up picture of the topper - wire and beads.  The tag and rose are made with flowerpaste.
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By mckaren
Feb 19, 2008
this cake was for a bridal shower. it was my first square cake, and everything that could go wroong with it did.
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By tara22
Mar 20, 2008
Carved from 12x18" pan, fresh strawberry filling, white cake.  All edible.  Covered with Toba's fondant.  Pieces with MMF/gumpaste.  Quilting and seams done with the sewing wheel.  TFL!
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By margery
Apr 4, 2008
This was for a birthday that was being held at a local Lazer taga arena, They wanted their symbol on it...Kinda 
plain, ...It is a FBCT...Thanks for looking, Nicole
By nicoles-a-tryin
Apr 5, 2008
Double layer 12 inch square with buttercream icing. Fondant bow and fondant gift tag!
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By Belinda4
May 7, 2008
This cake was done using piped on buttercream in a random pattern.  After it crusted, I smoothed it with parchment paper and my warm hand.  Dog tags are made with MMF and painted with silver luster dust and vodka.  Inspired by the cake done by cakecre8tor....thanks for posting your picture!
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By gourmetcakes
May 15, 2008
Second tier to a retirement cake for a RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police). Part of the K9 unit - four dogs in his career.  Carved carrot cake, fondant ears, nose, and pads on feet, bc icing.
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By Spills
May 30, 2008
White butter & chocolate fudge marble cake (6 inches wide, 4 inches high) filled with chocolate butter cream and covered with chocolate ganache.  Fondant bow & tag, chocolate butterflies, chocolate clay flowers!  June 2008.
By Kay_NL
Jun 11, 2008
Birthday cake for a lovely 7 year old who wanted something "yellow" :)  Strawberry cake, whipped cream filling, vanilla BC.  All decorations are fondant.  Thanks for peeking!
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By pish
Jun 12, 2008
Thank you for the inspiration CC members. The cake is fondant with gumpate accents. I love making these bows. People just can't believe they are edible.
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By jylbug
Jun 15, 2008
This cake was made for my aunt's 46th birthday.  The cakes are chocolate with whipped cream filling and covered in whipped cream.  I airbrushed them and then put final decorations on by piping more whipped cream.  The happy birthday tag is made of gumpaste and then the words are hand painted with food dye gel.  These cakes are supposed to lot sort of like a stack of presents.  It was fun to do.
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By pastrypuffgirl
Apr 13, 2005


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