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This cake was frosted with buttercream with swirls done by hand on all tiers.  Took a long time to do, but was absolutely beautiful.  I'm very proud of this one!
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By sasherry
Aug 22, 2005
This was a very simple cake.  The picture doesn't show the detail well at all (before digital cameras), but it was swirled with a star tip, buttercream dotted boarder with tiny strands of pearls.
2 3
By sunlover00
Sep 3, 2005
I made this for my little sister's Sweet 16 - her theme was "Pretty in Pink!" It's chocolate cake with cookies & cream filling (from Whimsical Bakehouse). It's iced in BC with BC accents & MMF balls covered in pearl sheer dust. I also homemade the topper (her initial). It's my favorite cake I've made yet - so much fun!
3 25
By eochenski
Sep 24, 2005
This is the top view of my sister's Pretty in Pink sweet 16 cake. Thanks for looking!
4 18
By eochenski
Sep 24, 2005
Some cupcakes for my daughters year one class.
3 1
By dky
Oct 9, 2005
This is a cake done for a lady at work, it was her husband's birthday.  It is VERY similar to a cake I did for mother's day, but I wanted to post this one because I am getting better with my ganache technique.  It was prety smooth this time and the buttercream underneath did not melt.
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By montanakate
Nov 1, 2005
I think this has become my signature cake.  This is the 4th one I have made (at least a variation).  It is a 10" french vanilla cake with a 6" chocolate fudge cake on top.  Topped off with a fondant bow.  The colors were picked by the birthday girl who will be 18.
12 72
By Mac
Nov 12, 2005
My first attempt at a tiered cake ...yeesh!
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By glitterkris
Nov 19, 2005
Just a practice cake inspired by one of the bazillion books I borrowed from the library.
By saas74
Nov 20, 2005
I needed to practice a cake for tomorrow's Course 1 Clown cake. I tried to do scroll work on the top and it just didn't work out so I blended the icing all together in swirls and called it a day. A cake disaster turn around, though I could still have added "something" in the center to balance it all out. Oh well. I'm ok with it.
By Caribou
Nov 22, 2005
Rolled fondant icing and chocolate ganache swirls.
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By girlpirate
Nov 29, 2005
This cake was iced in Mouselline Buttercream (from "The Cake Bible") flavored with Kahlua.  I didn't care for the ivory frosting against the stark white pillars though, but I didn't think about that until I was setting the cake up.  The sizes were 14", 10" and 6".  The flowers were supposed to be all red roses, but the florist threw in a surprise, but I liked the end result.
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By dparrish
Jan 5, 2006
This cake is a copy of one of "mycakesandmore" cakes. She PM'd me to see if I could do this cake for a lady who contacted her through her website. The lady lives close to me. I was flattered that "mycakesandmore" recommended me. She's a sweetheart! Thanks a bunch Jenn!!
35 121
By tcturtleshell
Jan 20, 2006
The only request for this order was chocolate cake filled with bananas & strawberries, decorated "anyway you want". I used the ribbon for the pattern, fondant flowers and bow, royal icing letters painted with luster dust.
5 2
By mary-ann
Jan 22, 2006
Carrot cake with crusting cream cheese icing.  Made for Dr. at dh's clinic.
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By dodibug
Jan 25, 2006
Ten inch round double layer, torted and filled with raspberry buttercream, iced in buttercream.  Hearts and swirls painted with super pearl luster dust using lemon extract.
11 19
By slejdick
Jan 30, 2006
3 2
By mary-ann
Jan 31, 2006
Last minute cake I had made for my grandmother. I had like 2 hours to get it all done and be at her house for her b-day supper...This was the best I could do in 2 hours (that includes making cakes and making icing and tinting it..LOL)
3 2
By jennifer293
Feb 12, 2006
Heart shaped cakes with swirls and roses for a 1st birthday. All buttercream.
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By KittisKakes
Feb 16, 2006
This cake was a nightmare to make, so many things went wrong with it, and it made me sick with worry because i didnt think it was going to make it to the reception in one piece. Not having the proper boards and dowels like the instructions in CC didnt help. The base cracked, the icing cracked, i had to take it apart twice and reassemble and patch it up!!!
I made the bride and groom a few weeks earlier out of gumpaste, at least I know already that the bride and groom liked those as I sent them a picture.
29 85
By boonenati
Feb 26, 2006
I did this cake for a wedding for 300 people.  It's mostly buttercream with royal icing swirls.
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By divaofcakes
Mar 11, 2006
This is a cake I made for My 11 year old niece for her birthday.  She wanted a "Frilly white wedding cake." I've never done a wedding cake before but this is what I came up with.  She was pleased.  The B is suposed to be sticking into the cake but it broke on the way.  Had extra just in case, and they were all safely taped to the floor in the back.  My 17 month old son threw his sippy cup down on them. LOL  Live and learn...
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By isabella
Mar 31, 2006
12" round chocoalte cake with chovolate buttercream frosting and a few fresh red roses
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May 2, 2006
10" and 6" square butter vanilla cake with off white buttercream frosting and strawberry filling. Used dark red roses
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May 2, 2006
I saw a cake on this site by nova and loved it, so I was thrilled when she said she wouldn't mind if I copied it.  Mine is a bit different, but her cake was definitely the inspiration. Thanks nova!! MMBC with fondant accents.
5 9
By momsandraven
May 13, 2006
This is a fun one that I did at work.  All done in buttercream.
2 36
By jenncowin
May 19, 2006
A dummy cake made for a Bridal Expo this weekend.  Handmade calla lilies.  The inspiration for this cake came from TamiAZ, thanks very much!
15 71
By franjmc
May 20, 2006
I got this idea from "The Whimsical Bakehouse" book I have. I didn't have time to let the different colors set before smoothing it so it came out more peach then what it was supposed to come out like. Oh well. Everyone still loved it.
10 21
By jenurator
May 30, 2006
This cake was entirely covered in mmf with mmf accents.  The diamonds took awhile but were well worth it.  Very fun cake.
1 15
By frankandcathy
Jun 4, 2006
All buttercream with silver dragees.  Made to resemble the top tier on their wedding cake.
2 21
By jenncowin
Jun 5, 2006
I really enjoyed making this cake!  Thanks to TamiAZ for the idea.  This was for a graduation and they chose the colors to go with the flowers and the cap on top is a nurse's hat.
6 39
By Rexy
Jun 9, 2006
14, 10 & 6.  Killer Chocolate Cake, Raspberry coulis w/ chocolate ganache.  All covered with French Buttercream!  Delicious!!!  Very happy bride.  Not bad - all by myself and 1st Wedding cake!!!
19 49
By autobuni
Jun 12, 2006
My take on the WBH cake.  Carrot Cake iced with Cream Cheese icing and airbrush with white swirls on it.  Since we are moving my husband wanted to bring something to work.
1 2
By cakecre8tor
Jun 14, 2006
This is another carrot cake with creamcheese icing.  This one done for my daughters end of the year party.  Airbrushed yellow, orange, and a touch of red with swirls.
3 1
By cakecre8tor
Jun 14, 2006
Birthday cake for my sister-in-law.  Decorated with Satin Ice Fondant.  Bow and giftbox top are gumpaste decorated with luster dust.  This was my first square cake and I was pretty happy with how it came out for a first try.  I had a little trouble smoothing out the bottom corners.
10 37
By WebDiva
Jun 19, 2006
This cake is so very near and dear to my heart.  I made it for my sister for her wedding on May, 20th.  It was done in fondant with fondant hearts swirling around and out of the top like an explosion, all the hearts were covered in a cran. red and champagne disco luster dust.  Bottom tier was almond with rasp, next to bottom was red velvet with cream cheese, next tier was choc. with choc filling and then the tiers started over with the flavors. Pic. taken a little funny, cake didn't look wonky in person.
18 76
By helipops
Jun 24, 2006
Technically, this was for a baby shower, but my friend who hosted the shower didn't want baby stuff on it. She requested flowers, so this is what I came up with.
2 3
By dragonfly0813
Jun 26, 2006
Simply square cake with fresh roses added for color. Different pattern on each cake layer for drama.
11 341
By Ginger08
Jul 3, 2006
This cake was iced in buttercream with dots made of both buttercream and fondant.
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By BakeQueen
Jul 10, 2006
2 Layer White cake frosted with Wilton's Decorating Icing and topped with a purple bow made from the MMF recipe from this site (very good recipe by the way)... with a purple trim at the bottom, & white swirls all around.  First time to do the swirls and I hope to get better with more practice.
14 15
By MaddieCakes
Apr 13, 2005


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