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This is my 1st place winning entry for the 22nd San Diego Cake Club's Cakes on Parade Contest 2005 for Forgein Techiques - Marzipan.  The maki rolls, prawns, wasabi, ginger, noodles, cookies, plate liner, and chop stick holder are all marzipan.  The paper fortunes and the nori (paper around the maki rolls) are edible rice paper.  All marizpan is hand molded.  Typicaly marizpan are of fruits and vegies (ho-hum), I wanted to do something different, It paid off, I won the division with this.
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By mommykicksbutt
Apr 13, 2005
This is a cake I made for my mom's birthday. Her and I love sushi!! The sushi chef is a resin statute, the chopsticks are real and the green mint (an inside joke) is real as well. Everything else on this cake is fondant. 
Chocolate cake, Baileys mousse filling and dark chocolate buttercream. Kimono and fan were dusted with luster. The sandals and bowl on top are marbled fondant. The Japanese writing is royal. I am very proud of this cake, turned out great !
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By mamafrogcakes
Jan 3, 2006
16 103
By Lisa
Jun 6, 2005
Choco cake, BC icing, rice paper image. Writing in Chinese said, Grandma Gina. I didn't have enough room for Happy Birthday. It was for my step moms b-day.  The sushi is twinkies wrapped in fruit roll ups.
Thanks to lisa for hlp on this cake.
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By stylishbite
Mar 21, 2006
Cake with fondant sushi, chopsticks and plate are chocolate candy melts. For a man's 40th Birthday
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By Florimbio
Apr 19, 2006
Close Up of Sushi, ginger, Wasabi
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By Florimbio
Apr 19, 2006
Chocolate cake with chocolate peanut butter buttercream topped with ganache.....Mmmmm.  Sushi made with Rice Krispie treats and MM fondant.  For my sushi loving Husband!
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By feverfixer
Jun 18, 2006
I made this cake on VERY short notice at work the other day.  Turns out our sushi guy is moving back home to Japan for a while, so the meat manager comes over requesting a cake.  So I grabbed some Fruit Roll-Ups and marshmallows and made him some "sushi".  The chopsticks are real.  He LOVED it!
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By candy177
Jun 18, 2006
This is a giant california sushi roll with rice and sesame seeds on the side & top. It is 4-layer French Vanilla, raspberry filling, all buttercream icing. The top center part is a FBCT. I star tipped the rest of the cake to look like rice, then I used tp #2 to garnish with sesame seeds and black pepper.
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By CakeCraze
Jul 24, 2006
Here is a picture of the side of my cake. (Rice with Sesame Seeds).
By CakeCraze
Jul 24, 2006
Here's my interpretation of "sushi" in cupcakes and rice krispy treats.... they were fun to make
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By rixie
Jul 26, 2006
Twinkies wrapped in dark green fondant. Chopsticks made from gum paste. Details made with fondant and fruit snacks.
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By goal4me
Jul 31, 2006
Here is another Sushi cake that I did.    All of the sushi pieces are fondant, all else is buttercream.
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By jenncowin
Aug 20, 2006
Jelly rolls for sushi rolls (various tinted MMF/BC/coconut/real cream cheese to make fillings), nigiri sushi (prawns-painted/tinted, egg tinted) MMF, white cake for nigiri sushi under prawns/egg. Base cake my own carrot cake recipe (she insisted on carrot cake-didnt know about the sushi part though), sushi mat on top is tinted MMF imprinted with skewers and the 'threads' are white gel. Rolls are brownish because had to use brown sugar for jelly roll recipe ugh lol
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By oceanspitfire
Aug 28, 2006
Take-out box with sushi rolls I made for a 12 yr old who wanted an Asian themed birthday.  The sushi is Twinkies cut and wrapped with Fruit Rollups.  It is a chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream icing.  The Chinese symbols on the cake I found on Google.  They represent love, Sara, and Happy Birthday Sara.
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By dguys502
Aug 29, 2006
This is a marble cake covered in BC. The "sushi" is made of twinkies, rice krispie treats, fruit roll ups, swedish fish, and real chop sticks. This cake was a BIG hit at the party!
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By ajeffery2001
Sep 10, 2006
California rolls on a leaf with a dollop of wasabi.
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By JulesM7
Sep 17, 2006
Gaara is my daughter's favorite anime  character.  I made gaara with chocolate and she wanted to airbrush the cake so sorry about the red all around. The sushi and rice balls ara made w/rice crispy and fruit by the foot. I borrow the idea for the sushi from member SASSYPK (thanks, hope you don't mind.
Sep 29, 2006
Thanks for everyone's ideas!  Rice Krispie treat wrapped in fruit roll-up with crushed white choc., and chopped-up fruit roll-ups on top. Candy clay wasabi and ginger.  Chocolate fortune cookie.  Made 16 trays of these for my daughter's Asian/American party.
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By bulldog
Nov 2, 2006
Thanks to the other folks who made sushi cakes, because I definitely was inspired by them! 

Fun stuff!
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By Sharolo
Nov 28, 2006
6"x12" "block" cake covered in marbled fondant (tried to make it resemble wood but everyone said it looked like marble) with cake & fondant "sushi". The "rice" was candy sprinkles. My brother LOVED it!!
2 17
By HeatherMari
Dec 15, 2006
7 10
By lishcurley
Jan 19, 2007
Made with BC, dried fruits, pink grapefruit, kiwi and coconut.....I like everything but what I had to use for the chop-sticks.  (Had to find a quick stand in. Cake was done last minute for a co-worker.)  It was well received and that's what matters most! :-)
3 4
By malissa
Feb 13, 2007
Cakes are covered in buttercream and the sushi are made from fondant.  The birthday dad is the sushi manager at a supermarket chain.
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By dewia
Feb 17, 2007
I made these for a friend who's birthday is this week--we're both sushi fans. Nori is made of fondant, everything else is icing and non-perils.
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By MystiqueFire
Feb 20, 2007
Yummy wedding and party treats, made to look like sushi!
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By kenyatta4
Mar 8, 2007
8" white and choc. cake w/ cookies and cream filling. Totally stole the idea from jenncowin (Thank you!). I've never had sushi so had to kind of guess what the different components were. The sushi rolls are twinkies wrapped in MMF. All other pieces made from MMF. Cake frosted in BC. 
Thanks for looking!
4 6
By cindww
Mar 28, 2007
This was my first contest cake. I won 1st place amateur fondant in the San Diego Cake Club contest in March 2006. It's a Philadelphia roll (my favorite) and a caterpillar roll complete with ginger, wasabi, and an orchid.
15 23
By v_holtkamp
Apr 20, 2007
These are pieces of sushi which are HUGE. The board is 60cm x 60cm in real life
14 57
By annielo
Apr 29, 2007
9 x 13 sheet cake covered in fondant with handpainted woodgrain.  Modelled fondant Sushi pieces.
10 50
By MandaMoo81
Apr 30, 2007
Side view of the Sushi Cake showing the balsa wood feet making it look like an authentic sushi tray
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By MandaMoo81
Apr 30, 2007
mini lemon cakes, with mmf sushi deco. these were a lot of fun to make! thanks for looking
10 36
By beccakelly
May 4, 2007
Asian theme cake that was made for Women's Spring Tea at our church   It is a Rasberry cake with lemon filling decorated in bc and chocolate kanji writing and cherry blossom branches, which say love, peace, and happiness.  Sushi  is twinkes wrapped in fruit roll ups.
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By acadian
May 18, 2007
Made for a birthday where the girl loved sushi. Rice crispies molded and wrapped with fruit by the foot, topped with swedish fish. Spice cake, topped with cinnamon and ginger icing.
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By amstandley
May 31, 2007
3 43
By SweetToothFairy
Jun 3, 2007
First Time Sushi Cake.
Chocolate cake covered in black fondant. 
Sushi pieces are made of rice krispie treats and are adorned with Fish, ginger, wasabi and seaweed that are made of fondant,that has been painted with food gel.
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By mzstrz
Jun 6, 2007
Cake with covered in fondant, with fondant sushi, and chop sticks.  It says Happy Birthday in Japanese.
By pope77
Jun 15, 2007
My daughter had an asian themed birthday, so we came up with little sushi cakes since not everyone likes sushi and she wanted something sushi to go with her theme.   The chopsticks are Pockys, a japanese cracker coated in chocolate, and the fortune cookie is just a regular fortune cookie.   Now everyone loves sushi at our house!
3 42
By faili
Jun 19, 2007
Coconut cake with twinkies wrapped in coconut shreds topped of with gummy candy. Thanks to all the members on CC who did this cake and gave me this idea. Thanks for looking!
By islandpri
Jul 7, 2007
Made these to go along with the asian theme at my daughter's 10th birthday.  I hear they were good, although I didn't get one.  Fruit roll ups and RKT.
3 5
By crystalina1977
Jul 12, 2007


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