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Shape cut from a 1/4 sheet. Iced in buttercream. Web is piped icing on foil covered "ramps" that extend to the cake board.
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By Twisted_Sifter
Jan 2, 2006
Batman/Gotham City cake done, a lady wanted a magazine cover copied.  Used the wacky cake recipe for allergic customer (no eggs, milk).  Base cake is 11x15 and Batman is cut out of additional 9x13 so its raised up.
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By Kitagrl
Mar 9, 2006
I made this cake for my son's bday last year. I planned on making the buildings from icing, but did not have time, so they are from cardboard. ;) He loved it. I didn't have my icing with me to write his name and age on side, so I had to us MIL's gel icing (which I HATE) but oh well. He still loved it.
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By peachquilter
Mar 14, 2006
I made this cake for my 4 year old son's Batman birthday party. The bat on the bottom is airbrushed.
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By hobbycakes
Mar 27, 2006
Head is a styrofoam egg shape. I carved the arms, legs, and body out of sheet cakes and small rounds.
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By mamacc
Apr 14, 2006
My version of the superhero cake many at CC have done. My first time using colorflow, and my first stacked cake.
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By Liana
May 31, 2006
21 chocolate buttermilk cupcakes iced with buttercream.  Eyes are fondant.  The twins loved it!
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By tripletmom
Jun 21, 2006
This is a cake I did for my 7 & 5 year olds party.  The bottom is Yellow cake and the top is lemon, I kept it simple for the kids.  The buildings are Chocolate (never store them in the oven and then forget about them...I melted them 4 hours before party and had to redo).  the Kryptonite on top is melted jolly ranchers broken up.  The S shield is fondant painted and then sprinkled with cake sprinkles.  i was pleased with this cake, it turned out amazingly like what I pictured...Rarely does that happen:). Thx
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By acookieobsession
Aug 10, 2006
Thanks to another memeber on this site for inspiration (sorry I can't remember the member name ;(   The buildings are hershey bars, the top cake was french vanilla w/ vanilla buttercream and the bottom tier was butter cake with almond buttercream filling and vanilla buttercream frosting.
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By missyjo30
Aug 20, 2006
This was my son's birthday cake. He likes the Captain Underpants books, so I went to their website, looked through the available printouts and found this one. He got a kick that it says "happy underwear day" instead of “happy birthday". It’s an 11x15 cake topped with a full frozen buttercream transfer. Thanks to Cake Central for the tutorial on FBCT!
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By Eren
Sep 9, 2006
10" base with bricks on two sides and then the batman and superman logos on either side of that. 8" middle tier surrounded by royal icing buildings.  6" trimmed top layer with AA (boys name or initials) made by my husband out of gumpaste.  I had a different idea for the look of the letters but he came up with that.  I stuck skewers in them and poked them into the cake.  I had fun doing this, but the bricks took FOREVER!
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By doc_farms
Sep 11, 2006
This is a burning skyscraper with Batman, Robin, Superman, and Wonderwoman.  It was for a friend's daughter's 7th bday.  Each layer is a different flavor cake with different fillings!  Lots of work, but she was so happy when she saw her cake!!!
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By jennianne
Sep 17, 2006
A Superman cake for a 6 yr. old who wanted the Superman on the Planet of Tranquility?  Come to find out that was the planet of ice!  Hence all the rock candy!  All mmf, 8" double bottom, 6" double top.  The best part was the store bought topper.  It lit up, so my husband rigged it to stay on and it lit up the rock candy!  Way cool!
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By saltystella
Sep 18, 2006
Everything candy melt chocolate.Globe made with mini ball pan and candy melts.Figures given to me by mom.
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By Kiddiekakes
Sep 22, 2006
Another view.
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By Kiddiekakes
Sep 22, 2006
I sent these cupcakes to school for my son's 7th birthday.  The class loved them!
By sweetsbysusan
Sep 26, 2006
This cake was for my son's 7th birthday.  He told me what he wanted the cake to look like, so I drew "gotham city" with the bat signal.  He loved it.
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By sweetsbysusan
Sep 26, 2006
This is a terrible mess but a good experiment for me.  It is a 3-D cake, the buildings are cake some are frosted and some are covered in fondant. I had a terrible time with the fondant and I was running out of time. The little figures are also fondant but they came out bigger than I wanted.  The cakes stayed in building formation easily. I did not use dowels or any other support.
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By SunshineFamily
Sep 30, 2006
This is the front view of the same cake
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By SunshineFamily
Sep 30, 2006
2nd attempt at floodwork - made this for my son's 4th birthday, he absolutely loved it and so did all his friends!  Kid's... The world's best critics!
By Feefs
Oct 3, 2006
I frosted the cake with buttercream icing and then drew the spiderman freehand with a toothpick. I outlined him with black buttercream and filled him in with red and blue piping gel.
By boosqmom
Oct 10, 2006
I made these cakes for my nephew's birthday (we have a large family). They are frosted with buttercream. I drew the faces on the cake with a toothpick and outlined them with black buttercream and filled in with piping gel.
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By boosqmom
Oct 10, 2006
A customer wanted a spiderman cake but with a vilain too.  So I found a picture on Google with the two faces like this, and decided to do it.  The cake is half vanilla half chocolate.  So it was easy to separate, vanilla under Spiderman and chocolate under the Goblin.
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By Pootchi
Oct 14, 2006
Thanks for looking
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Oct 23, 2006
My son loves Superman so I had this pan from my gradmother and made him his Superman cake.
By KaraAnn
Oct 26, 2006
Made this for my 4 yo grandson.  He LOVES The TIck (cancelled cartoon aimed at HS and College kids).  It was impossible to find any Tick cakes - few people even know who he is.  This is completely BC - traced the outline of the character on the cake and filled in with diluted/softened BC.  Kind of messy, but it came out looking like the Tick.  Just wish it was bigger - it was so small, the detail was difficult to do.
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By chonrath
Nov 12, 2006
Batman cupcakes made for my nephews birthday.  Simple chocolate cupcakes with cream piped on top (looks like meringue but it's cream!) and the bats are piped freehand with royal icing.
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By Feefs
Nov 12, 2006
This cake did not turn out at all like I had planned.  In the end though, I was happy with it.  I used a mixture of BC and MMF on a double chocolate cake (my son's request).  I bought the Wilton stand and it came with the wrong size "legs"...I'll be exchanging that after the party.
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By coolmom
Nov 17, 2006
My son discovered superheros and just had to have spiderman.  Yellow cake, all buttercream.  Man, that's a lotta stars!
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By destini377
Nov 20, 2006
FBCT on top of whipped cream frosting. Cake is yellow with pineapple filling. Thanks for looking!
By sarzoemom
Dec 10, 2006
2-tier cake covered in MMF.  Chocolate Transfer super heros on sticks standing in front of the comic "background" for the character.  The backgrounds are piped onto the cake with chocolate (wish I could figure out how to put it on smoothly!).  The birthday boy is the super hero on the top.  There is Spiderman with a web, Wolverine with an X, Superman with a city skyline, Batman with the moon and a gargoyle, Flash Gordon with a lightning bolt, Cyclops in front of red, and The Hulk coming through a wall.
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By Uberhipster
Jan 3, 2007
I work at a residential treatment center for children who may not have families and have behavioral problems.  It is a yellow cake iced in BC.  He loved it!!!!!!!
By sstardust17
Jan 16, 2007
Simple design for an already over-booked week of baking!  Luckily the mom wanted something simple and inexpensive.
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By Lambshack
Jan 29, 2007
Yes its very sad, I had to do my own 21st cake (i had a super hero party)
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By Delicate-Lee
Jan 30, 2007
I incorporated many ideas that I have gotten from this site to create this cake.  I thank all of you for being so creative.  My son loved it and many people have been impressed.
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By katie
Mar 6, 2007
This is my first attempt at a 1/2 sheet cake... Classic yellow with butter cream frosting. All the art work is Melted Chocolate Transfer.
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By reesesob
Mar 6, 2007
First time with a cupcake cake & airbrushing!
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By dyenana
Mar 9, 2007
For my nephew...used fondant for bats and sihouette, melted chocolate for batsignal.  All writing was done in BC.  Such fun and he loved it!
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By tisaex
Mar 12, 2007
I cut the face out of a 9x13 cake.  Iced the whole thing in red, then added the white icing for the eyes and then piped on the black to ouline and to make the mask.  My 5 year old son and 8 year old nephew were so happy!
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By CharleneO
Mar 14, 2007
White and chocolate cake with buttercream transfers!
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By zoozieqv
May 27, 2005


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