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Made for an Icing Smiles family to celebrate a birthday AND remission!
By LeeshaCakes
Jul 5, 2014
The Incredibles themed Cake

(not my design, provided pic and toys)
By SweetLiving
Jan 18, 2014
Super Hero Birthday Cake!! Super man, Batman, and Spider man.  All hand sculpted and edible cake topper and lights display was also hand made.
Chocolate death, Vanilla delight and supreme carrot cake are the tiers!
By Niabk1
Jul 23, 2013
Cake For My Nephew x
By Dizzystace
Feb 7, 2014
By Sallyc4
Mar 9, 2010
Mario gumpaste/fondant topper for my nephew's birthday cake this weekend.  Special thanks to CakeMommyTX for her tutorial! Enjoy!
By ncbert
Apr 2, 2010
This was my first time working with sugar paste. It was a lot of fun!
By just_playing
Feb 19, 2009
sneak ignore the mess in the background! 

I think ...THINK I'm stopping here on making figures for our soon to be 8 yr old's birthday cake! 
He asked for Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) and Super Smash Bros(Wii) .....and was very specific abou NO original mario scenes...lovely! 
Im kinda stumped on the rest of the cake...but I guess at least this part is done! haha
By twinsline7
Apr 12, 2008
modeling chocolate Mario, no feet yet...
By Lynette626
Mar 20, 2011
By Kristen87
Jun 25, 2010
These are the cupcakes I made to accompany my sons Super Mario Cake for his 7th bday. Got the idea from clevercupcakes on flickr. Thanks for looking!
By steffla
Aug 20, 2008
Chocolate Choc. chip cake (from cake mix). With ganache filling. Buttercream dream frosting. Super Mario Brothers designs. Thanks to my2sunshines for inspiration! Some of the figures are plastic. The two top figures are plush.
By imartsy
Jan 30, 2007
Back of cake. This has some different accents then front. Thanks for looking :)
By my2sunshines
Sep 23, 2006
By Sallyc4
Mar 9, 2010
First time making a fondant bow! UGH! I used a white choc. fondant I made & added powdered sugar, tylose powder, cornstarch, and finally some Wilton fondant b/c I couldn't keep the loops from stretching every time I picked one up! I used the elegant mold set from countrykitchen. I also used super pearl dust to paint it. I "glued" it with melted white choc - next time might use royal icing though b/c I had some loops break off
By imartsy
Aug 30, 2006
By nuttis
May 26, 2009
Supernatural car cake for a graduation covered in black satin ice fondant
By missmeliss5310
Nov 5, 2013
Superhero graduation cake covered in fondant
By missmeliss5310
Nov 5, 2013
By nataliehix
Nov 8, 2011
Super Mario Bros Cupcake toppers of modeling chocolate
By Lynette626
Mar 20, 2011
By nataliehix
Nov 8, 2011


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