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A mango sponge cake I made for my boyfriend's birthday. He likes mario and i especially like bee mario.... :)
4 6
By lotsofsprinkles
Jan 20, 2008
Critique Subgroup Member: Superman, Batman, and Flash symbols made from fondant with royal icing
10 4
By Tramski
Jan 26, 2008
This was a cake I made for super bowl last year.
4 5
By CakeMommie
Jan 27, 2008
14 inch square, 12 inch square carved to make correct shape
1 16
By Stephianme
Jan 30, 2008
Critique group member: All suggestions welcome.
This cake was made for my husbands bosses sister for her superbowl party. Cake is choc. with choc. ganache filling and BC icing. Helmets,logos,footballs are all fondant and painted with luster dust and/or color.
6 1
By cocakedecorator
Jan 31, 2008
NFSC with RBC and RI accents
By trixieleigh
Feb 2, 2008
NY Giants, Dark Chocolate Fudge cake, torted w/fudge filling, and iced with Choc. Fudge icing.  Fondant accents.  
Pats, Strawberries & Cream Cake, torted w/ vanilla buttercream, iced with Choc. Fudge.  Fondant Accents.
End zones on board are edible images just glued to the board w/piping gel.  Yard lines are fondant.  Logos are edible images on fondant
9 21
By 2kiddos
Feb 2, 2008
It was convenient that both teams had the same colors this year since I had to make a neutral cake.  This guy could play for either team.
2 4
By AnnetteH
Feb 2, 2008
3 4
By AnnetteH
Feb 2, 2008
Football cake for a Super Bowl party.  Lots of inspiration from CCer's, but mostly from Leemorel, so thank you
Leemorel.  White cake football, chocolate cake base.  BC and Toba's fondant.
1 1
By sarahkate80
Dec 31, 1969
Last minute cupcakes for the game tomorrow!
1 6
By RoseArcadia
Feb 2, 2008
Fondant covered cake for the GIANTS Super Bowl.  Go GIANTS!!
4 6
By Jazz2U
Feb 3, 2008
1 2
By lynnmar
Feb 3, 2008
Chocolate cake with buttercream frosting, made for a super bowl party today!
By January202
Feb 3, 2008
This was done for my husband's super bowl party.  9x13 sheet cakes filled with chocolate cream.  NFSC recipe used for helmets.  CT logos.  Rings are plastic.
1 1
By ANicole
Feb 3, 2008
These were NFSC iced with Antonia's royal icing.  Logos are CTs.  Done for a neighbor as a thank you for plowing our snow!
1 3
By ANicole
Feb 3, 2008
7 37
By Hansel_Gretel
Feb 3, 2008
This is a cake I made inspired by the Tiffany blue and all things jeweled and apparel. They are 4" high, 4", 6", 8" and10" round. I super pearled the whole thing which really made it sparkle and shine. It's amazing how pretty a totally pearled cake is in real life!
2 16
By babyqueen
Feb 3, 2008
Yellow cake with chocolate icing.  Made from a 9x13 sheet that was cut in half, stacked and carved.  All buttercream with fondant accents.  Edible image Super Bowl  logo.
3 12
By projectqueen
Feb 4, 2008
I made devils food w/raspberry filling (pictured) , and Yellow cake with strawberry/vienna cream filling, vanilla buttercream, hand molded chocolate footballs, handpainted with gold luster dust. Thanks for looking :-)
3 6
By disp4so
Dec 31, 1969
same cake top view
1 3
By nutcase68
Feb 14, 2008
First edible image cake.  So easy!
1 2
By Lettyva
Feb 15, 2008
1 1
By mommy2owen
Feb 16, 2008
Mario cake pan done for my daughter for her 5th birthday her favorite character
1 4
By Irishnurse
Feb 17, 2008
Did this cake for the Recreation Dept as a gift for the kids.  I don't like how the eyes came out.
By disneynutbsv
Feb 24, 2008
This was for my son's 5th birthday. The cakes are 10" roung decorated with fondant and royal icing web.  The middle cake is a 4"  square cake cut from a 6'".  This was also fondant and used some royal icing to keep the buildings attached to the cake.  The top is a 6" round. The moon and stars and fondant and the buildings are 50/50 fondant and gumpaste. Everything was airbrushed with silver luster dust. The Spidey's and foes are toys.
1 16
By DeliciousCreations
Feb 25, 2008
8 74
By Eliseawood
Mar 2, 2008
3 44
By Eliseawood
Mar 2, 2008
The photo of this cake was given to me by the client... although I noticed that it is also on CC. The cupcakes were copied from ELISEAWOOD!!! Thankyou!!
17 92
By Toniprev
Mar 30, 2008
My son has played video games since he could hold a remote.  He saw this on a web site as a wedding cake and begged me to make it for his birthday.  I did and this is my rendition.
3 8
By Ren
Apr 2, 2008
Yes, this was for a wedding.  All fondant except the toppers (I added the veil).  Cake is supposed to be a replica of this one:
7 50
By KoryAK
Apr 3, 2008
Mario cookies for a 7th birthday party.
8 49
By supermummy
Apr 4, 2008
This is one of those cakes were all I could see were my mistakes! But when I heard the feed back from the reception aparently the guests only saw a flippin awesome it was! :)  Its a buttercream cake with fondant accents. I worked with what I was given and in the end I am pretty happy with the turn out.
3 3
By cohenandlillysmom
Apr 8, 2008
2 11
By ByTheSlice
Apr 16, 2007
This is what I put on both long sides of the cake.
1 4
By 1lucky3
Apr 13, 2008
This was the scene on both ends of the cake.
2 12
By 1lucky3
Apr 13, 2008
I tried to combine the Mario Galaxy and Smash Bros theme....Austin was VERY surprised and so excited! Even though I look at it and think hmm shoulda coulda damn it! He belted out "ITS SOOO MUCH BETTER THAN WHAT I WANTED!" so I'm over my shouldas haha! all the kids went crazy for the bonus mushrooms and star border!!( and yes...I shamelesly used foil for the board! I had no poor cake didnt even get baked til 2!! and the party was at 6! so please forgive the icing booboos also!)
22 51
By twinsline7
Apr 14, 2008
Just to show the writing I did on the side...
By marcy14
Apr 14, 2008
Moist choc cake with buttercream frosting. Bursting stars were
made from fondant. Spiders were piped directly onto the cake
3 11
By fino
Apr 15, 2008
batman birthday cake for a 2 year old boy. logo and buildings made of fondant.
4 70
By kgunn
May 2, 2008


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