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This was a cake done for two little girls. It was a copy of a cake done on this site by a woman doing a Barbie and pegasus cake. I bought the Barbie and Pegasus dolls to put on this cake but didn't do it until the day of the party. I took the pics the night before. Cake was pretty easy. 11 x 15"  2 layer white cake. Served 35 2 x 2" slices or 25 2 x 3" slices.
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By SherisEdibleDesigns
Mar 19, 2006
This cake was one of 8 cakes for a Luau themed wedding.  I hand painted the sunset on a piece of fondant using icing colors.
14 26
By SoldierJunkie
May 11, 2006
Heart shaped sugar cookie pop decorated with Alice Cookie Icing. Depicting a silhouette of a couple embracing at sunset. Overpiped to give a 3-D effect.
4 12
By Cake_Princess
Mar 28, 2006
cake is airbrushed.  The boeders are #22 shell & reverse shell borders.  Dolphin is a #2 & #3.  Trees are #8 & #252 leaf tip.  Then sprinkled with edible glitter for the wet look
2 1
By jsmoliks
Aug 6, 2006
Here is the cake I did for a person who goes to Florida every year with a few other couples.  They were all getting together and she wanted something different.  Lemon cake with lemon filling.
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By chloe1979
Sep 4, 2006
This is all buttercream with royal hibiscus flowers. The sunset was very fun to do!
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By dandy207
Sep 8, 2006
This was a cake for my co-worker's b-day.  She is planning a trip to Hawaii next year, so it is all she is talking about lately! :)
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By missyek
Oct 2, 2006
For my cousin turning 50.  Chocolate cake with chocolate filling.
By deijha
Aug 1, 2006
6 6
By midialjoje
Dec 11, 2006
This is a 1/2 yellow, 1/2 chocolate cake with whipped frosting.  The top half is airbrushed with golden yellow and peach colors to look like a sunset.  I used a template to make the fish, as i can not do that type of thing freehand.  The buyer was thrilled with the look of this cake -- said I was an artist!  This idea came from a cake I saw here or on wilton's site.
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By bethallan
Dec 18, 2006
My first attempt at a sheet cake.Tropical sunset cake idea was from two different pictures in the CC gallery. The cake is chocolate and iced with buttercream dream. The shells are white chocolate. The surf board is a airhead (white/mystery). The flowers are Royal icing.
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By acperry
Mar 11, 2007
I made this cake for my friend's birthday, she was having a tropical themed party. She ordered this only 2 days ahead and I also had to deliver 50 cookies and another birthday cake the same day, so I made it simple. Sunset colors for a vanilla cake filled with vanilla buttercream and whipped cream, covered with MMF. MMF flowers and trees.
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By jouj
Apr 13, 2007
This is a red velvet, heart-shaped cake with fondant covering I made for my wife's birthday a couple of weeks before we moved to Seattle.  I tried to have various opposing themes mixed together in this cake and it is one of my favorites.
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By spohnj
Apr 13, 2007
Cake made for a tropical themed bridal shower.  Yellow cake with buttercream icing.  Sunset was done using Wilton color mist and water is colored piping gel.  Shells are candy melts dusted in super pearl luster dust, sand is crushed graham crackers - regular and a few chocolate.  Flowers are fondant.  Inspired by many cakes here at CC!!
7 49
By tinabee
Apr 14, 2007
This was a key lime cake with key lime filling....delicious! Everything is key lime cream cheese icing. This was for a birthday at work where the girl loved margaritas....this was a close as I could get to a margarita cake at school.
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By rhesp1212
May 4, 2007
This was done for a girl who was getting married in the Dominican Republic and they were having an island themed cake.  I didn't like how the sun turned out, but other than that, I thought it was okay.
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By chloe1979
May 12, 2007
This cake was made for the retirement of the head of my department.  The sand is made of crushed graham crackers, and the water is made of piping gel tinted with food coloring.
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By Bettycrockermommy
Jun 10, 2007
for a lady who was  moving to texas
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By dandy207
Oct 26, 2006
Inspired by Hawaii
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Jun 29, 2007
Props to dandy207 for the inspiration!  For my 7 year old niece's luau themed birthday.  All BC - Orange Dreamcicle cake with fresh orange filling, Bread crumbs w/cinn. & sugar for sand, white chocolate shells, white glitter in the water
11 36
By Daryn
Jul 14, 2007
I was asked to make a cake for a guy that loves calf roping.  Thanks to a little inspiration from another CC member, I switched the style up a little bit and came up wit this.  Bottom layer is french vanilla, top is chocolate.  Chocolate buttercream with royal icing cowboys and calf.  I was so excited that my transfer came off in one piece.  I was so scared that it would break that I made an extra just in case.  Now I have an extra!!!  Anyhow, thanks for looking!!!
17 42
By ByTheSlice
Jul 29, 2007
All buttercream.
27 152
By jenncowin
Sep 4, 2007
Sunset cookie with Antonia74's icing
By chloe1979
Sep 7, 2007
Barrel racer/sunset scene on top of cholocate buttercream.  Thanks for looking.
7 13
By ByTheSlice
Sep 14, 2007
Vanilla sponge with jam and vanilla buttercream filling, cake covered with vanilla buttercream
By AprilleD
Sep 24, 2007
I made this cake for a couple that got married on the beach at sunset.  It is all buttercream with graham dust for sand.
2 10
By jaswift
Oct 27, 2007
Chocolate accents.  I wish I would have added a palm tree to this one.
1 1
By strawberry0121
Oct 30, 2007
This was done for a 50th birthday party with a Margaritaville theme. All bc with freehand design. This was a lot of fun to do.
1 3
By Gale
Nov 2, 2007
I got this design from cambo, thank you :)
2 5
By jmarks
Nov 4, 2007
This was a cake I made for my boss who's a scorpio and loves the southwest them.  Got the design idea from several of you wonderful decorators at cc.  Scorpion is made out of fondant/gumpaste.  Tumbleweeds are royal icing that I piped over a golf ball that I covered in plastic wrap.
1 11
By nhbaker
Nov 16, 2007
This was for a boys western themed birthday party.  The square base was covered in fondant, then airbrushed then buttercream fence and cactus.  The bandana was fondant with buttercream details.  The hat was carved from cake and covered in fondant, brim and band were also fondant.  A gal I work with and myself worked on this cake together, we had fun doing it and they lady that ordered it LOVED IT!
2 10
By SueBuddy
Nov 23, 2007
Airbrushed, foudant and gumpaste details!
1 2
By gr8yf
Dec 21, 2007
one of my first cakes ever it is a beach theme airbrush and bc for main dec and crushed up sugar cookies for sand.
1 13
By CenterpieceSweets
Dec 30, 2007
1 of 3 cakes.  Friends have to go back to South Africa.  Their daughters are best friends with our.  Their girls designed the cakes and chose the flavors.  This one was choc. raspberry.
By onceuponacake
Jan 7, 2008
Sunset painted on fondant with black fondant silhouettes. Made for my daughter's birthday.
10 66
By toodlesjupiter
Jan 11, 2008
1 12
By chefdot
Jan 20, 2008
I made this cake for my aunt. It was hand carved out of chocolate cake with Bavarian Cream filling. Buttercream that was hand painted (with paint brush, ugh!) and the decorations are royal icing.
29 30
By Sarsi
Feb 6, 2008
This is my first non-class cake.  I think it's my best cake so far and pretty good for a 12 year old.  It is a chocolate cake with raspberry frosting and covered in fondant.  I painted a mountain sunset and then added the fondant parts to make it look like my Mom and Dad.
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By Chani
Jun 23, 2007
Cake for the AZ cake show.
4 8
By Aubrey2007
Feb 16, 2008
Cupcake cake for a pool party in January...
Iced over and waves done  in BC. Background  airbrushed to look like tropical sunset.
3 8
By vetaAL
Mar 5, 2008


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