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This is a cake I made for my husband to take to work for the birthday of one of his buddy's.  They call the guy "Stumpy" (I didn't ask) -- so we decided to make a tree stump!
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By danygirl
Aug 28, 2005
10" pumpkin spice bundt cake with an 8" round on top. Cream cheese icing. Fondant figures and leaves dusted with luster dusts.
30 64
By krissy_kze
Nov 24, 2005
This was a practice/sample cake. I was pleased with how it turn out.
3 9
By angelcake4u
Oct 3, 2005
birthday cake - fairy molded to look like girl
8 29
By Florimbio
Mar 18, 2006
Here is my sculpted cake entry for the Capital Confectioners' Cake show in Austin Texas.  My creative DH decided to take the pic outside.  Puppy, squirrel, bone, and stump are sculpted cake.  It is fondant covered and painted with a paintbrush.  The board is covered in fondant and I used a star tip to give it texture.  I used a veining tool and a toothpick for the stump texture.  I used a toothpick to give the animals fur.  I know you are going to ask.  It took me a week and I missed a lot of sleep.
29 81
By talmas
Apr 3, 2006
This is my take on the Debbie Brown tree stump. I made it into an Easter cake by adding lots of little tiny easter eggs all around the cake. I also put in an easter lamb! I also added a little fairy!
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By bmote1
Apr 9, 2006
This Cake was copied from one I saw on  It was 4 10" round layers covered in fondant and painted by hand.  The gumpate pansies were painted with luster dust and the holly was purchased gumpaste.  The mushrooms were fondant as were the ladybugs.  The butterflies were edible images covered in piping gel but I never could get them to dry stiff.  The limb was Styrofoam covered in fondant.  I am still amazed by this cake.
13 17
By frankandcathy
Jan 2, 2006
This is a cake I did last week for my parents' anniversary.  It was an excuse to play with chocolate fondant which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! I found it very easy to work with and had a great flavor.
2 5
By joellephillips
May 9, 2006
Thank you everyone for all of the inspiration!  Here is my take on the Woodland Cake.  I made it with a Cinnamon Swirl Cake and Cream Cheese Frosting.  It will be served Tomorrow and I will update on their reactions.
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By strawberry0121
May 18, 2006
Cake is Dark Chocolate Fudge filled with Chocolate buttercream.  Covered with Chocolate and White Marshmallow Fondant.  Characters made from gumpaste.
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By marknrox
Jul 1, 2006
Groom doesn't like chocolate. Strawberry cake, buttercream frosting. fondant butterflies, flowers, leaves
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By Tiffysma
Jul 8, 2006
50th wedding anniversary cake.2-12"and 2-10" with divider in middle so it would only be 2layers thick when cutting.  I did the rings under the divider plate also so when they took it off it would still look like stump rings.  Thanks so much to krissy_kze for your help.
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By bug101
Jul 31, 2006
I made this for a little girl's 6th birthday.  She would not tell me what she wanted, only that the frosting must be chocolate.  So I decided to try a tree stump with fairies.  It was my first time using gumpaste and I had so much fun!
15 60
By JulesM7
Aug 10, 2006
I FORGOT to put my balloons and party sign by the bottom arrow! Waaaaahhhhhh.... It was supposed to lead the way to the party...oh well.   These flowers did have vines...this was a pre-vine pic!  :)
31 30
By sharibearie
Aug 15, 2006
I had so much fun doing this cake. I got the idea from Bmote1 (Thank you so much) I agree her on the book - Debbie Brown Enchanted Cakes for Children. I love, love, love the book! I used three 6" round chocolate cakes with a ganache filling and chocolate buttercream icing. The outside and all characters/pieces are fondant. My children and  family loved it and didn't want to cut into it. haha I had to cut it for them. LOL
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By BamaSweets
Apr 18, 2006
My version of a tree stump cake I saw in a decorating book. Six torted layers of white cake with Bavarian creme and strawberry filling in alternating layers. Elves, mushrooms and snail were made from gumpaste. This was my first try using gumpaste and scuplting any type of figure like these. Leaves made from a gumpaste cutter. The white parts on the mushrooms were painted with pearl luster dust. Elves shoes painted with black gel food coloring.
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By KimAZ
Aug 30, 2006
This is the cake I made for my niece's birthday.  Based on a Sylvia Weinstock design.  Many thanks to Liis for her wonderful fairy tutorial
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By CakeTopper
Sep 19, 2006
stump is chocolate cake, gnome is normal sponge with raisins, all fondant and all edible....buyer requested the gnome to be called batley!
10 14
By button-moon
Sep 22, 2006
First time making a stump cake and what fun!  It is BC and modeled squirrel, toadstools and acorns are fondant.
I put the squirrel on top of the stump eating a daisy as a joke because one plagued his garden all summer!  I hope he loves it.
6 10
By JaneK
Sep 30, 2006
Vanilla caramel cake with buttercream and chocolate MMF.  I took the cake to the fire station for the fire fighters.
16 38
By cupcake55
Oct 19, 2006
BC stumps and brew, fondant/gumpaste witch, purchased cauldron, all other piping in BC, candy pumpkins.
Cake is vanilla..filling is chocolate BC with Skor bits
4 17
By JaneK
Oct 29, 2006
This is my most recent cake. It was done in October of 2006. It's the first time I ever made fondant fairies. Thanks to Liis instructions!! This is also the first time I purchased real cake decorating necessities like real spatulas instead of butterknives, fondant roller, cake leveler and such. This was a chocolate chip cake with bavarian cream filling. The first time I ever torted and filled a cake! Also was the first time I ever made roses! It was fun!!
1 2
By Akesunflower
Nov 7, 2006
Pumpkin Spice Cake (YUMMY!) with apricot filling and cream cheese icing.  First time using gumpaste, next time I won't let the leaves dry before putting on the cake so they can bend naturally.
5 22
By marccrand
Nov 16, 2006
I had so much fun with this one.  8" and 6" rounds carved down.  Fondant bunnies, buttercream snow, wreath and greenery.
4 7
By doc_farms
Dec 20, 2006
This was an idea I came up with for a little boys "bug" birthday party.  It was fun to put together and actually very easy!
7 21
By meomy
Jan 27, 2007
This is a rough cake - it was my very first elborate fondont cake - and it shows! It took me hours and hours to do but was absolutely fun. I swear I refused to throw this one away for at least a couple of months. Ew! I know!
8 9
By Staci-Cakes
Feb 25, 2007
This cake was a practice cake because I wanted to try modeling out of fondant.  It was so much fun to be able to play around with ideas without the pressure of needing it to be perfect!  Chocolate icing over chocolate cake with mmf figures.  I got a lot of inspiration looking through the galleries.  Thanks so much to everyone for all their help.
5 1
By aliciababcock
Feb 27, 2007
A customer order a cake for her husband and told me to do anything I wanted!  So I tried a racoon using the mini stand-up bear pan.  It didn't turn out exactly as I had hoped, but cute none the less.  Two layers of choc and top layer and bear was white.  Butter cream icing with fondant leaves, rocks and grass.
5 13
By srodge1
Mar 7, 2007
4 4
By gibson
Mar 10, 2007
8" vanilla and all chocolate buttercream dream some buttercream dream used for the grass all fondant and gumpaste decorations.
5 9
By notjustcake
Mar 23, 2007
Another view (there are so many little details on this cake!)  The story to this cake is that Easter Bunny Jnr had pinched the basket of eggs and is hiding on the tree stump, feasting on chocolate (which is all over his face!)
33 84
By kelly75
Mar 30, 2007
Have just been sent some better pics of my tree stump cake, my own photos were taken in bad light :o( This was for a 90 year old man, the owner of a hardware store.  I thought immediately of this Debbie Brown cake as it makes me think of a wise old man!
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By amberhoney
Apr 4, 2007
Stacked 2 tier cake.  Top cake is 2 layer yellow iced and filled with raspberry BC and covered with MMF.  Bottom cake is 2 layer chocolate filled with fudge and iced in BC.  Grass is BC; Bunny, skunk, hedgehogs, mushrooms, snails, turtle, and fence posts are all MMF and gum paste.  This cake was so much fun to do!  It was my first time making fondant/gum paste figures.  Thanks to all who helped with directions and pictures.
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By startropics
Apr 12, 2007
Everything is edible...i had so much fun making this!
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By leightorres
Apr 17, 2007
OK, this was a heavy cake..It was constructed using 3 8x3inch rounds. The bottom 2 were German Chocolate/Dark Chocolate Cream torted with chocolate buttercream and pecans. The top part of the stump was Devils Food and the mid part hollowed out. The raccoon was carved out of Poundcake and his tail made of Rice K treats. Had a lot of fun with this one. Oh, and his nose is a rolled up, smushed peice of fudge brownie!
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By southrnhearts
Apr 20, 2007
OMG! Me and my mother made this cake for my grampa's 65th birthday.  This was one of our most challenging cakes taken from the Enchanted Cakes for Children book by Debbie Brown. Me and my mom have never worked with gumpaste which made the critters sort of hard for us to do.  The outside of the cake is chocolate MMF. I have never made it before!  The cake is raspberry pound cake with cream cheese fillings and it's 5 layers. Thank you amberhoney for the inspiration and help! Enjoy! We love it!!
11 29
By step0nmi
May 19, 2007
I did this cake for a friends of mine who was throwing a baby shower with a Winnie the Pooh Theme.  The tree trunk was covered in Chocolate Marshmallow Fondant.
French Vanilla Cake and Strawberry Filling for the Tree
Pooh was Strawberry Pound Cake
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By LvMy4Runner
May 21, 2007
tree stump with fondant animal pelt, gumpaste feathers, fondant medicine bag, peace pipe is a replica of what customer gave me to go buy (made of sugar paste)  and hand painted.  the rest is airbrushed. Had lots of trouble after I put the feathers in the cake, they got soggy and started breaking.
By keonicakes
Jun 23, 2007
Chocolate cake, chocolate bavarian filling, chocolate icing, fondant leaves, rice paper butterflies.  Oh yeah . . . and fondant rocks  Thanks for looking again!
16 18
By srodge1
Jul 11, 2007
1 1
By AmberC2
Jul 15, 2007


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