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Here is the cupcake tree put together. The cupcakes have chocolate hats and boots on them.
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By zoey2jack
Mar 30, 2009
Cake is an 11"x15" triple layer sheet cake covered w/ fondant. Headboard and footboard are gum paste. Characters are store-bought toys. Cake base is covered in wood-grain contact paper to resemble a wood floor.
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By chrisdtoni
Mar 31, 2009
Sponge cake filled with vanilla bc and strawberry jam.
Covered and modelled with marzipan.
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By mascha
Apr 15, 2009
Used inspiration from Dixiegal01 and Ishi to come up with this cake design.  First time using homemade fondant (used Macs Mom's BC flavored fondant recipe)... which was so much better tasting than bought fondant!    Son loved the cake.
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By slester
Apr 20, 2009
First off, a big thanks to cakemom24 for the idea!! Bottom layer 8", then 6" then hand cut 4". It was for my nephew's third b-day, he loved it!
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By malene541
Apr 24, 2009
28 300
By ange14843
Apr 27, 2009
many thanks to lauracox79 for this one i loved her cake so much, when i was asked to do a buzzlightyear cake i knew just the one to do! :-)
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By abbeyloo
May 2, 2009
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By Dalicha
May 5, 2009
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By Dalicha
May 5, 2009
Based on the book from Eric Carle.  There was a couple here that inspired me, I am sorry I dont remember the name to give credit to. Thank you!
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By melysa
May 8, 2009
Book by Eric Carle.  I saw some similar on the internet somewhere, such a great idea! I also made a cake. Thanks for looking.
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By melysa
May 8, 2009
Funfetti Cake Mix with Butter cream icing, and I used fondant for letters and rope. Was a huge hit.
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By Kostencki
May 20, 2009
I made this cake for my grandson's 3rd birthday. It was inspired by many cakes I saw here, Thanks! The bed is the cake, all of the rest (except army men) is fondant & gumpaste. This was my first experience w/ gumpaste.
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By dkltll
Jun 4, 2009
Frosted and filled with buttercream.  Accents are fondant.  This one challenged me some.....that hat!!!!  I like how it turned out....I am pleased.  I did notice my frosting in the front on the blue tier starting to crack....I thought, great I did my support wrong, no....the buckle is insert toothpicks and into the fridge to set and wait for pick up....DUH...I can't believe I didn't put picks in originally!  Hope you like it!
23 241
By CareyI
Jul 3, 2009
many thanks to chrisdtoni for this one
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By abbeyloo
Jul 28, 2009
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By Marypoppins1
Jul 29, 2009
Cake for my nephew who is a huge Buzz fan. I was really pleased with the sugarpaste figure of Buzz (esp the face!)
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By day1102
Jul 31, 2009
cake for grandson's 2nd birthday.   His favorite story is "Where the wild things are" so the open book was based on that with 8 inch max and wild thing plushes for accent.. Animals,nursery rhymes and harold and the purple crayon "books" complete the look. Cakes are covered w/ buttercream then a layer of colored choco-pan and  hand painted.  Page seperations in sides were made with fork tines. Some details were cut from chocopan, laid on the cake then painted.  Various size square and rectangle pans were use
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By MimiStacie
Aug 3, 2009
madeira flavoured carved birthday cake which made a little boys dreams come true!
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By lisa81
Aug 7, 2009
2 4
By DessertKat
Aug 9, 2009
Inspired by the book.  Fondant covered (was originally bc, but a heatwave forced the change!).  Three scenes from book framed on hex tier (can't see the back 2).  Fondant drapes, gumpaste moon and balloon.  Little white mice hidden around cake.
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By DianeLM
Aug 12, 2009
1 1
By almb129
Aug 12, 2009
I saw malene541's cake picture & had to try it. This is my first attempt at a stacked cake.  There is a slight bulge on bottom after a 2 hour car ride,obvioulsy messed up on the support somewhere..but it stayed up! It is the same on both sides, but it was a cake for both of my boys, just did one name & age on one side and one name & age on the other...they loved it! Thanks to all of you who helped with my black fondant questions too!
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By AC7417
Sep 5, 2009
This cake was made for a 2 year old having a cowboy themed party.
Her mom wanted Jessie from Toy Story. I came up with the idea to have her sit on a bale of hay.  Hay is made out of icing and Jessie is made out of fondant.
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By cakesbyperla
Sep 6, 2009
5 50
By zacl01
Sep 12, 2009
All buttercream. Buzz is a plastic toy
By candicedianeflores
Sep 12, 2009
A good friend helped me make the character out of fondant. She made Mr. potato head and Woody and I made Rex and Buzz.. They took us two days to make but was totally worth it.  Second time for the both of us to make characters.
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By missantoinette
Sep 13, 2009
3 teired cake, with Toy Story Characters, made for my son's 3rd Birthday
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By nickers7879
Sep 13, 2009
this is my first venture in to making a cake like this. using Buttercream, mmf, gumpaste.
Since its not being judged on flavor i skipped adding flavor to the mmf and bc. Chair made with RKT, figurines made with mmf/gumpaste. I'd like to thank the following, i "borrowed" a concept from each one's contribution and combined it into one: Inspireddecorator, Aine2, Emmy624, Imartsy, and Saxpetzi! thanks to those and everyone else for your help through forum and pm's to get me through this!!
11 31
By GenGen
Sep 18, 2009
Made this for my husband's birthday, still to see how he reacts. Inside is apple cinnamon, outside is fondant.
By fisla
Sep 25, 2009
RKT Leg covered in fondant.  Cake lamp shade covered in fondant. Fringe purchased at a craft store.  Thanks to my hubby for building the support system!
23 60
By Starkie
Sep 26, 2009
For my 5 year old great nephew :-) The bottom layer is strawberry w/ strawberry filling, the top is white cake w/ blueberry filling. All BC icing, with fondant decorations. The topper is a fondant etch-a-sketch and store bought toys. :-) This was fun to do, but it took me forever!! LOL
1 9
By Tootall
Sep 28, 2009
This is my Woody and Buzz LightYear. I have not decided exactly how I am going to do this cake, but I wanted to do the cake for the double feature reopening in theaters. Bringing it to work since I work at a movie theater and all :) Any ideas on what I should do with the cake. Im thinking a 9x13 cake with the figures, any ideas on what else. Its too much work to do the other figures in the amount of time I have.
7 37
By Lauren251
Sep 29, 2009
This is the final cake. Thank you guys for all the ideas for the cake. I think all in all it turned out pretty good.
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By Lauren251
Oct 1, 2009
french vanilla with raspberry filling. chocolate with cookies and cream filling.
buttercream with fondant accents. Figures are toys.
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By 4212twana
Oct 2, 2009
Inspired by seveal cakes I have seen here on CC.
Vanilla cake shaped into a bed. Fondant bed posts and wood floor. Buzz and Woody are toys.
By milmil95
Oct 3, 2009
Free hand Woody done in buttercream
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By gilltribe2
Oct 5, 2009
for my daughter's 5th birthday. wasc for the "book" and strawberry cake for the 9" and 6" rounds. used sugar cones iced with buttercream then rolled in pink sanding sugar. inspirations from jaeger and jamison3boys.
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By jodei
Oct 5, 2009
The bottom cake is covered with buttercream,   The "bed" is covered with MMF, the accents are MMF as well.
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By przgrl
Oct 7, 2009
Golden cake iced with buttercream. Buzz is a BCT.
By sweetie
Apr 16, 2005


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