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I'm so bummed I didn't think to put the flash on! Every other event I've done got a studio-style photo for the cake... my son's birthday cake of course is the one that didn't! This was his cake from today. The "stone" was a collage of different cakes and mini cupcakes to get the rugged look of a rock. Covered in gray marble colored fondant, finished with super pearl to give it a marble look. Banner is also fondant. The sword was one of the ones passed out at his Knight in Shining Armor party.
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By heavenlycakes
Mar 19, 2006
2 layer sheet cake (bottom 3rd layer is actually the pan for extra height).  Top is a 6" 2 layer round yellow cake. 1/2 choc, 1/2 yellowcake, all BC except the door which is MMF.  Turrets are regular ice cream cones end to end in part of a paper towel tube covered in press n seal saran wrap then topped with sugar cones covered in MMF.  I designed a special crest for him as he makes his own mead (sort of like wine but made with honey- where the word honeymoon came from!).  Very fun!
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By jewels625
Jun 23, 2006
Here's a detail picture of the cake.
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By southaustingirl
Jun 7, 2006
Made from an 11x15" sheet pan. Buttercream icing.  Ice cream cone turrets.  Chocolate bar square windows and mini-marshmallow trim.  The princess was delighted!
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By wyatt
Oct 31, 2006
double fudge chip cake with all butter buttercream and fondant decorations .
a nod to srmaxwell from whom I got the idea of the little feet sticking up in the hottub!!
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By sweetviolent
Nov 11, 2006
I put two designs by Debbie Brown in one to make this cake for my son's 7th BD.
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By tiarra
Nov 12, 2006
This was a cake that I donated to my son's Cub Scout Pack.  The theme for the camp was fantasy so I sculpted an awesome dragon and a cub scout to sit next to him on a castle.  The turrets are oreo cookies covered in fondant.  Everything is edible.  I wish I had a better pic of the dragon..he was soooo cute, he had iridescent scales that changed from teal to blue.
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By carrielynnfields
Jun 24, 2006
Made for a little girl kinda combined two of Debbie Browns Cakes
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By Florimbio
Mar 16, 2007
Happy Easter!
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By melysa
Apr 5, 2007
I was looking for something different to make for easter and came across this idea somewhere online.  The cake is lemon poundcake w/white chocolate and rasberrry filling.  The tomb is rice crispy.  Most of the stones I just made with fondant.  I rubbed cocoa on spots to make dirty looking. The cross I made w/ melted choc.
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By colls
Apr 9, 2007
This spa cake was a chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream with fondant towels and candles, and some candy rocks for the "spa stones".
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By Laura102777
May 18, 2007
Neice wanted ying-yang zen garden with waterfall and stone stairs leading to the top of mountain. 4 layer chocolate-yellow cake, covered with MMF, rocks made from MMF,waterfall piping gel, ying-yang outlined with chocolate- sand two different type cookie crumbles.
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By ladyday95
May 19, 2007
The tent is crackers covered in bc icing everything else is bc.
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By lm74
May 31, 2007
All Buttercream frosting with Marble cake... for a Medival Theme Wedding.  The flowers are daisies, with sticks and chocolate rocks. Thanks for looking
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By cookie22
Jul 8, 2007
This is the groom's cake at a Medival wedding.. All buttercream with chocolate rock accents and plastic trees. Thanks for looking
By cookie22
Jul 8, 2007
I did this cake for a co-worker's son's 11th Birthday.  He's addicted to the online game Rune Scape.
The Sword, Stones and Rocks with Letters are all Fondant, the Sword has Luster Dust on it.
The Dragon is Color Flow - He took forever do do because of all the colors.
Chocolate Buttercream tinted to look like cement.
The cake was a big hit!  Enjoy!
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By LvMy4Runner
Feb 23, 2007
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By MommaLlama
Jul 20, 2007
6" chocolate cake on 10" white cake.  Iced in buttercream w/royal icing decorations.  Cake was for an Ariel theme party - so I tried to make the cake look like an undersea castle - complete with seaweed and anemone (one day I'll learn to say it too! LOL).  I had the Wilton Castle kit - but there's no way to secure the towers, so I used ice cream cones for the towers, and used the door/windows from the kit since I was running out of time.
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By Sun11598
Jul 30, 2007
This was a birthday cake for a friends daughter - she didn't cut into it for days as she wanted to keep it!!
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By lisas12345
Aug 22, 2007
To celebrate her birthday, this little 5yo wanted a Cinderella castle.  Two 9" rounds and two 6" rounds. Turrets are cake ice cream cones stuck together at the bottoms with sugar cones on top, sprayed with edilbe food color.  Icing is buttercream with mmf accents and a PollyPocket doll.
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By wyatt
Sep 30, 2007
3 layers of 9x13 (Vanilla, Yellow, and Darn good chocolate).  2 thick layers of 6 inch round (Yellow and Darn Good Chocolate).  Iced in all butter vanilla BC.  Stones are made of fondant.  Windows filled with RI.  Door fell off the table and lost most of the RI that was on it!  :(   The turrets are wrapped in fondant cut with that wavy wilton roller thing! :lol:  My niece absolutely adored it!  She was jumping up and down and saying "I love my cake, I love my cake!" That is what we like to hear right? :lol:
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By marthajo1
Oct 4, 2007
This picture was made for my husband's co-worker. He was going back to UK and they decided to have a cake that will include parts of the work he did in the office. Left side had a trench with a shovel, middle was a fire pit that was then set on fire and around it was a gravel road he helped fix. It was a white cake with chocolate cream and ganache on top.
By sunnygg
Oct 10, 2007
Buttercream iced, with royal icing transfer Isis, Osirus, Thoth, Anubis, and Horus. My first RIT, and first square cake. Just practicing. I love all things egyptian.
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By toodlesjupiter
Oct 18, 2007
I cheated and got  a store bought fairy for this cake.  But everything else is edible. White cake with raspberry filling. Almond Buttercream with fondant accents. The water is the sparkling gel from Wilton. The idea came from rania's original posting of a fairy cake not as good as her's but,  Thanks for the great idea rania!
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By kcw551
Oct 27, 2007
White chocolate wrapped tiers (acetate piped with dark chocolate, let set, smear white, apply to cake, set and remove acetate) with fondant pebbles and sugarpaste flowers and berries. 6-10-12 x 4"
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By KoryAK
Oct 28, 2007
NFSC with Antonias, as usual!!!   I searched all over the net to find these silly Halloween Epitaths, corny I know!!!  LOL
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By Photomommie
Nov 1, 2007
Chocolate cake filled with buttercream, covered with buttercream with fondant detail.  Princess is made out of fondant.  Turrets are ice cream cones covered in fondant.
By SweetLove
Jan 11, 2008
This was a cake I made for a woman's 40th bday that is crazy about jewelry (Especially diamonds). It's tough to see in the photo but there was sugar rock candy all over the cake that looked like "raw diamonds"! She has a handful of diamonds as well. The jewerly box had a cute lid too but forgot to put it on when i took the photo! OOPS! White cake, strawberry filling, buttercream icing, and fondant accents!
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By DelectableCreations
Jan 21, 2008
Chocolate stones and gel dot decorations
By DelectableCreations
Jan 21, 2008
my crazy friend thinks she is over the hill bc she just turned 29. Whatever. the date on the cake is like that bc of some deal with the folks screwing up her date on her birth cert. i decided to do a black rose to make fun of her. Hee Hee.
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By susanscakebabies
Jan 27, 2008
My nephews are twins and each wanted their own cake for their 3rd birthday. One is Curious George(my attempt at him is the monkey piped on the side) and the other is thomas the train.
By fmandds
Feb 17, 2008
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By CakeliciousCreations
Mar 3, 2008
This cake was a huge project for a private school - complete with wired lighting and lots of cake!  It was a huge learning experience and we are pleased with how it came out!
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By divaricks
Mar 19, 2008
Yellow cake with buttercream frosting and mm fondant objects. Hope you like it
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Jul 20, 2007
I made this cake as a fun joke for my good friend who had a kidney stone. "No Stone Zone"
By KristiTW1219
Mar 20, 2008
For my nephew's 4th birthday. 10" & 8" cakes- WASC. Bottom cake has a cheesecake bottom. Iced in buttercream, MMF accents (stones/rocks, name, 4, dino's). Writing on "stone slab" is royal icing. It was a big hit!
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By dmarvel
May 24, 2008
Mini cake covered with sugarpaste. All the decorations are from sugarpaste - brushed with dust colors
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By Eshed
May 25, 2008
I made this cake for my son's 5th birthday.  The stones are fondant on a buttercream morter.
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By craftychristine
May 25, 2008
Castle cake for my son's 5th birthday.  It was a quick job, but he and his friend's loved it!
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By janebrophy
Jun 29, 2008
This is for the owner of a landscaping business.  All edible
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By 2508s42
Jul 31, 2008


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