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My version of the very popular Hugs & Stitches design.  Yellow cake with buttercream and fondant.
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By _ChristyB_
Jan 28, 2006
for Lilo I used the "Dora the Explorer" cake pan, and for Stitch I used 1/2 of the old 3D "Dog, lion" pan, and just added ears.
By hockeymom
Feb 22, 2006
This cake was designed to match the boys version of Hugs & Stitches partyware.  Buttercream with fondant accents.
7 48
By _ChristyB_
Mar 19, 2006
Half chocolate, half white, filled with buttercream, BCTs for decorations
8 15
By i_love_icing
Apr 1, 2006
First time using this stand...hope I draped the fabric right!  This was a fun cake I made for a friend whose baby with leukemia turns one this week.  I was glad to try to make the birthday extra special, and the cake was fun to make.  My icing wasn't as smooth as I would have liked but oh well.   Oh and for the ruffle I just used a cute embroidered butterfly eyelet from the fabric section.
39 264
By Kitagrl
May 6, 2006
2 4
By _ChristyB_
May 8, 2006
Buttercream with fondant accents and icing plaques
15 138
By _ChristyB_
May 8, 2006
I made these cakes for a little girl's first birthday.  Her party was based around the Hugs N Stitches partyware and theme.  The sheet cake was for the guests and the 6" was Riley's smash cake.  How much fun!  Thanks for looking!
6 48
By MellyD
May 10, 2006
I made this for my daughter's 3rd birthday.  I actually got the idea from another person on  My daughter loved it.
By uneeek21
May 23, 2006
I made this for my grandson's 1st birthday. It is a 14" chocolate, vanilla, & strawberry cake. My daughter wanted it to look like the plate. I was very pleased with the way it turned out.
11 42
By Vicki614
May 24, 2006
This was a 2 layer chocolate, chocolate filling, chocolate buttercream (inspired by a cake on CC!)
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By marina34
Jun 1, 2006
1st Birthday cake to match hugs and stitches decorations. 1/2 sheet and 6" smash cake
6 11
By krispy
Jun 25, 2006
Hugs and Stitches cake for my son's first birthday. All buttercream.
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By mrgrimm
Jun 26, 2006
These 1st birthday cakes are iced smooth in pink buttercream.  Buttercream designs on sides and top were done to match the theme.
5 37
By gourmetcakes
Aug 3, 2006
Cake for my cousin's first birthday to match invitation.  Inside of cake was pink and white with strawberry filling.  It was a total of five layers so basketweave was a lonnnnnnnnng process.  When I got there, she had changed the theme altogether. :-(
4 23
By shujuana
Aug 6, 2006
This was made to match the plates. The pattern was 1st birthday hugs and stitches for a girl.
1 4
By RachelDerosier
Aug 15, 2006
This cake was supposed to look like a stitched picture with the tan oval being the little frame you use to stitch in.  Anyway it is all buttercream icing and it was for a housewarming party.  Everyone thought it was yummy!
2 7
By tsuitor
Aug 21, 2006
This cake is iced smooth with buttercream.  All decorations done in buttercream.
3 6
By gourmetcakes
Aug 22, 2006
This cake was for my daughter's last day at daycare.  Thanks CAMBO for all of your help couldn't have done without you.
By jillyjoey
Aug 26, 2006
My son's first birthday cake - copied the Hugs and Stitches plates and napkins much like other parents on CakeCentral!  I did a dark blue and light blue basketweave on the side.
2 6
By RobLee
Sep 5, 2006
All fondant with luster dust writing.
3 7
By krissy_kze
Sep 23, 2006
This cake was made to compliment the Hugs & Stitches pattern of partyware.  I used MMF and buttercream.
3 5
By divaofcakes
Sep 30, 2006
White cake with buttercream icing and fondant accents.  Thank you to Boween for the inspiration and the encouragement.  My grandmother used to do a lot of needle point before her eye-sight started going and she loves cats.
6 1
By thecakemaker
Nov 18, 2006
I made this cake for my son's 4th birthday. It's the mini 3-d bear pan w/ the ears cut off. I made stitches ears out of candy melts for the pink & wrapped in blue fondant. I saw it on this site.
By angelcakesmom
Nov 22, 2006
I made this cake at the request of a co-worker for his daughter's first birthday. He brought me a picture of a cake that he had printed off the internet. Unfortunately, he was not able to remember the website and I cannot locate it anywhere, but all credit goes to the original designer of this cake. It was a great inspiration and they loved it. It was white cake layers, covered in pink buttercream icing. all other decor on this cake is fondant. It was very time consuming and I undercharged. Lesson Learned.
6 19
By Shalan
Dec 8, 2006
this was the smash cake made to go with the hugs n stitches cake i made. Again all credit goes to the original designer of these cakes. this was white cake layers with pink buttercream icing and fondant decor
2 5
By Shalan
Dec 8, 2006
With all the first birthdays I've been doing lately, I'm surprised that this is the first hugs n stitches one I've done.  It was really time consuming to get all the many colors to match the napkins, but it was really fun to work with all the patterns and colors.
2 4
By coolmom
Jan 25, 2007
This was made to match the Hugs n Stitches partyware.  I really enjoyed doing the detailed work on this one.  Unfortunately, the mother said that it didn't really match the plate.  I was looking at the plate when I was making the decorations, so I'm not really sure what she meant - maybe trying for a discount?
By coolmom
Jan 31, 2007
The design was hand sketched on buttercream, to replicate the Hugs 'N Stitches paper plate... per my friend's request for her daughter's 1st birthday cake.
2 42
By KellyBoillaDesigns
Feb 8, 2007
This cake was made to match the Hugs and Stitches Invitations and party favors.  I think it will match well.
1 12
By Sherry0565
Feb 9, 2007
I recommend decorating a cake with a friend who also decorates.  We both learned a little something from each other.  I did this cake with my first piping transfer.  It was fun
By hsdwidow
Feb 25, 2007
This was my first time doing stringwork.  I was pretty happy with that but still hate cornelli lace and I wasn't too happy with the scallops under it.  Also my first try at satin stitch.  It will be awhile to get to Toba's level;)
3 2
By squarepair
Mar 4, 2007
buttercream decorated take on the party pattern.
8 5
By cosmicbear
Mar 8, 2007
fondant decorated take on the party pattern. btw, i have to mention that my sister helped me A LOT on making the butterfly and bee. she's lizzie's mommy!
6 6
By cosmicbear
Mar 8, 2007
candle from which the design was copied.
By cosmicbear
Mar 8, 2007
I did this cake for my son's first birthday.  Thanks for looking.
3 3
By blpenn
Mar 8, 2007
This was made to match the plates and napkins of a Hugs and Stitches 1st birthday party.
By bellsnbows
Mar 8, 2007
FBCT of Lilo & Stitch
2 1
By charman
Mar 12, 2007
Birthday cake for twin girls turning 12. Two purses in pink and purple. They wanted Tinkerbell and Lilo and Stitch added to their cake so I incorporated it using the board. Thanks for looking!
5 8
By fooby
Mar 31, 2007
Here is my version of the popular Hugs & Stitches 1st birthday party supplies. Cake is chocolate fudge with almond BC. Details are fondant, royal and BC icing.
12 61
By mamafrogcakes
Nov 18, 2005


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