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My second cake. After doing my wilton I rainbow, I was asked to do a birthday cake for a co-workers b-day. With just the techniques learned in my second wilton class and the tips on this site.....TA DA....BRUTUS BUCKEYE! 'Cuz everyone in Ohio LOVES the BUCKEYES!
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By Dannie
Aug 27, 2005
What a fun cake this was to make!  The famous "Shoe" was made out of two layers of cake from the Wilton horseshoe cake pan, in Red Velvet no doubt, and layered with cherry preserves.  Wilton red/clear sugar crystals represent the “fans” in the stands, and the windows that align the outside of the Shoe are made from black licorice.  The pennants were made by printing copies of the Big Ten's teams’ pennants, and then taped them onto toothpicks.  See my other picture to see inside the Shoe for Script Ohio.
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By KimberlyKakes
Dec 11, 2005
I made this football cake with the NC State University logo.  It was a huge hit at the tailgate for the Meineke Car Care Bowl this past Saturday! NC State won over the University of South Florida.
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By playcake
Jan 2, 2006
For a child that is obsessed with geography.....
Buttercream with gel state
9 5
By PerryStCakes
Nov 2, 2005
One our our ttroopers just transferred back to our area, so his Sgt. asked me to make a cake for their team meeting. I thought this would be appropriate.
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By karebere
Mar 11, 2006
By rain_man_011
Mar 17, 2006
By rain_man_011
Mar 17, 2006
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By rain_man_011
Mar 17, 2006
I made a lot of Cakes for the place. But it took forever with that star tip I was using and that was three at a time
By ceggie81454
Jan 18, 2006
All buttercream.
5 18
By teesue
Mar 24, 2006
My son David wanted me to make him a cake for a book report that he was doing,  I told him to pick out his favorite scene and we would work on it.  Originally it was the Aunts being squished which would have been MUCH easier, but then he got his heart set on the peach landing on the Empire state Building.  Man was that a challenge,  got it to the school ok and ran before I could see anything happen to it....curious 4th graders, falls, droops, cracks...etc.  Pretty proud still.
12 7
By carrielynnfields
Apr 3, 2006
I did this cake for my best friend.  She was from Texas and was marring a man from California.  Her surprise for him was this Texas theme Groom's table.  I used the Texas pan and decorated it with the Texas flag.
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By pastrypantry
Apr 10, 2006
Just practicing BCT's today. This is a white cake frosted with whipped buttercream frosting. It doesn't crust much. I had a difficult time getting it smooth, but liked the tase. I'm just learning & having so much fun!
7 8
By fat-sissy
Apr 21, 2006
This was for a Groom that was a Justice of the Peace.
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By Coastiemom
Apr 27, 2006
This was for a 9 year old who loves Penn State and Baseball.  We came up with this idea to combine the two.  Cake is iced in IMBC and the baseballs around the bottom were freehanded with candymelts.
By jeans541
Apr 28, 2006
Done for a friend who is attending K-State.  22 Strawberry cupcakes with real butter buttercream.
3 2
By phoohbear
May 16, 2006
The herky is made out of color flow and the cake is frosted with MMF and buttercream.  It was a big  hit.
3 3
By babynewyear
May 23, 2006
This cake was for a grad heading to Michigan St. next year.  Sparty is made with color flow.  Vanilla BC on white butter cake.
By namaman
May 31, 2006
This was a birthday cake for a girl turning sixteen. She was getting a red chevy pickup and she's a K-State fan - hence the powercat license plate! All done in Buttercream.
5 4
By 3tiers
Jun 26, 2006
This is a cake that I made for a neighbor's 40th birthday.  He is a Michigan State Fan-hence the colors and spartan (thanks to cc for ideas!)  It is a buttercream icing with fondant stripes and colorflow spartan.
7 18
By springlakecake
Jun 27, 2006
Done with gel piping transfer of US that my dh drew. The candies are from a mold. This was for my in-laws dance/clubhouse. Thanks for looking :)
4 2
By my2sunshines
Jul 1, 2006
Wichita State University logo cake
3 2
By ladybug03
Jul 17, 2006
Wichita State shocker mascot graduation cake.  Freehand shocker...this is before I knew FBCT existed!  Got a little carried away w/the sprinkles, but it turned out ok.
By ladybug03
Jul 17, 2006
Just a quick football cake.  All free handed in BC icing
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By bfisher11
Jul 24, 2006
9x13 white cake, BC icing.  Made for my cousin who goes to school at Mississippi State University.
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By mandylu2
Aug 2, 2006
I made this cake for my brother's 17th birthday.  I used the new stadium pan from Nordicware, and then carved the cake to make the famous "Horseshoe" shape.  I used the "Durable Cake for 3D and Wedding Cakes" recipe with chocolate cake mix.  I frosted it with store-bought Wilton Decorator icing that I tinted gray, dark gray, and red.  The scoreboard and field were made by my sister on the computer.  To give you some idea of the scale, the "crowd" was made using Wilton colored non-pareils.
13 51
By Britton
Aug 20, 2006
Made for K-State graduate.  12x18 Chocolate cake with white BC.  Desing all BC (not FBCT). Color is deep purple-though it doesn't photo well
2 7
By cakesbybert
Aug 21, 2006
Made for a guy at work.
Not the best ever, but he (and everyone else) liked it.
Chocolate cake with PB filling.
By ch0psuey
Aug 23, 2006
These are NF sugar cookies and Antonia's RI.
3 9
By AmyKay
Aug 29, 2006
Not my best work.  Border was uneven and I didn't let my flag dry before placing it on the cake.  It broke and I had to repair several places by painting royal over the cracks while on the cake.
7 3
By fytar
Sep 13, 2006
Yet another OSU cake!  This one done with the projector.  It's a 9x13.  I realized AFTER I'm getting ready to post the pic that I completely forgot to add the #13 after "Happy"!!  I was in such a hurry to get it done!  Don't you just hate that?!?
5 21
By sunlover00
Sep 25, 2006
6" round Penn State cake for a birthday.
1 4
By Suebee
Sep 27, 2006
Florida State Seminole cake.  This was extremely hard for me.  I am not skilled at drawing or any such thing but a friend asked for this cake so I gave it the ole "college try" ( no pun intended).  I was actually pleased at how well it turned out!
3 1
By dimplesinsc
Sep 29, 2006
Two of my friends had an engagement party. She went to Tennessee, he went to Florida State. It's an 11x15 covered in butttercream with FBCT of the logos.
2 1
By Eren
Oct 2, 2006
For a farewell party.  Sculpted boot kicking the state of Tennessee.
By KimAZ
Oct 6, 2006
King Kong on the Empire State Building. Orange Pound Cake with Hershey bar windows and jelly bean lights. King Kong is marzipan dredged in Cocoa.
1 3
By Margicakes
Oct 28, 2006
did this cake as a joke for a U of M fan birthdays
By dalechick12
Oct 30, 2006
This cake is for a "tailgate" themed birthday party today (MSU vs. Purdue).
It is for 2 5 year olds (boy and girl). They wanted to add some cheerleaders to make it a little bit more feminine for the girl.  The cheerleaders, team logos and football player are CT's.  It was my first time doing a sheetcake and i had some trouble with the square corners.  I had to make more cheerleaders this morning to cover up my imperfections by the corners!  I need some more practice, but this was a fun cake.
11 38
By springlakecake
Nov 4, 2006
My first attempt for a FBCT.
1 2
By mommabear
Nov 6, 2006
Back of AJ Hawk's Green Bay Packers jersey for a 4 year old boy.  Cake is half choc and half white cake, but the white cake was colored pink per the little guys request.  Icing is B/C with fondant accents.  The fondant block of cheese was my poor attempt at humor since the fans are called "cheese heads".  The Birthday boy also requested a pink butterfly on each shoulder.  I complied, but took a picture first-  I don't want any NFL players knocking on my door over pink butterflies! LOL!
5 15
By msauer
Nov 6, 2006


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