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This was my first fondant square cake.  I used Chocopan fondant.  The shells were white chocolate that I made and dusted with super pearl dust.  I was pretty please with how it turned out....But I can still see all of its flaws.
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By cakebabe
Aug 4, 2008
This was a small cake for a wedding ceremony that was going to be taking place on the beach... on a WEDNESDAY!

the only thing that i was asked to do was make it white put edible shells in ivory/pearl... and make te pearls in between.  when i put the pearls on the plain white cake i took the executive decision to airbrush the whole cake in PEARL... so there it is in all its glory!
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By pinklesley1
Aug 10, 2008
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By jlsanders
Aug 11, 2008
This cake was the fusiest cake we have done, too much involved for me, but thankfully it was what the bride wanted and she adored it, so I was glad in the end.  I carved the treasure box and found that my kitchenaide came in handy for another use, I dried the lid for the treasure box over it ;)  Lots of seashells, necklaces, and jewels done in fondant.  Flowers done in gumpaste, middle and bottom tier done in royal icing pattern.  TFL
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By helipops
Aug 26, 2008
I made this cake for a friend's birthday. We had a party at her beach house. It's WASC butter pecan cake with maple buttercream. The sea stars are painted gumpaste.  Seaweed is made of fondant and the rocks are chocolate. It was really fun to make!
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By CristinaB
Aug 26, 2008
Hummingbird cake with smbc icing covered in mmf.   Gumpaste and fondant decorations.  Made 2 wilton shell pans to form the shell.  Graham cracker crumbs for sand.
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By sugarplumfairycanada
Aug 27, 2008
6,8,10 square white BC icing and chocolate seashells. the pics not the best, but hopefully i'll get a better one later.
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By shorty56
Aug 30, 2008
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By Andressa
Sep 10, 2008
I made this cake for my niece and her husband, who graciously let me make their wedding cake last year (my very first).  They love the beach, so I thought this was appropriate for their anniversary!  They loved it.
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By beemarie
Sep 14, 2008
Decorations are gumpaste and fondant. Nemo is made from a easter egg pan. Coral is made from chocolate.
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By mommy2owen
Sep 17, 2008
This was what my daughter chose for her fourth birthday. She picked all the colours and all the fondant creatures, my only input was to bake and assemble! The doll was one of her little favourites!TFL
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By banba
Sep 20, 2008
This cake was for a couple that went to mexico and got married and then came and had a blow out celebration for 100 of their closest friends and family too. They saw my seaside cake on my website and ordered this cake over the phne with out even a tasting.. kind of strange for me... they wanted a french canilla cake with no filling, so i obliged... any suggestions are appreciated and welcome
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By pinklesley1
Sep 26, 2008
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By nthlgmz
Oct 1, 2008
By juge
Oct 6, 2008
in Isle of Palms, Charleston SC
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By shantel575
Oct 9, 2008
10" and 6" squares covered in fondant with fondant pearls, shells, seahorses, turtles and dolphins, fondant starfish topper. TFL!!
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By deliciously_decadent
Oct 11, 2008
This was done for my husband's birthday.  Two tier cake covered in fondant.  Seashells are gumpaste; coral and piping on cake are royal icing.
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By newmansmom2004
Oct 17, 2008
Chocolate mud cake covered in chocolate ganache
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By Bunsen
Oct 25, 2008
Made for a relative to give with their gift...the monogram letters came out all the same size and I only had one cake cookie left when I thought of this design, so I couldn't do it over...the wedding was in Monterey, CA...on the coast.
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By kcds
Nov 5, 2008
This is a cake I made for my volunteers. It was supposed to represent the starfish story. All decorations are MMF and the sand is crushed graham crackers. I wish I would have made the space for sand larger and the decorations more 3D, but was pressed for time.
By luv2c_cultures
Nov 6, 2008
made for a very intimate (small) wedding only ten people! 9" and 5" tiers in fondant painted with a mix of yellow coulor, gold powder, gold lustre and primrose lustre with decroators alcohol topped with fondant shells and starfish with primrose lustre sprinkled with sand (raw brown sugar) and finished with organser ribbon and rafia, bride loved it which was good as all i had to go of was beachy with sand coloured icing!! thanks for looking!
By deliciously_decadent
Nov 6, 2008
multi-shaped tiers iced in buttercream with a green fondant ribbonbottom border, candy clay shells, colorflow monogram, gumpaste topper and brown sugar sand.
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By j-pal
Dec 8, 2008
I need to thank Kelly75 for all her help and advice in making the Ariel model and for allowing me to copy her Little Mermaid cake.  I have no idea why I put the 'rock' so far back on the cake!!  Oh well!!!  9" vanilla sponge with jam and buttercream filling.  Covered with marzipan and sugarpaste.
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By Relznik
Jan 4, 2009
Three Tier stacked cake for a couple who got married in Australia (on the beach) and had the reception in the UK. The photos were all from their wedding and all the seashells were painted white chocolate. The gerbera was sugarpaste.
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By AlixsCakes
Jan 12, 2009
for my daughters 5th birthday party with the theme of "scalawags and scales" (pirates and mermaids).  triple fudge chocolate cake with cheesecake flavored pastry cream.  lid was made from rice krispies.  jellyfish, fish, coral, straps, latches, and all other accessories from gumpaste.
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By mixinvixen
Jan 13, 2009
Made these as samples. I have an order for 300 of them, wrapped as favors...yikes!!! NFSC with RBC and royal accents. TFL!
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By Michele25
Jan 15, 2009
For my friend's mom's birthday; She is so excited to be heading to Florida soon to escape our frigid weather, so I made her something "beachy" looking; 8" square decorated in buttercream with white chocolate shells, sugar pearls, ribbon and graham cracker crumb sprinkles. TFL!
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By Michele25
Jan 25, 2009
Made this for someone on her retirement from Starfish Lane Nursery......starfish were made from fondant/gumpaste. Cake is chocolate and frosted in buttercream.
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By fino
Jan 28, 2009
sand dollar and starfish cake
By Cakoration
Feb 3, 2009
Inspired by the many wonderful Little Mermaid cakes on this site.  9" & 6", buttercream dream with MMF accents.  Topper is a candle.
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By korensmommy
Feb 7, 2009
Under the sea birthday cake royal icing and buttercream
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By thekeith
Feb 8, 2009
The bottom layer is Double Chocolate Layer cake w/ Kahlua buttercream, and the top layer is WASC with rapberry cream cheese filling. Yum! 
The shells are white chocolate that I dusted with champagne, oyster, and pink luster dust. The fondant was colored with wilton's ivory.
I'm getting a bit better at avoiding the 'bulge' but i can still see some :-/
9 45
By sweet_teeth
Feb 14, 2009
NFSC with Antonia74 RI.  Thanks for looking!
5 3
By calijo
Feb 28, 2009
# 1 cut out with sea turtles, starfish and chocolate shells to match his nursery.  I also made a 3D turtle smash cake to go with it.  All BC.
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By imakecakes
Mar 1, 2009
12" Hazelnet cake w/Hazelnut crean and Cho ganache, 6" Cho cake w/ Cho Ganache. BC, Chocolate Shells,  Starfish w/ royal icing bathing suits, Chocolate coral. Venue photograph by Sara Kauss Photography.
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By Banana0501
Mar 6, 2009
My first figure. It did not take me as long as I would have thought other than having to redo the torso because the first one was super-duper LONG!!
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By calivettie
Mar 18, 2009
This is actually my contest cake... I made 2nd! I was a little fustrated because I didnt get first.... and even the crowd seemed to agree with me. Well, anyways heres my 2nd place fondant covered cake, mermaid out of fondant, coral and rocks, other animals all fondant also. Cake was chocolate WASC and chocolate buttercream. What do you think? Do I need work?
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By Pitchers_Bakery
Mar 26, 2009
My son's 3rd birthday party was SpongeBob themed! I made white cake cupcakes (with SpongeBob cupcake wrappers of course) and iced them with 2-tone buttercream icing. Each cupcake is topped with white chocolate seashells/coral, sprinkled with brown sugar for sand and a few Nerds candy for rocks & a splash of color. Starfish painted with gold luster dust. The birthday boy had a special cupcake with his name and '3' in white chocolates instead of shells. Fun!
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By pipercakes
Mar 31, 2009
Inspired by cake of Jenncowin.  9x13 yellow cake iced in buttercream with fondant flip flops, crab and starfish and brown sugar sand.  TFL!
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By ncox
Apr 1, 2009
3 9
By alanahodgson
Apr 9, 2009


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