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my nieces 6th birthday cake. Mermaid of marzipan, other figures of sugarpaste, covering MMF.
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By saara
Oct 11, 2009
My daughter requested a Mermaid Tea Party for her 6th birthday party theme (she never makes things easy for me).  The cake was all tea party, but the cookies are a nod to the undersea portion of the fete.  The picture isn't great, but you can see all the different shapes I did.  Mermaids, two kinds of fish, sea stars, seashells, sea horses, and dolphins.  Royal icing floodwork, sugar cookies, and lots of disco dust.  The stuff is cake crack, I can't help myself.  ;-)
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By modthyrth
Oct 18, 2009
fondant hand molded figures, white chocolate w/ non pareils "Josiah" name plate.
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By liketobake1998
Oct 24, 2009
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By Boofycakes
Oct 26, 2009
strawberry, chocolate and vanilla.  Buttercream icing.  White chocolate decorations.
By tippyad
Nov 7, 2009
chocolate WASC.  Buttercream icing.  White chocolate seashells.
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By tippyad
Nov 7, 2009
Standard size cupcakes all buttercream
By WhitSumm
Nov 9, 2009
Made this cake for my daughter's 2nd birthday.  She LOVED Nemo!  Baked two 10x15 cakes, halved each & stacked to make the tank.  Blue buttercream "water" and all 2D characters were created from fondant with edible marker details.  Candy rocks and fruit rollup "seaweed". Granulated brown sugar sand.  Piping gel on top.  So fun to make!!
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By katiecakes
Nov 10, 2009
Done for a friend of mine who was going to take her son and the family to Shedd's Aquarium for his birthday so she wanted the cake to have the aquarium theme.  Buttercream iced, fondant accents.
By yangers
Nov 10, 2009
One of Debbie Brown's designs 'Bewitching Mermaids'. White choc mud cake, fondant covered and fondant with tylose added for the mermaids, octopus and fish. Thanks to Deliciously Decadent for tips on central dowell for support. Fun design and the birthday girl loved it.
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By CakeGenie1
Nov 13, 2009
By Fancicakes
Nov 19, 2009
Fondant star cupcakes with edible glitter dust on top!
By sweetsfromabove
Nov 24, 2009
Sheet cake made into the ocean and sand with beach towels and  a star fish candy!
By sweetsfromabove
Nov 25, 2009
made this patrick freehand .used cookie icing tinted with wilton color gel
By nonnironni
Nov 29, 2009
Had fun making  this for a red head little girl!
By Pitchers_Bakery
Dec 2, 2009
This was made for a one year old's b'day.  The hula baby is only my second figure.  She's 50/50.   Crab, coconuts, shells, flowers are all fondant.  The birthday girl's name (Halula)  is 'written in the sand'.  The palm tree is made by wiring leaves individually and allowing to dry over roling pin..  The cutting a piece of clean hose... stuffing with gumpaste and inserting a dowel (allow to completely dry).  Then wrapping the hose in fondant...   Use a knife to indent the trunk.  Then just stuff the top of the hose with fondant and insert leaves one by one...  Stick into the cake with the dowel you've inserted at the bottom.  :)
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By Bel_Anne
Dec 8, 2009
This is a 10 inch caramel mudcake with dark choc ganache - everything on the cake is edible - the man's hobbies were both golf and surfing so decided to try to combine the two - the sign says 'beach closed due to shark sighting' and the cake board says 'at least there's always golf'
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By melchris1405
Dec 10, 2009
For a young couple at work, they are going to Hawaii next year to get married. Design taken from a cake by "Cake That".
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By lthiele
Dec 14, 2009
vanilla cake, buttercream, modeling chocolate, marzipan figures, pastillage box
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By JuneBug613
Dec 18, 2009
NFSC and nonpareils. Star cookie cutter, bent the legs for a more natural look.
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By Sugar_N_Spice_Cakes
Feb 1, 2010
Client - 9 years old - designed the cake to include the island, palm tree, hula girl and beach stuff. Lots of fun to make . TFL
By vescakes07
Feb 3, 2010
By Brittlebug
Feb 5, 2010
These are for boy and girl siblings celebrating their birthdays together.
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Feb 19, 2010
Done for a birthday party for a man and woman with a "tropical" theme.  6 and 10 inch rounds, covered in fondant and sprayed with Wilton colour mist.  Fondant/gumpaste seashells and starfish, gumpaste flowers, brown sugar around the base.
By mrswendel
Feb 20, 2010
12' and 9" WASC covered in MMF.  All shells are hand painted and made of white chocolate.  Beach chairs are GP.  Sand is brown sugar, graham crumbs and sparkle dust.  Scroll is edible paper on MMF.  I made hibiscus flowers but they broke.  :(
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By kello
Feb 22, 2010
Gumpaste shells and starfish, Chocolate Mud cake covered in RTR fondant.
By cupsncakes
Feb 25, 2010
This 3D figures I have made for my little sister. In her kinder-garden, they have learned about ocean bed and she asked me to do something for her. This is the result! :)
By aleksandra-notw
Mar 2, 2010
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By jsouth82
Mar 3, 2010
MMF hibiscus, leaves and starfish
By TiggerWazzu
Mar 5, 2010
Beach theme with gumpaste accents: fish, sandals, chair, umbrella, fish, sea creatures
By sweettoothmom1
Mar 7, 2010
Carved starfish cake, used a 14" round and built up with the scraps.  I covered the cake in chocolate ganache, then piped on the dotted texture with more ganache, let firm up, then covered in fondant and airbrushed with pearl glaze.  Gumpaste hibiscus, cake crumbs on tan royal for sand, blue royal with blue piping gel over for water.  Letters were supposed to look like bubbles but weren't terribly successful...
By Toptier
Mar 9, 2010
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By BellesMom
Mar 14, 2010
Cake created for my nephew's 5th Birthday he wanted a snow/beach theme! hehe
By Teenz
Mar 19, 2010
This cake incorporates details for an Orthopedic Clinic Grand Opening and the Surgeons Birthday.
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By MayWest
Mar 27, 2010
Hexagon starfish wedding cake with battery operated lights behind the starfish. Each tier has 3 layers - top and bottom are almond pound cake. Center layer is red velvet.
By LoveIsInTheAir
Apr 3, 2010
For a 6-yr-old's birthday.  His Dad said he wanted a cake with a shark on it.  I got carried away.  The shark head is RKT - first time for me.  I need to work on getting it smoother, but I see the possibilities.  The 'sand' is crushed vanilla wafers held in place (sort of) with buttercream.  I got a lot of the undersea life ideas from CC.  AGAIN, thank you all so much!!
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By Connie1027
Apr 5, 2010
Made for a friends birthday. Pictures taken by my boyfriend since i had to work :( 

They are White cake (dyed blue) and chocolate frosting.Graham Cracker and brown sugar topping for the sand. Blue wave bottom for the "ocean" look  Fruit Roll "beach towels" and royal icing flip flops and starfish. First time using royal icing. It was fun but i think more practice would be nice. Also bought some drink umbrellas but they were GIANT. Note to self and others trying this double check the size of your decorations! haha  TFL!
By ldyornge
Apr 8, 2010
WASC cake with lemon curd butter cream.  Gumpaste and fondant accents, chocolate seashells.
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By Robbbbbbin
Apr 11, 2010
My first wedding cake for a beach themed shower!
12'"and 9" three layers of white chocolate cake with creamy strawberry filling and covered with fondant.The fondant looks kind of pink on the picture (forgot to take my camera,only had my phone) but it is light brown/beige.Shells are made with candy melts.Sand is Vanilla Wafers and brown sugar.
Thanks for the inspiration Michelle!
By miadallas
Apr 14, 2010
12" chocolate cake w/ pb bc filling, 9" & carved 6" fresh strawberry cake w/ cream cheese icing.  all mmf except seaweed is gumpaste. Sand is brown sugar
By charitycake
Apr 16, 2010


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