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My first "real" wedding cake (that I got paid for!).  Bride & groom found a cake they liked online and this is a replication.  Fondant with fondant/gum paste coral, starfish, and sand dollars colored with gold & bronze luster dust.  Dragees colored with white dust.
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By sgauta
Apr 11, 2009
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By kcw551
Apr 15, 2009
After an initial disaster and then completley redoing is the seashell bridal shower cake.  There is a lot more color in it than shows up on film but hopefully you get the idea. Fondant seashells dusted in peach, avocado and purple.  My version of "Princess" Andrea Sullivan's starfish topper.  I loved it when I saw it and at the last minute had no idea what to put on top of this cake so I tried it. Not as good as hers but fun!!!
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By steffla
Apr 18, 2009
This is a seaside wedding themed wedding cake I did for the Washington State sugar artists cake competition and I got 3rd place. Im really proud of it because it turned out great. I used gumpaste for the sea shells and starfish and used pearl dust on the whole thing.
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By enderud3577
Apr 27, 2009
This is a chocolate cake with chocolate filling for a first birthday. Patrick is buttercream with fondant shorts, jellyfish net and accents. The smash cake for the birthday boy is a chocolate/chocolate with buttercream jellyfish.
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By scottiemommy
Apr 29, 2009
Seashell wedding cake with starfish bride and groom cake topper
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By TheCakeMaker-1970
May 7, 2009
Buttercream iced, candy shells.
By Lesia
May 9, 2009
this cake was for a couple who had their wedding before hurricane ike hit and they were unable to have their reception. starfish is 14 in cake carved. bc
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By laurabeth595
May 19, 2009
Cake is 6" freckled mocha w/kahlua cream filling and 10" WASC w/raspberry filling. Shells are chocolate, starfish are gumpaste.
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By kbgieger
May 26, 2009
This was a cake for a beach themed wedding with teal and gold as the color scheme. All the seashells and starfish are made from milk chocolate, white chocolate and peanut butter chocolate. The cake is covered in Teal Fondant with luster dusted pearls. Flavors were Strawberry Shortcake, Lemon w/Buttercream and Chocolate w/Peppermint.
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By mj26
Jun 2, 2009
Little mermaid themed party for 2 daughters one turing 1 and the other 3.  Mom wanted a little cake for the one year old, so I made the octopus cake to go with the theme.  Rock is RCT covered in fondant.  Marble cake with BC and fondant accents.  My first time making a mermaid, it was fun, but could use some work, any hints or tips are more than welcome!  TFL
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By momof2cutebabes
Jun 3, 2009
This cake is iced in butter cream. The decorative work is hand made out of fondant.
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By gracefull
Jun 14, 2009
Star pan with buttercream frosting, and white nonpareils sprinkled on top
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By mom262
Jun 14, 2009
NFSC w/ Antonia74's RI. An assortment of  summer cookies I've been wanting to try. Smiling starfish was inspired by TracyLH, and other designs were inspired by many other CC'ers. Thank you all for the inspiration, and thanks for looking!
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By Pebbles13
Jun 14, 2009
i made these for my nephew's 4th birthday party this weekend. (cake to come soon). they are spongebob and his pineapple, patrick, and gary. all fondant. thanks for looking!
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By jescapades
Jun 18, 2009
i made this for my nephew's 4th birthday party today. it's a chocolate chip cake (colored extra yellow), frosted and filled with mary kay frosting and fondant spongebob, patrick, gary, pineapple and letters (they spell out lucas). thanks for looking!
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By jescapades
Jun 20, 2009
This was for a friend's 8 year old son who had a scuba party...he needed a gluten free cake so it was a first for me.  Cake was gluten-free vanilla, oreo filling, vanilla butter cream frosting.  The creatures, seadweed, diver, etc. all made from fondant -  shells are white chocolate.  This was one of my favorite cakes to make to date!  Thanks to all the inspiration on this site for ideas...I love CC!!!  TFL
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By Robbbbbbin
Jun 22, 2009
Chocolate cake covered with buttercream and then covered in white fondant. White chocolate sea shells and sea stars were brushed with pearl dust and afixed to cake. Coral was buttercream. Shell topper is actual shell and set theme for cake and reception.
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By cwcherry
Jun 24, 2009
The cake was covered in marshmallow fondant and the shells were white chocolate.
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By AdorableCakes
Jun 24, 2009
iced in BC; shells are gumpaste/fondant
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By shantel575
Jun 28, 2009
An 18th birthday cake for a friend.  All decorations are made from gumpaste.  It was supposed to have a few more decorations, but I wasn't given much notice, and had several other orders, so I had to miss a few things off.  They were thrilled with it anyway.
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By scgriffiths
Jul 1, 2009
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By amazinggracecakedesigns
Jul 20, 2009
This is the 3rd cake i've ever made and was for a friend of mine who used to be called patrick cos he looked like patrick star. haha anyway, chocolate cake and peanut butter cream filling again, with buttercream on top. Finally, a buttercream that works for me. :) it was really yummy, someone ate 5 pieces... had alot of fun making this cake and drawing the figures.
By Jinius
Jul 26, 2009
Beach-themed wedding cake.  Fondant covered, starfish were chocolate, other shells fondant.  Scallops, clams, mussels, and oysters made from molds of local shells.
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By beachcakes
Jul 28, 2009
NFSC with Toba's glace.  My son is having his fourth birthday party with a shark theme this year.  I always start with the cookies.  I got my inspiration, as always, from the great photos on cake central and I think that he will love these cookies.  Next time I would change the color scheme a bit.  I think these would have popped a bit better with a red or a pink thrown in the mix and a bit more vibrant a purple.  I also made some more realistic looking sharks that are chocolate cookies with white chocolate fondant but I forgot to take pictures of them before freezing so those pics will have to be another day.  Now all I have to do by Saturday are the shark attack cupcakes and the shark decorated ice cream cake.  I don't know how you professional bakers do this all the time!
3 9
By giland
Aug 4, 2009
The beach bag cake is becoming a very popular cake for me this summer. Here is yet another one..slightly different than the last two. This one has a little crab and starfish added to the sand.
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By natskys
Aug 4, 2009
NFSC w/ Antonia74's RI.  My sister-in-law (fellow CC'er Denyse) and I made some beach-themed cookies for a PTO's back-to-school teacher's luncheon. These starfish were inspired by TracyLH's "Smilin' Starfish". Thanks for looking!
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By Pebbles13
Aug 5, 2009
This was a Key Lime wedding cake covered with fondant.  The Bride wanted a beach theme cake with white plumeria flowers,sea shells and star fish.  She gave me a basic theme then gave me free range to do what I wanted.  I used a verse from their invitation that they wrote to make it very personal for them.  This was their wedding present from me.
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By zena3433
Aug 6, 2009
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By SusieLu182
Aug 11, 2009
Flip Flop Strawberry Cake.  The Flip Flop straps are made with wire and gum paste and them rolled with fondant and sprayed with pearlized spray.  The cake was sprayed with pink on top and green on the bottom and the dots were painted on with concentrated food coloring.  The Name on the cake was painted on too.  The Sand was made with a mixture of brown sugar and powdered sugar.  The shells were made with white chocolate and painted on to give it the realistic look.  The crabs were made with gum paste and then sprayed to give them a real effect.  This was a large cake.
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By tyrel9
Aug 11, 2009
2-tier cake (8" and 12") aquarium with FBCT fish and fondant octopus toppers, fondant starfish and one fondant fish made for a 1st birthday
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By KrazyKross
Aug 14, 2009
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By varneyk
Aug 20, 2009
French meringue buttercream and fondant accents
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By Antgirl
Sep 12, 2009
Made this for my husbands birthday. Got the idea off this website
By angela31
Sep 12, 2009
Here are some templates I made for piping royal icing to make seashells, starfish, and seahorses.  Hope someone can get some use out of them and save themselves some time drawing up their own.
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By cabecakes
Sep 16, 2009
This was a wedding cake.  The venue was an aquarium.  It was great fun.
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By jamesab9151
Sep 21, 2009
Second attempt at mermaid cake.  Just used the doll pick out of the wondermold box for this one.  TFL
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By georgiapuddinpie
Sep 23, 2009
By: Heather Domingue
By Anonymous
Oct 7, 2009
I got these ideas from several other photos I saw...thanks for the inspiration!  Coral is candy melts, seaweed is royal icing, figures are  hand molded fondant
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By liketobake1998
Oct 9, 2009
This is my first official cake order! A guy ordered it for his fishing mad nephew's 17th birthday. All he told me was that the kid had a silver boat with a blue motor and wanted me to somehow incorporate that into the theme. So, this is what I came up with - hope he likes it. 8" chocolate cake, split andcoated in dark chocolate ganache and covered in fondant. Boat, figure, fish, etc are all gumpaste.
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By cakedecadence
Oct 10, 2009


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