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I made this cake for a friends daughter.  The theme of the party was Hannah Montana and she couldn't find a cake.  So I did the best I could.  I believe the girls loved it and that is what's most important.
By Timojen2002
Aug 31, 2007
Okay, it's not really an ice cream sundae but the Birthday girl wanted a simple cake with a cupcake on top topped with a strawberry.  Her Mom has ice cream candles to put on the cake so I thought this would be a neat design for the occasion.  (I went overboard on the sprinkles - LOL)  The strawberry is gumpaste.
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By Steady2Hands
Sep 1, 2007
This is the third cake for moms surprice family dinner. It is a rice krispy cake with buttercream icing. Everyone loved it. Thanks for looking.
By fmcmulle
Sep 1, 2007
My first commision cake! I made this for a co-worker's daughter for her birthday. Funfetti cake with Princess buttercream and tons of star sprinkles. I saw the candles at the grocery store and thought they'd be a nice finishing touch. :D
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By CeeTee
Sep 7, 2007
Chocolate fudge cake with cookie and cream filling and buttercream frosting.   I was in a hurry and didn't notice how crooked my dots were until looking at the photos!
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By tammiemarie
Sep 8, 2007
for my best pal's bday, a super sized cupcake and matching cupcakes; Cake Doctor's best birthday cake recipe with chocolate ganache filling (in regular sized cupcakes as well), vanilla buttercream (pink) for bottom and the Cake Doctor's chocolate syrup buttercream recipe for top.  DIVINE!
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By moptop
Sep 9, 2007
sheet cake with sugar sprinkles stenciled on - and an action figure stuck in it!
By tishtashgreennyellatrash
Sep 12, 2007
By kpetcov
Sep 22, 2007
Hi all!  This is a strawberry cake filled with fresh strawberries and buttercream dream icing.   The antennae on the butterflies are purchased flower stamen for icing flowers - gave it a nice touch I thought.  A few candy sprinkle flowers finished the job.  Done for my daughter's friend from her playgroup - our gift to her.  It was "finger licking" good according to the b-day girl :-)  Thanks for looking!
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By Luxe42
Oct 4, 2007
I was making a 6" for my MIL (the pink cornelli one) on her birthday, when I found out my very hungry BIL was going to be there too! Instead of letting him go hungry or making a larger cake, I made a joke out of it and made him his own simple little 6", He was very excited and everyone had a good laugh!
By KittyPTerror
Oct 6, 2007
I made this cake on my daughters birthday. It is a 8'' white cake with buttercream filling. Nothing really fancy, thw fancy one was for her party.
By arahsa
Oct 9, 2007
By selecia
Oct 20, 2007
Used the tops of 6inch round cakes, filled with buttercream, cut hole, topped with thinned icing, sprinkles and voila! DONUT!
By Courtycake
Oct 21, 2007
My Son Came To Visit From Out Of Town, And Decided He Needed To Have Me Bake Him Some CupCakes For His Office The next Day ! Choc CupCakes, Choc Buttercream,  Sprinkles !  Thanks For Looking
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By fiddlesticks
Oct 29, 2007
These are for my daughters 5th grade Halloween party. She wanted cupcakes that were "cool, mom...but still have a pumpkin on them" I topped it off with a mallow pumpkin and a RI leaf. Cake is Orange Creamcicle with a cream cheese center and Vanilla Buttercream frosting with orange sugar. I hope she still thinks I'm cool...
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By thedessertdiva
Oct 30, 2007
Autumn cupcakes, made for a cupcake walk.
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By jackson
Nov 1, 2007
Halloween cupcakes, made for a cupcake walk.
By jackson
Nov 1, 2007
My dad requested an all chocolate cake for his birthday and isn't a fan of fondant so I had a hard time figuring out how to decorate it.  This is what I came up with for a simple, cute cake.  He loved it!  Darn Good Chocolate Cake with chocolate filling and icing.  Fondant letters painted with gold luster dust and cake sides covered with jimmies (aka sprinkles).  That was a bit of a challenge to get those to stick on the sides but fun.  The heart is red piping gel with sanding sugar.
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By indigojods
Nov 28, 2007
Snowflake cookies. Best rolled sugar cookie recipe and Alices Cookie Icing recipe covered in wilton cookie and icing recipe EVER
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By Jillithan
Dec 6, 2007
Christmas cookies. Best rolled sugar cookie recipe and Alices Cookie Icing recipe covered in wilton cookie and icing recipe EVER
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By Jillithan
Dec 6, 2007
Chocolate cupcakes with whipped chocolate ganache frosting for my boyrfriend's poker night.  The sprinkles were his idea and they look so much better with them!
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By eastcoastgirl_28
Dec 7, 2007
This was made for my brother in law.  A simple WASC cake with strawberry filling.
By darkchocolate
Dec 15, 2007
This cake is for a family friend.  She wanted High School Musical...2 (not 1 but 2)  and she wanted Troy somewhere on the cake.  This is a WASC (minus the almond but more Vanilla)  with 1/3 toffee almond coffee creamer.  Everybody who has done this is right, it's the best tasting cake I've ever had!  Buttercream dream frosting.  The lettering is fondant painted in gold luster dust.  The cake is sprinkled with blue sugar crystals.  Everybody enjoyed the cake very much!
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By Luxe42
Dec 16, 2007
Choc Cupcakes Buttercream Icing ! Lots of Different Sprinkles ! Thanks For Looking !  Merry Christmas ! Happy Holidays !
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By fiddlesticks
Dec 20, 2007
Made it just for fun for New Years.  Snowman is FBCT.  It is my take on the cake from Whimsicial bakehouse.  It is their pinwheel cake recipe.
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By allydav
Jan 1, 2008
Swiss chocolate cake with a hint of Raspberry, Blackberry and Cherry flaovors topped with a Vanilla Almond Butercream. Wanted to see how the BIG cupcakes turned out. They turn out...BIG
By thedessertdiva
Jan 5, 2008
Butter cookies with various sprinkles and sugars.  These were really quick, easy and fun to decorate.
By ande1058
Jan 8, 2008
All butter cream with large Wilton sprinkles.  These are for twins (one boy, one girl) for their 1st birthday.  The larger cupcakes are the smash cakes, there were 3 dozen of the regular size cupcakes also.  The whole party theme was CUPCAKES!
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By FatAndHappy
Jan 11, 2008
coconut,  chocolate mint, chocolate w/vanilla bc, chocolate w/choc ganache,
yellow w/vanilla bc, yellow w/choc ganache, yellow w/vanilla meringue icing, chocolate w/peanut butter, yellow w/orange cream cheese, chocolate w/orange cream cheese, chocolate w/mocha ganache
By Sionann
Jan 28, 2008
NFSC with  pink RI and sprinkles. Sample cookies for a business packet for our church members. They will be stapled to a 4X6 card with my business information on it, as marketing tool,
By Darla925
Feb 7, 2008
this was so fun to do! we used parchment paper to make the cupcake liner. the cake is frosted with buttercream frosting, and the sprinkles/candle are/is out of fondant.
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By SweetToothFairy
Feb 8, 2008
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By teecakess
Feb 12, 2008
My three-year-old daughter had a special idea this morning to make a Valentine's cake for her Daddy. She picked out the pans and colors herself, I helped her spread the pink frosting and she decorated the borders and sprinkles all by herself. She also helped me mix the colors. When he walked in the door she yelled, "Surprise! I made you a Balentines cake!" I couldn't be more proud.
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By LittleMom
Feb 14, 2008
French vanilla flavoured cupcakes w/ a center strawberry cream filling, buttercream swirled tops, and misc sprinkles on top
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By newlywedws
Feb 15, 2008
Just some cupcakes I literally threw together at the last second for a potluck dinner.  Not my favorite, but ok considering I had very little time.
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By MrsMom
Feb 17, 2008
These are for a little boy's birthday party.  The mom didn't want cake and thought cookies would be neater.
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By robinscakes
Feb 24, 2008
Nothing extravagant, but I sure had fun with the sprinkles!  I used whipped frosting for this one.
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By SumiSweets
Feb 25, 2008
White cupcakes with BC Dream frosting and wilton Halloween sprinkles.  My 4 & 6 year old helped make the pumpkins and I drew the faces the next day.  They were really cute at making the stems.
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By marthajo1
Feb 26, 2008
BCT of Snow White with sprinkles and gumballs
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By friedgreencats
Mar 16, 2008
Some cupcakes for my daughters year one class.
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By dky
Oct 9, 2005


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