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Twelve inch double layer white cake covered with MMF.  Sprinkles are candy covered licorice pieces.
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By elliebuff
Feb 14, 2010
Minnie Mouse cake I made for a friends daughters 4th birthday.
1 12
By lilblueyes
Feb 21, 2010
Chocolate cake and cupcakes with dark chocolate ganache buttercream.  All mmf decorations/accents.  TFL!
Baby Sprinkle is a smaller Baby Shower for second-, third-, time-mom-to-be.  So cute.
3 34
By cakekim
Feb 22, 2010
Some quick sugar cookies i did for my daughters class at school for valentines day.
By tara1970
Feb 24, 2010
These turned out so pretty! And the roses sit on top of  yummy homemade whiped cream. The roses are made from butter cream and finished with some sprinkles.
5 7
By MandiesPieceofCake
Feb 28, 2010
By M-SCakesGalore
Mar 2, 2010
1 4
By dreamer61352
Mar 7, 2010
buttercream.  flower is filled in with sprinkles
By Susie112562
Mar 12, 2010
Carrot cake with vanilla whipped cream icing and white chocolate ganache and sugar shamrock. Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla whipped cream  icing,Green,orange and white sprinkles with a shamrock on top and inside a green minty suprise :)
By tara1970
Mar 17, 2010
just for fun. vanilla cuppies with buttercream. with some snowflake sprinkles.
By KLUlover12
Mar 17, 2010
I bought the cherry candle at Hobby Lobby.  I made a bag and a card to coordinate with these if anyone is interested.  Thanks for looking.
2 3
By ExcitedNewbie
Mar 19, 2010
These cookies were large.  The party hat and the ice cream cone were as big as my hand.
4 9
By ExcitedNewbie
Mar 30, 2010
Cupcakes I made for my 2nd grade class' Easter snack.  Very quick, last minute baking.
By pangegray
Apr 2, 2010
Vegan Mocha cupcakes with chocolate buttercream topped with a edible starbucks image and a green & white sprinkles.
3 6
By tara1970
Apr 3, 2010
White Cake with White buttercream rosettes and party sprinkles. TYFL!
3 1
By mokhalatte
Apr 4, 2010
I made this cake for another client, and this client saw it and had to have this for her daughter who was turning 4. So I made the same design, but with 4 candles, and also changed the bow up a little. I love this cake, and always have fun making it. TFL and I am a CSM memeber!
2 14
By Pitchers_Bakery
Apr 5, 2010
By Holly12183
Apr 10, 2010
birthday cake
By JenniferMiller
Apr 12, 2010
I made 24 cupcakes all together, half chocolate and half vanilla.  Decorate in buttercream, some with sprinkles, some with truffles, others with just a swirl on top.
By VeronicaLuis
Apr 15, 2010
A Better White Scratch Cake with almond bc, key lime moose for two fillings and raspberry filling in center.  Pearlized sprinkles on sides with my first gumpaste poppy.
By cocobean
Apr 16, 2010
By stfd211
Apr 23, 2010
Just like See's Bordeaux.  Chocolate cake with rich brown sugar swiss meringue.  A touch of carmel with sea salt and chocolate sprinklew.
By Alicakes
Apr 26, 2010
My first ever Cupcake Pops. In case you aren't in the know, they are cake (chocolate) & frosting (in this case also chocolate) hand-shaped into a cupcake forms and dipped in chocolate (melting)  then decorated and stuck on a stick. Credit for idea goes to Bakerella.
6 39
By ldyornge
Apr 28, 2010
Color matched the icing on the matching cake.
By beth2027
Apr 28, 2010
2 4
By kimmymay03
May 5, 2010
a.k.a. The Toxic Margarita Cake. lol.
This was a headache cake but tasted great. I'm still not happy with the outcome but everyone loved it. I use the berry cream cheese filling from CC and it tasted great!
By Baking_Booth
Dec 20, 2008
Inspired by mrsmudrash's cake (which is way better than mine!)
German chocolate cake, coconut and pecan filling, covered in ganache, then fondant. Handle and bow are gumpaste. I tried making them a bright red, but wasn't red enough for my taste, so I sprinkled them and the board! I will be doing that again! TFL!
3 7
By cakefairy03
May 6, 2010
Cherry cupcakes topped with buttercream, fudge sauce and a cherry! Loads of sprinkles complete the party.
2 25
By _christina_
May 8, 2010
Chocolate cake baked in the cones, topped with Dream Whip frosting, ganache and hundreds and thousands. These were a hit at my daughter's Kindy for her birthday, they vanished so fast, so cute watching all the kids eat their cones!
By CandyCU
May 10, 2010
Birthday cake for one of my sisters in law, not a crumb of this was wasted, don't believe it lasted more than a couple of days in their house! I think this was a 5" carved cupcake (3" at its base) on an 7" or 8" round - all mudcake filled with ganache. The 'paper' around the cupcake I used pink RTR and the rest is Dream Whip. All accents are made of fondant, some of them shimmered. This was a lot of fun to make! Thanks for looking, all comments very much appreciated!
2 11
By CandyCU
May 10, 2010
By Rcooper08
May 10, 2010
I made this as a congratulations cake for my sister who rode 100 miles on her bike to benefit Missing and Exploited Children.  (she rocks!)  Fondant covered bottom, used a dowel to make liner impression, and the icing is a variation of the Mock Whipped Cream.  It is OUTSTANDING, wish I would've tried it sooner!
By foxymomma521
May 17, 2010
Vanilla ice cream cones with sprinkles
3 11
By momgns
May 17, 2010
My little girl's friend came over and made some cakes
By scobymonica
May 17, 2010
More mini cupcakes, these with a chocolate monogram. Triple chocolate cream cupcakes with cream cheese icing.  Plain old store-bought sprinkles.
2 12
By kimmisue2009
May 23, 2010
By Cassie1686
May 24, 2010
By Cassie1686
May 24, 2010
By Cassie1686
May 24, 2010
white cupcakes with sprinkles
1 1
By jendardis
May 26, 2010
Stars made out of fondant w/colored sugar sprinkles for a 1st Birthday (both cupcakes & mini cupcakes) iced w/buttercream.
By JackieDMKK
Jun 7, 2010


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