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For my dad's birthday since he loves The Simpsons. Chocolate and strawberry cake with a layer of chocolate chip cookie in the middle and some whipped cream, covered with MMF then topped with poured fondant and sprinkles. I did a bit of carving to shape it like a donut. Fondant Homer. I used 2 little pieces of wire as Homer's 2 hairs on top of his head lol (Homer wasn't eaten.)
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By paula19
Aug 22, 2009
By tiffyt0315
Aug 23, 2009
This was a 4' Pikachu board with a pokeball smash cake and 3 dozen cupcakes. buttercream icing with sugar sprinkles on chocolate cake
By Texie
Sep 2, 2009
fondant zebra stripes, fondant hearts on wires with crushed sprinkles on them.  fondant balls for border
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By snuggles45
Sep 13, 2009
This was a cake made for a Carnival themed bday.  Botton tier is covered in BC; top tier is covered in fondant,  with fondant and BC details.  Popcorn and cotton candy are store bought.  Icecream cones are muffins baked inside and  topped with BC and sprinkles.
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By AllieIzzieSweets
Sep 17, 2009
birthday chocolate cupcake with sprinkles
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By amyjar
Sep 18, 2009
Sarah wanted primary colors on a "funfetti" cake (butter cake with colored sprinkles) for her up and coming baby boy Sam.  The blocks, banner, and balloons are all fondant.  The bib is fondant underneath with BC decorating on top!
By Laurie48
Sep 23, 2009
Pumpkin cupcakes with Apple Spice Buttercream icing and sprinkles.
By Mamacitadedos
Sep 25, 2009
By irishcakefairy
Sep 27, 2009
I just thought this cupcake was the cutest thing!!! lol...I baked a ton of cupcakes and I picked this one as my favorite!!
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By Mandica12182
Jul 25, 2008
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By LetThereBeCake07
Jul 28, 2008
yellow cake. with butercream and fondant with sprinkle accents
By martmarg
Sep 28, 2009
Christmas tree made from shaped pan covered with buttercream and non-perils/sprinkles
Oct 1, 2009
A variation of cupcake cones.
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By gilltribe2
Oct 6, 2009
4 tier, Vanilla/Chocolate Fudge Marble cake, whipped chocolate hazelnut BC filling, covered in vanilla BC, and fondant. Hearts are Wilton Red Candy melts, red ribbon, and sprinkles. Bride and Groom were thrilled - it really did look just like the drawing she gave me...not my fave, but they were happy! LOL! TFL!!
By CBMom
Oct 15, 2009
Chocolate with Buttercream Dream...Black Sprinkles & Fondant Accents
By Polkadot79
Oct 15, 2009
this was my good friends' wedding cake. it's a confetti cake (vanilla cake with rainbow sprinkles) with cream cheese filling and buttercream frosting and purple scrollwork. the flowers are silk. thanks for looking!
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By jescapades
Oct 19, 2009
My 3 year-old daughter, Morgan, made this cake for Halloween.
By KrazyK8
Oct 20, 2009
8" rounds, carved into cupcake & torted...white cake w/ vanilla pudding filling.  Vanilla & chocolate b/c w/ fondant accents.
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By cakeitalloff
Oct 24, 2009
Basic sponge cake  with buttercream, marzipan and ready bought rolled out icing on the bottom, home made royal icing for the top.
By LouRogerson
Oct 27, 2009
vanilla bean cupcakes, vanilla bean bc with sprinkles :) mmm, a classic!
By caseyleann87
Oct 29, 2009
These were for a girly baby shower.  Vanilla bean cupcakes, bc frosting with sprinkles mixed in, gum paste flowers.  I've also been trying to work on my photography :)
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By caseyleann87
Oct 29, 2009
NFSC with sugar crystals & nonpariels. Dipped in semi-sweet chocolate & white almond bark.
By Polkadot79
Nov 1, 2009
NFSC with Antonio74's RI. Fondant and pearlized sprinkle accents.
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By amyfruity
Nov 3, 2009
NFSC with Antonio74's RI.  Fondant and pearlized sprinkle accents.
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By amyfruity
Nov 3, 2009
This was a cake I made for my younger sister's sweet 16 birthday party. I didn't have much time to do it and no planning whatsoever, but I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. She loved it. Bottom tier was chocolate and top was white with vanilla frosting all over.
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By sherrykathryn
Nov 7, 2009
This was a 6" round covered in fondant. I found a picture of a similar cake online and thought it was so cute I just had to try it. The sprinkles, cherry and whipped topping are also fondant.
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By KodiM
Nov 18, 2009
Covered in Swiss Meringue Buttercream Frosting, this two-tier octagon cake was carved from two 14-inch by 3-inch round cakes.  It is simply decorated in candy dots and sprinkles.   The flowers are made of gumpaste with vanilla wafer faces, painted with black airbrush color.  The center dowel has a fiber-optic light attached at the top, to simulate a sprinkler watering the flowers.
By playingwithsugar
Nov 20, 2009
This my first FBCT and my first time using cupcakes as a cake.  It was really lots of fun to do.  

16 cupcakes, Buttercream icing, M&M's, and sugar sprinkles.
By eyecoordinate
Nov 27, 2009
Ended up having to work late, had to do these super quick on the way out the door for my friends Birthday dinner, I just made a cute little gift box, tied with ribbon with 4 cupcakes. Deep Chocolate cc with Raspberry filling and Buttercream, Chocolate jimmies and M&M's deco.
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By andpotts
Dec 5, 2009
White WASC with raspberry mousse filling.  After seeing this cake by "Miranda1987" and "Andrea's Sweet Cakes" on Flikr, I fell in love:)  Thanks for the inspiration!
1 5
By Becky52
Dec 8, 2009
Some cupcakes I did to go along with a Dora cake. Cherry and sprinkles scuplted out of fondant.
By amytracy1981
Dec 11, 2009
Cake for a Sprinkle (for a third child)
By OkeyDoke
Dec 28, 2009
This simple cupcakes were made for my daughter's preschool Halloween party.  The kids loved that I used a whole bottle of sprinkles!  ... the cleaning crew didn't so much!  lol  thanks for looking!
By cksweets
Jan 3, 2010
Strawberry cupcakes with blue & white icing.
By kelsiedelizzle
Jan 9, 2010
My 1st attempt at Butter Cookies.  Made these for our Annual Garza Cookie Exchange Party!!!  These were made in a rush, but I was told by the "Judge" that they tasted very good.  I used Antonia74 royal icing and sugar sprinkle in various colors.  Hit me with a comment or a smiley, please.  TFL!!!
2 1
By Kabrona
Jan 19, 2010
Christmas Cake Balls made for the 1st time.  Was'nt difficult.  Used white cake mix with cream cheese icing then covered with white chocolate bark.  Covered with sugar sprinkle.  Tried some with a stick and some without a stick...either way, my Cake Balls were entered in our Annual Cookie Exchange Party!!!  Hit me with a comment or a smiley, please!!!  TFL!!!
4 4
By Kabrona
Jan 19, 2010
Did these for a very small bridal event at a gift shop I got invited to.  Gold liners and a bit of gold dust and then the flowers.  I was going to put more dragees than just the center but since these are giveaways didn't want to break anyone's teeth.
7 52
By Kitagrl
Jan 22, 2010
This is a pic of my daughter's sixth birthday cake. It was the topper for a cupcake tower. I didn't get a picture of the whole thing with my camera and the camera phone photos are too small to post, so this is all you get. It was cute though!
5 24
By jertmann
Jan 25, 2010
Some quick sugar cookies i did for my daughters class at school for valentines day.
By tara1970
Feb 24, 2010


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