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My 4 and 6 year old boys had a great time decorating this clown-shaped chocolate cake.  We poured on cheescake icing.  Then the kids used the Wilton spray, sparkle gels, and sprinkles to make Mr. Clown a colorful creation.  They were giggling and having lots of fun.
By maryanngnc
Apr 6, 2009
Whilst making my flower cookies I let my 2 girls loose on the broken cookies, with icing, sprinkles and flowers.  These are what they made, they were both so pleased
By kathrynmc
Apr 7, 2009
This is a vanilla cupcake with a white chocolate mousse filling.  It is topped with whipped buttercream and sprinkles.  Thanks for looking!
4 8
By misterc
Apr 25, 2009
White cupcakes tinted green, buttercream icing and green sprinkles.  TFL.
1 1
By sweetsbysusan
Apr 27, 2009
First time making cake balls, definitely will do these again!!
1 1
By C_LittleSweets
May 2, 2009
Simple and Sweet
By feelslikesilk
May 7, 2009
Giant cupcake is 4 - 10" layers stacked, carved, and supported with dowel rods.  Cupcake "paper" is Buttercream Icing piped with a rose tip (large end facing out).  Top is iced with large icer tip.  A dab of icing is under each small cupcake to keep them in place for transportation.
2 3
By Steady2Hands
May 9, 2009
4 1
By delaware
May 11, 2009
I made this cake for all the children in my child's pre-school class. They took one day to celebrate all the childrens' birthdays.  I used the footed Wilton cake stand.  The bottom layer was white cake with chocolate buttercream filling.  The top 2 small cakes were choclate cake dipped in tinted chocolate.  Covered in sprinkles and used the Wilton candles.  I used a fondant form for the letters.  In retrospect, I would have used smaller letters.  But otherwise it turned out okay.
By maliss
May 13, 2009
I'm the queen of last minute. My bible study was changed to tonight and I have to bring something to eat. Had lots of RI leftover so I decided to do cookies. But I only had Christmas cookie cutters (don't have time to make a new one). So I took my snowman cookie cutter, flipped it upside down and pinched the hat into a cone shape. The ice cream is RI with the exception of the chocolate which is, well- chocolate. The jimmies are also RI as I didn't have any sprinkles. The cookie is a NFSC. TFL!
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By Tita9499
May 14, 2009
This was our first attempt at making Bakerella's "Cupcake Pops".  We gave these out on Mother's Day.  THEY WERE A HIT!  The process can take some time, but it's worth least we thought so.  It's become our new favorite "thing" to make...have fun and enjoy!
5 5
By Juny1980
May 16, 2009
I did this for my husband's 30th birthday surprise party.  The cowprint cakes are all buttercream; the other cuppies are topped with vanilla buttercream and accented with hand piped royal icing sunflowers and letters or sugar sprinkles with western toppers.
By divaessence
May 18, 2009
I apologize for the poor picture quality. I think my daughter ate the memory card for our camera so I had to take the photo with my phone. This is a groom's cake for, and I'm not even kidding you, a security guard.
7 11
By cakesncrumbs
May 21, 2009
For a friend at work who just wanted a cake to take home to special occasion.
By Polkadot79
May 22, 2009
This was the birthday cake I made for myself last year.  The very first cake I ever made!  It's a white chiffon cake with white chocolate, cooked buttercream icing.  I used giant confetti sprinkles as decoration.
By realjen01
May 29, 2009
This was made with two 8 in layers for the bottom and the soccer ball mold + a ten in layer for the top. Both are covered with fondant with fondant and gum paste accents.
1 4
By kfam
May 29, 2009
White topping is coconut, Dark chocolate sprinkles are on a few, and I have the colored ball sprinkles, and red sprinkles. These are white cupcakes with a basic white frosting.
By Pitchers_Bakery
May 31, 2009
By EyeCandy
May 31, 2009
Simple yellow cupcakes with buttercream frosting and sprinkles.  I baked them in silver foil cups to really make the pink wraps pop.  I found the wraps at Hobby Lobby.  We served these at my daughter's 5th birthday party.  It was a Princess Tea Party so these were perfect :)
3 28
By BeckySue
Jun 1, 2009
Got the idea from the Bakerella blog...they are fabulous!  And big sellers for party favors and class parties!
2 8
By shortcakery
Jun 1, 2009
My daughter saw a cake by Steady Twohands and said, "I WANT THAT!" I copied that cake and she was thrilled. The icing is whipped and the letters and flowers are fondant. Thanks Steady Twohands!
6 15
By kfam
Jun 8, 2009
By jaicha
Jun 12, 2009
Cusotmer ordered 36 cupcakes for her birthday.  Chocolate fudge cakes with chocolate syrup frosting and Hershey kisses.  Vanilla cakes with vanilla almond buttercream frosting, candy sprinkles and sour cherry candy on top.
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By flamingochic
Jun 16, 2009
This is a chocolate fudge cake constructed with special castle-formed pan. The cake is frosted with cream cheese frosting. It is decorated with royal frosting roses and flowers and glitter sprinkles.
By writer_mom
Jun 22, 2009
these are strawberry or chocolate cake dipped in chocolate...mmm...

again...thank you to Bakerella...get this recipe and more on
1 2
By lindayvette
Jun 23, 2009
and some more cake pops! these were...strawberry i believe and sprinkled over white chocolate. my first 'official' order! yum!
By lindayvette
Jun 23, 2009
The kiddos loved 'em!
By SunFly
Jun 23, 2009
Sugar cookie with royal icing. Center is milk chocolate with chocolate sprinkles.
9 21
By loveandsugar
Jun 25, 2009
one of the cupcake..iced in royal icing. Thank you for looking.
By applemint_jackie
Jun 23, 2008
The bridal gown cake isn't so pretty when you don't have the big poofy skirt but my friend's dress is very casual so I was trying to replicate it as much as possible.  While it didn't turn out looking very much like her dress, it was still fun to make.
3 7
By amyfruity
Jul 5, 2009
Customer wanted a cake to look like a powdered donut with sprinkles.  This is my version.  The cake is chocolate.
1 1
By pood
Jul 9, 2009
Just for fun!
By Pitchers_Bakery
Jul 13, 2009
Very vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream in pink with white chocolate vermicelli sprinkles
By Suzisweet
Jul 13, 2009
Made this for my sisters 23rd birthday. 6 layers of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, ribbon and sprinkles. The shoes are about 3/4 the length of my pinky (tiny!!) and made of fondant.
3 1
By HoneyBunnyCakeyPie
Jul 6, 2008
Red Velvet cupcakes with cream cheese buttercream.  Topped with handmade Christmas trees and holly sprigs.  These were fun to make.
2 3
By divaessence
Jul 14, 2009
1 9
By oOSo-Tasty1
Jul 14, 2009
Icecream cookies with sugarpaste top with sprinkles and name piped on to the ice cream.
3 5
By Shellyscakes
Jul 16, 2009
Mini vanilla cupcakes w/chocolate fudge frosting topped in sprinkles
By lkoenig07
Jul 17, 2009
Buttercream icing with the request of sprinkles so I added the flowers and glitzed it up a bit for a young teen's birthday.
1 2
By cakesbykk
Jul 21, 2009
By tiffyt0315
Aug 23, 2009


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