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Chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting and rainbow sprinkles.  Used 1M tip to frost them.  TFL
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By sweetsbysusan
Oct 5, 2008
Triple chocolate cupcakes with Marshmallow butter cream frosting.  Topped with various chocolate decorations and sour cherry candies.
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By braggmama2
Oct 11, 2008
Buttercream icing, tip 18 star piped pink flower on top, mixed sprinkles in center of flower. 

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By SliceTheCake
Oct 16, 2008
Birthday cake cookies for my daughter's class to celebrate her 6th birthday.  Butter cookies with RI details and of course sprinkles.  TFL
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By chovest
Oct 24, 2008
Simple buttercream cake I made as a visual aid for a speech I was giving on the history of the Birthday Cake.  M&M's and sprinkles on the borders.
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By SweetDolly
Nov 2, 2008
Dark chocolate bundt cake that I then carved, with a raspberry-rum glaze poured over, covered in BC, and chocolate ganache poured over that.  BC sprinkles using a #4 tip.
5 8
By missmeg
Nov 4, 2008
My daughter's 1st birthday cake, the top part of a tower of cupcakes. Marshmallow buttercream, fondant hearts dusted with luster dust, and sugar sprinkles
By staramystar
Nov 9, 2008
This was made to look like an invitation. It was a nightmare to drive with....too top heavy and it fell over. GRRRRRRR. Had to refrost and deliver!  Lesson learned on this one. "Wrapper" is scrapbook paper folded with contact paper on back.
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By lesyorkwolf
Nov 29, 2008
My son loves strawberries and we love cake.  For his 14th b'day I made a yellow layer cake and then piled strawberries on top trying to form a tree and drizzled with different colored chocolate and sprinkles.  The star is a candle.  My cakes always look better in my head!
Thanks for looking.
By vickymacd
Dec 1, 2008
I made this for my baby's 1st birthday.  I used the wilton cupcake pan. My son has never had cake, and we took him for pictures of him destroying this cake. I will make another one for him to eat at his party. TFL!
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By marag
Dec 5, 2008
Made this very fast for a co-worker's birthday that loves cupcakes.  About a dozen and a half cuppies.  I tried the chocolate version of the WASC cake.  BC frosting.  Sprinkles and a cherry.
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By vickymacd
Dec 11, 2008
a.k.a. The Toxic Margarita Cake. lol.
This was a headache cake but tasted great. I'm still not happy with the outcome but everyone loved it. I use the berry cream cheese filling from CC and it tasted great!
By Baking_Booth
Dec 20, 2008
Orange cake baked right in the ice-cream cone; used Name brand cones vs a cheap store brand to avoid cracks & breakage, 1M tip twisted, a bit of sprinkles, Andee's chocolate candy and a cherry with a stem for added fun! These went to 2nd graders! TFL!!
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Jan 6, 2009
Swiss chocolate cake with a hint of Raspberry, Blackberry and Cherry flaovors topped with a Vanilla Almond Butercream. Wanted to see how the BIG cupcakes turned out. They turn out...BIG
By thedessertdiva
Jan 5, 2008
6 and 10 inch dark chocolate cakes.  All buttercream decorations.  The smash cake was made with a large muffin tin.  Inspired by a Wilton yearbook.  Thanks for looking!
1 16
By BeckySue
Jan 12, 2009
2-D cake to look like ice cream with a smash cake to match.
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By j-pal
Jan 19, 2009
By chickameow
Jan 28, 2009
This was for my little cousin's birthday. There was a bigger version of this cake in either the 2007 or 2008 Wilton yearbook. All buttercream with storebought toys and sprinkles. Thanks for looking!
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By val_nutrimetics
Feb 2, 2009
I wanted to try a version of a recipe i've had great success with. I made golden oreo cuppies with oreo cream filling buttercream. I just substituted a few things from a cookies n cream recipe and it worked out great ( IMHO). I made a little border with pink and white sprinkles for a little cuteness. TFL
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By JessDesserts
Feb 11, 2009
I wanted to do something simple for my own birthday cake, and everyone thought it was the cutest thing!
By MiaT
Feb 17, 2009
I baked the cupcakes in ice cream cones.  I used whipped cream buttercream for the frosting.  I had to transport them to my son's school so I used a couple of shoe boxes, wrapped in wrapping paper, and cut holes in the top of them for them to sit in.
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By sdaij5
Feb 18, 2009
Sugar cookies decorated with royal icing and sprinkles.
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By yangers
Feb 19, 2009
I wanted to test out a new cake recipe with my MOPS group... thought the lipsticks with the lip sprinkles were appropriate for a bunch of moms!
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By pinkpiggie78
Feb 20, 2009
Made these for my MOPS group.  Just trying out a new cake recipe and didn't want to just leave swirls on the cupcakes.
By pinkpiggie78
Feb 20, 2009
Simple and Sweet! This blue buttercream iced moist yellow cake is topped with sprinkles.
By tmitchell08
Feb 22, 2009
1/4 sheet birtday cake w/ BC icing.  Nothing special,  It's just a typical store bought cake I created at work.
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By kois_mommy
Feb 24, 2009
This is a double chocolate cake with almond buttercream and chocolate and fondant accents.  I made the birdfeeder out of mini Hershey's bars, and light and dark brown sugar for the birdseed.  The snowman and birds are fondant and painted with gel colors.  This was made in a couple hours for a church dinner!  I had originally planned on only the birds, but my sister added the snowman for me...  We decided to leave him there...  :lol:
1 5
By kansaswolf
Feb 28, 2009
Cupcakes that went with my chocolate fondant cake.
By C_LittleSweets
Mar 5, 2009
I did cupcakes for my God daughter's party and 2 little mini cakes.  One was for her bday lunch with her best friend and the other was her party cake to go with the cupcakes.  She wanted an "ice cream cone cake" so I did this as well as ice cream cone cupcakes.  TFL!
3 3
By alanaj
Mar 8, 2009
Red velvet cake with white chocolate cream cheese frosting and fondant decoration...made for a friend's baby shower brunch
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By michelebrosch
Mar 11, 2009
This was actually made for a man's changing jobs.  The 11x15x2 sheet is iced in buttercream.  The Leprechaun is a frosting sheet picture.  Coins are foil wrapped chocolates.    This idea could also be used for a birthday, retirement or of course St. Patrick's Day.
By kakeladi
Mar 14, 2009
2 layer 8" round pan, buttercream, Wilton giant sprinkles, Wilton cake scroll cake presses
2 1
By Tesha
Mar 16, 2009
So as you can assume, my dad's a! I thought this would be the best birthday cake ever and he loved it!  The donut was carved from two 8" cakes and the piggie cop was a 50/50 fondant/gumpaste mixture. TFL!
4 21
By SweetPea0613
Mar 21, 2009
7 86
By DAV81
Mar 23, 2009
Confetti cake frosted in SugarShack's BC. Royal icing flowers on some (which I made) & sprinkles on the others. Also made the cupcake wrappers. I love these... especially the ones with the flowers on top! They are so springy!!!
1 1
By lkoenig07
Mar 27, 2009
Banana-Shortbread cupcakes with vanilla cream cheese mousse. Whipped cream frosting tinted pale yellow. With clear sprinkles.
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By lindambc
Apr 1, 2009
Cupcakes made just for fun!
By cjmcleod
Apr 1, 2009
Lemon cake with lemon cream cheese icing.  The kids were soooo happy with this cake.  They had so much fun decorating it!
By Lissabeth
Apr 1, 2009
19th Birthday Cake, white cake/covered in fondant
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By dreamer61352
Apr 2, 2009
I was feeling creative, but not creative enough to go to the store OR to make any new this is what I ended up with, lol. I had leftover frosting from last weekend's cakes and some extra strawberry batter for the cupcakes. Marshmallows and sprinkles to decorate!

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By SliceTheCake
Apr 2, 2009


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