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I made this Super Bowl cake for my husband who is a die hard Eagles fan.
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By cocakedecorator
Apr 13, 2005
Here is a cake I did for a 5th birthday.  I add cookies for a different look.
8 12
By katie
May 7, 2005
My son's ninteenth birthday.
1 5
By stephanie214
May 10, 2005
made with the Wilton sports Ball pan for my Daughters class on Earth Day
1 8
By cakecre8tor
May 19, 2005
I made this cake for my Junior English class to celebrate a birthday.  My students have been arguing basketball all year and I thought this would satisfy everyone.
By DenaBug
May 21, 2005
Full-size sheet cake (2-12x18's together)--1/2 chocolate, 1/2 vanilla--with buttercream frosting.  This cake was for the girls' field hockey team end-of-season party.
1 6
By KC2BeAgain
Jun 4, 2005
7 23
By antonia74
Jun 8, 2005
Jsut a fun cake for work - SPURS are a big deal here is good ol' San Antonio.
8 3
By mrwarnke
Jun 30, 2005
RaceCake kit (#3) (now SportsCakes) atop a 16" square.  Car decorated with kit contents; rest is buttercream.
2 9
By KC2BeAgain
Jul 8, 2005
By keri
Jul 16, 2005
I just finished this cake today, for a baseball team party.  I was so nervous delivering it, I was sure the baseball would roll off - even though I dowelled it like crazy.  Whew!   These were chocolate and yellow cakes, with cookies and cream filling.  The baseball was iced in fondant, and the dirt was brown sugar.
6 91
By APCakes
Jul 23, 2005
My son is a Winnipeg Blue Bomber fan, So I made this for his birthday. It's iced in buttercream
By jdab
Jul 26, 2005
Wow!  The son wanted football the mom wanted baseball...I think we went through at least ten different ideas to get this!  Whew!  Footballs are choc cake w/choc bc and baseballs are yellow cake w/reg BC...Thanx for looking :)
3 19
By edcjenv
Jul 30, 2005
This is my first cake for a client.  My boss asked me to make her a football cake for her son.
9 18
By gingoreilly
Aug 11, 2005
11 7
By missmersh
Aug 13, 2005
This is from the Wilton First and Ten football pan.  It's a copy of a real Gilbert rugby ball in their signature blue and green trim over white.  I wrote "rugby" on it because I didn't want people in class (Wilton Course I) calling it a football.
By rbbarker
Aug 24, 2005
This was an 11x15 single layer sheet cake with the Wilton "sports ball" pan bowling ball.  The cakes were iced and decorated with buttercream.  The bowling pins were made of sugar cookies and iced with poured cookie icing.
6 46
By mycakesandmore
Aug 27, 2005
Butter vanilla with orange flavoring and coloring. Vanilla flavored icing.  Edible image on top. Orange & white checkerboard.  Just for practice!
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By piklpop2
Sep 9, 2005
I made this for my Sister Inlaw and Bother Inlaw. It was the Grooms cake at their wedding. He is a big fan and didn't want to cut it. I did one for the Browns, but can't find my photo. I used Rice paper to draw the helmet and used the star technique overtop. It is one of my favorites!
4 24
By BaknCake
Sep 13, 2005
9X13 stacked on a 12X18, both are marble cake .  Iced in buttercream, pool table accesories are fondant.
6 32
By tripletmom
Sep 17, 2005
My first Basketball cake done for a boy's 7th birthday this weekend.  Kind of had a little fun with it...tired of stars! lol. I see alot of mistakes.
8 8
By stephanie214
Sep 19, 2005
Ravens Football Field - I added goal posts after this picture was taken.
7 13
By rydersmom
Sep 20, 2005
Here is my first FBCT.  I was kind of easy but I didn't fill in the white areas b/c I thought it would look cool with it coming off the cake.
6 3
By Mac
Sep 22, 2005
The basketball is made from 1/2 ball pan.  Hoop and strings are made from b/c.  This was done for a senior who plays basketball in school, his name and number are on the jersey.
4 10
By stephanie214
Oct 2, 2005
Here is a cookie bouquet that I made for a HS Football player.  Roll out cookie dough recipe covered in a mixture of royal icing and color flow (didn't have enough of one for the entire bouquet).  The flower pot is covered in gauze for a "surgical" look, and will be filled with candy to hide the foam inside.
5 22
By Mac
Oct 4, 2005
This was for a close friend I work with.  She is leaving to be a SAHM!!  her son has this werid OBSESSION w/anything to do w/balls!!!  So much so...she has brought in video of him talking in his sleep about playing w/balls.  He was saying..."I pay ball..I tick ball....tetch ball"  TOO CUTE!!!  So we figure he will keep her busy!!   Everyone also brought a ball...or two to go home with!!  She had over 50 balls by the end of the day!!!

She LOVED it!!  And I'm sure her son was in heaven!!!

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By sugartopped
Oct 11, 2005
Helmets were made with ball pan and the base of the 1/2 sheet cake.
29 67
By djjarrett88
Oct 14, 2005
I decided to use green icing on this cake instead of using the spray.  How do you smooth colored can see everything.  Yuk!
2 2
By lng_1978
Oct 17, 2005
This cake was made for a co-workers 17 yo daughter who plays volleyball, basketball and softball. Milk chocolate cake and almond BC. Balls were made with mini-ball pan.
1 7
By mamafrogcakes
Oct 18, 2005
chocolate w/ peanut butter butter cream icing and fbct
1 1
By blessBeckysbaking
Oct 28, 2005
It's football season!!!  This cake was for a man's 30th birthday...his favorite team is the Miami Hurricanes.
4 11
By lng_1978
Nov 3, 2005
This was a cake done for a friend's little boy who was turning 2.  He loves sports balls of any kind.  He specifically asked for the football to eat.
The balls were piped on top of 4 inch cakes.  I would have rather made it from the mini ball pan but I ran out of time to go buy that pan.
6 38
By montanakate
Nov 5, 2005
I was bored so decided to bake and practice with some new things.  This is my first MMF and first Shimmer Dust painting.  I definately need to practice with the shimmer dust!  Gotta start somewhere I suppose!
By clb307
Nov 6, 2005
This was created for a friend's birthday.  It is a 2-;ayer 9 X 13 chocolate fudge cake with dark chocolate ganache filling and chocolate BC frosting on sides.  Catfish head and tail were sculpted from a scrap piece of cake covered with grey and white BC with an light overspray of black.  Inside of mouth was covered in white fondant and whiskers were 20 gauge wire covered in fondant.  Tail was covered in fondant.  Very happy with how this turned out--better than the one in my head.
11 47
By Mac
Nov 7, 2005
I made this for the execs and staff of our local NBA and WNBA.  The sheet cake is chocolate on one side and yellow on the other (I actually poured each batter on one end of the sheet pan and let them meld together in the middle as it baked) and the basketball is a yellow cake.  It is iced in buttercream with the jerseys being made of fondant.
3 1
By MontiBellesBakery
Nov 9, 2005
first time smoothing football cake!!!!!
3 1
By tinanh27
Nov 11, 2005
I am so happy how this cake came out!  I got the design from, but I added a few extra things. But its a 9 x 13   2 layer white cake with chocolate mousse filling. Thanks for looking!
10 90
By ken
Nov 12, 2005
another football cake I made my first batch of  buttercream tonite ( lemon flavor w/ 2tsp of coco powder)
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By tinanh27
Nov 12, 2005
This was my own birthday cake. What better way to get what you want than to do it yourself?! It's just a 9X13 sheet cake, and a star tipped field and VT logo. I put plastic goal posts in the end zone and plastic football picks with the pick broken off. I loved it! I guess as long as you please the customer right! Go Hokies!
4 4
By Kellie1583
Nov 14, 2005
This was done for a co-workers daughter's birthday.  Vanilla cake with buttercream icing.
4 4
By thecakemaker
Apr 13, 2005


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