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This guy was over 4 feet long, and that was curled up.  It was for a party that had a Snake person come with his snakes and teach about them.  He wanted a realistic/scary snake (for a 7 year old).  All buttercream.
16 64
By sampy
Nov 7, 2005
50th birthday cake for my sister's co-worker. He like watching Penn State football, hunting and running marathons in Boston, Hawaii and Arizona. Chocolate and yellow cakes with buttercream and fondant.
15 22
By krissy_kze
Jan 5, 2006
I made this for a raffle at kids school.  2 6" cakes iced in buttercream with MMF trees, giraffes, snakes and elephant trunks.
8 19
By cashley
Apr 12, 2006
this snake was made for 12 year-old son.  the snake "skin" was in gum-paste "painted" with diluated gel food colouring.  the cake was a success!!
7 3
By Pootchi
Apr 25, 2006
here's the poor guy in jail ...
4 11
By bmote1
Apr 28, 2006
6" white cake with chocolate buttercream and MMF accents. Got the idea from a cake decorating book. Really enjoyed adding all of the animals on the trees. Still practicing, but am happy with the results!
22 168
By cindww
Apr 29, 2006
Did this for a co-worker's son's 7th birthday.  He had the reptile guy come with all the snakes. White cake with strawberry cream cheese tunnel covered in buttercream and fondant with fondant snake accents
4 2
By MsFarmFresh
May 26, 2006
A 3D jungle animal cake made for my son's second birthday.  It was the first time I worked with pettinice and my friend helped me.  View from the right.
4 12
By veronika
Jun 12, 2006
View from the left, jungle animal island.
2 7
By veronika
Jun 12, 2006
I made this for my friend's little boy turning 5 yrs. old.  Fondant frogs, snakes, lily pads, and cattails.  I had a lot of fun doing this cake. First time doing fondant animals.
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By klsrtr
Jun 20, 2006
This snake was over 4 feet long!! It was cut out of three 8 inch rounds!
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By CakeWitch
Jun 27, 2006
Three dimensional snake cake that I made using 2 bundt pans for one of my co-workers.  The tongue is a cut up Fruit Roll Up.
4 2
By trixie651999
Jul 17, 2006
Chocolate 1/4 sheet. Just a pretty quick simple cake, didn't have alot of time. I do wish now that I would have iced in green instead of blue, but it was for one of my sons and he likes blue, sooo.
By cakesbgood
Jul 25, 2006
I made this for my son for when he came from his 6 week summer visit from his dad's.  No fails w//antonia's icing w/MMF accents.
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By pscsgrrl
Aug 13, 2006
This was done for a groom who had a pet boa.  I tried to do it as "tastefully" as possible!   The snake is made of fondant and hand painted with edible paints.
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By Tara
Aug 15, 2006
My son really loves snakes.  So for his 10th birthday I fashioned this snake. Make with all buttercream.
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By TonyV
Aug 18, 2006
Was asked to do my bosses son's 3 birthday cake, last minute. Luckily I had my daughter over, who did the spiders and all the creepy things, while I did the rest of the cake.
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By kettlevalleygirl
Aug 27, 2006
This is a Christening cake for my son.  
We went with a jungle theme.  It is a cupcake tower, with a main cake for the top tier.
14 55
By lparnaby
Sep 10, 2006
I made this chocolate cake with buttercream frosting for my brother's 4th birthday. As you can tell he LOVES snakes, turtles and frogs! So I added these plastic toys as toppers. I had a 3 foot long  chewy candy snake, and wrapped around the bottom of the cake.
2 5
By bigsisof3kids
Sep 15, 2006
My 6 year old neighbor wanted reptiles for a birthday cake (much to her mothers dismay)!
5 9
By GrannieJ
Sep 28, 2006
This cake was inspired by a photo posted by Sampy. Thank you so much! This cake was chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. The board it is on is 6 feet long and the snake is 5 inches wide. Totally covered in BC with GP tongue, crushed chocolate graham cracker dirt and gummy worms and spiders. 

Forgot to add that the eyes were plastic. Which I didn't care for but the mom who ordered the cake really wanted me to use them. The cake was for three little boys with birthdays two weeks apart. Fear Factor party.
11 9
By lonestarstamper
Oct 8, 2006
close up of previous photo
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By lonestarstamper
Oct 8, 2006
2 brother's celebrating together. Gumpaste animals, I just turned the zoo around, children in the cage with animals looking at them as the visitors. Sign says, Feeding not allowed. the younger boy wanted his pikachu on the cake as well.
4 4
By Ursula40
Oct 13, 2006
This cake was made just for fun.  I have to practice on the head.  I just couldn't shape it like a snake.  Fondant eyes and tongue.
3 1
By tinascakes
Oct 17, 2006
birthday cake made from bundt cake cut in half.  covered in mmf.
5 13
By srmaxwell
Oct 24, 2006
I will be putting together a jungle cake for my friend's daughter next week. These will go on it.  All animals are made from mmf.  I have only made the crocodile's head as it will be place in water.
13 232
By dods
Oct 31, 2006
1 1
By alfie
Nov 3, 2006
Done for a little boys "critter" party, 1/2 sheet w/ buttercream icing, all the critters were done out of fondant.
7 21
By cakesbyallison
Nov 6, 2006
A corn snake made for a 6th Animal Planet Birthday Party 2 Bundt's with BC icing, thanks for all the tips and ideas from here and Family Fun mag.
6 20
By Jenc95
Nov 9, 2006
Another copycat cake of Allison's! (cakesbyallison)  Friend requested a "snake" cake for a little boy's snake party (complete with a snake expert for show and tell) but after I showed her Allison's cake she had to have one just like it! :-O  I left off a couple of critters though because I was intimidated to even attempt them. lol  Fun cake to do.  Thanks Allison.
5 11
By LisaMS
Nov 10, 2006
Did this for my friend's son's party! 2 Bundt cakes cut in half to form the body, M&M's for the back, Gumballs for the eyes & a construction paper tongue!  The Cupcakes topped it off well!
2 7
By RoseArcadia
Nov 18, 2006
8" and 6" layers. Everything is fondant except for plastic spiders and sign. Inspired by Sandralita. Thanks for your help!!
2 1
By KimmysKakes
Jan 14, 2007
I made this cake for a National Guard unit that just returned from Iraq.  This was thier unit logo.  White cake with choc filling....frosted/decorated in bc.
By slingmama
Jan 31, 2007
I got this from a book "The Home Guide to Cake Decorating" by Jane Price. I still have to add some little butterflies, but I was too excited to wait to post it ;)
3 8
By Sugarbean
Feb 1, 2007
lolly snakes on cup cakes
By doobsd
Feb 6, 2007
I made this cake for my sister's baby shower.  They are doing the baby boy's nursery with a safari theme, so I based the entire shower off that idea.  The cake is filled with the absolutely scrumptious whipped chocolate ganache filling from this website, and covered in MMF.  All the animals and the trees are made by hand out of chocolate clay; the grass and water are buttercream.
5 28
By krstik
Feb 18, 2007
This cake was inspired by Jenc95's cake snake, although mine didn't quite live up to hers, thanks!  All buttercream, besides the tongue and the Happy Birthday!  Orange crunch cake with orange-flavored buttercream, YUMMY!
10 24
By ribbitfroggie
Feb 22, 2007
My niece is a huge reptile and animal lover, but her favorite are snakes.  The last two years in a row she has asked for a snake cake for her birthday. This is last years snake.  I cut it out in the snake shape of a 9x13 cake. I sprayed green icing around the bottom of the snake for the "grass", iced the snake with light chocolate icing, then piped on the design with darker chocolate icing.  For the eyes I used brown M-n-M's and the tongue was made out of a piece of twisty red licorice.
By CharleneO
Mar 14, 2007
This is the birthday cake for day care party of my 2 years old son. It's a rolled cake (Italian "pasta biscotto") filled with apricot jam. The covering is all sugar paste.
By piepolo
Mar 21, 2007
This was for a snake theme birthday party! The birthday boy insisted on having the two messiest and black!
5 5
By traci
May 8, 2005


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