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SMBC is tricky. Scroll work is hard! (My first time with both.) Most of this cake is the result of mistakes I had to cover! :-)  French vanilla cake , carmel cream filling, SMBC frosting, RI flowers, scrolls & writing.  I'm going to take a nap now...
By albumangel
Feb 25, 2007
I FINALLY have the courage to post my first picture...This is a cake for a Thanksgiving party at my work. Almond cake with white chocolate mousse frosted with SMBC. I got the design idea from others on this site, thank you..
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By sug78
Nov 29, 2006
Pound cake with Strawberry SMBC,  fresh strawberries in filling as well. Love the SMBC, first time I've made it. I am really happy with this cake but I don't for the life of me know how to tie a bow properly (especially with ribbon this thin). Hope everyone likes it tomorrow.
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By maryak
Mar 13, 2007
For a 4 yr old's birthday many thanks my friends, Aine2 for her superb modeling tutorial found on her website...and her personal help, Katharry for her horse instructions and motivation, ShirleyW for her gelatin wing help, Franjmc for her bow tutorial and Liis for her fairy tutorial.
Cake is choc with choc SMBC fillling, vanilla SMBC fondant..models fondant/gumtex....bow gumpaste
Thanks for looking
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By JaneK
Mar 17, 2007
This was a going away cake for 3 guys who are leaving our company..originally it was for just 1 guy ...but then it turned into 3 guys and 110 attendees...sooo I had to make 80 mini cupcakes to go with it..SMBC icing and filling, scratch chocolate cake..Thanks so much to Katharry whose cake was the inspiration for this..cupcakes have choc raisins on top to simulate sheep doo loved it!!
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By JaneK
Mar 29, 2007
practice cake to take to work ..cake is vanilla butter cake and filled with raspberry puree/SMBC and iced with vanilla SMBC.  Inspiration from Cupcake Cafe cakes
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By JaneK
Mar 8, 2007
I modeled the unicorn and fairy and the cake is scratch chocolate with chocolate SMBC filling and SMBC icing...bow is gumpaste and figures are fondant/ are fondant..for a 6 year old's birthday..they saw my first cake in a pic and wanted the "same but different"..hope I achieved that..they were very happy when I dropped it..thanks to Aine2, Liis, Shirley and Katharry for their help in originally showing me how to do stuff...
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By JaneK
Mar 31, 2007
top view of the birthday can see more details from the top
Thanks again to my friend Aine2 for her fabulous tutorials..without them, I wouldn't have modeled a person at all!
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By JaneK
Apr 9, 2007
A friend wanted a couple to look like themselves...I sort of did that.....they are having a is a surpise for his wife..
Thanks to Aine2...her cakes are awesome and my inspiration for the topper..Choc cake with choc SMBC filling and vanilla SMBC outside..gumpaste ribbon.  I see a lot that I would change next is an 8" cake but when I delivered it, he loved it!!!!
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By JaneK
May 3, 2007
Practicing for an upcoming wedding cake (my first)...she is relaxed about design but doesn't want too many flowers...loves daisies and the raffia this is my attempt..first time stacking 3 tiers..I see all my mistakes but hopefully, I will get another chance to do one before the real thing...WASC changed to lemon zest and lemon flavour, SMBC with raspberry for bottom, SMBC with mango/orange for middle and SMBC with pineapple/coconut for are silk for this practice .Thanks for looking!
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By JaneK
May 13, 2007
I made this for my MIL on Mother's Day.  Dark and decadent chocolate with SMBC icing and white chocolate mousse filling.
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By khoudek
Sep 17, 2007
The kitchen cake for my daisies and raffia wedding cake...this is an 11 x 15 x4.  All iced in vanilla SMBC, filled with choc SMBC and it is a choc/vanilla scratch cake...I know it is plain but I wanted it to sort of match the wedding cake although it really won't be seen...Thanks for looking
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By JaneK
Jun 2, 2007
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By melysa
Jul 5, 2007
closeup pic of the cupcakes I'm taking to work tomorrow for the admin's birthday!  SMBC in vanilla and chocolate/cappuccino filling/icing..
They look pretty ..sort of like a Victorian posy..I made a dozen and it took me all afternoon!!
Thanks for looking
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By JaneK
Jul 8, 2007
baby  cake I did for my very dear friend's shower today...I got inspiration from the many lovely teddy bear cakes posted and just sort of put my own spin on it...lettering bears idea came from Maisie Parrish design.
She was so touched, it was really nice...oh and I couldn't think of something to match with the bears but I thought a scattering of buttons might be cute..I like the effect! 
Thanks for looking
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By JaneK
Jul 14, 2007
Scratch banana cake with fresh strawberry Swiss Meringue Buttercream,  grossgrain ribbon and pearls, glittered butterfly on wire.
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By melysa
Jul 25, 2007
I called this cake rise and shine because i had to rise and pretend to shine (haha) this morning bright and early for a pickup. It was for a brunch style meeting so it is toba garretts moist buttermilk yellow cake w/ a mild espresso swiss meringue buttercream and fresh fruit.  asked to do this last night with free reign on flavor and desgin,  so i went shopping to brainstorm...i  saw the beautiful gerbera daisies and champaign grapes and then gathered up the other fresh looking fruit that complimented them.
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By melysa
Aug 8, 2007
6" round, torted - 5" high. toba garretts moist yellow cake with buttermilk and almond. espresso (beans soaked in amaretto, irish cream and hazelnut prior to grinding) swiss meringue buttercream and fondant daisies & bow. swaravski crystals on daisies using piping gel. finished off with rainbow pixie dust !  cute little pink box has initial tags - inside is  a matching cupcake. if you decide to save this to your favorites, please take a moment to tell me what you like about my cake. thanks for looking!
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By melysa
Aug 28, 2007
This is actually not a grooms cake, but there is not a catagory for thank you cakes, so since this has chocolate, it seemed fitting to put it here. this was a thank you for my neighbor who helped me yesterday. i locked my keys in the house so he took my kids to school, and drove me an hour away to pick up spare keys and refused gas money!  scratch chocolate cake with VERY vanilla swiss meringue buttercream and chocolate shavings. tastes just like chocolate chip ice cream!
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By melysa
Aug 29, 2007
4-6-8" rounds, scratch chocolate with whipped milk chocolate ganache and vanilla swiss meringue butter cream. Thanks to sweet_as_tisse for instructions on the ribbon roses & moydear77 for  helpful pm advice. This cake was inspired by wespams single tier cake. I was dissapointed with the piping, the smbc had so many air pockets and the strands kept breaking...nearly cried. I am thankful that the couple really enjoyed this cake though and didnt have the eye for mistakes that I do.  handmade crystal monogra
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By melysa
Sep 16, 2007
This is a christening cake I did for a work friend. She said I could do whatever I liked but just to use cream and brown for colours..intially I was sort of disappointed in the colours but ended up really liking them. Thanks to Aine2 for her fab bear tutorial. Bows, blossoms and bears are fondant modeling paste.  12-9-6", SMBC iced and chocolate buttermilk cake.  Thanks for looking!!
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By JaneK
Oct 28, 2007
Tried JaneK's instructions to smooth SMBC and was amazed.  The cake is yellow cake with chocolate SMBC filling.  The logo started out as food color marker on edible rice paper.  Then I tried painting on Gold Lustre and black mixed with a small amount of vodka.  It wrinkled a little, but still worked.
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By dynee
Nov 10, 2007
My take on the WBH winter wonderland cake.  A 10" freckled mocha cake with chocolate hazlenut mousse filling and frangelico SMBC frosting, and an 8" orange cake with Grand Marnier simple syrup, orange curd and orange SMBC filling.  Snowpeople, clouds and trees are chocolate transfers.  The dove on top was the company's logo. TFL!
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By crazycakes2007
Nov 12, 2007
All I can figure out is that when I used a warm (from running hot water over it) spatula to smooth the blue-colored icing, the heat caused it to darken in spots.  I had hoped that it would lighten after a while, but it never did.
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By Rincewind
Nov 14, 2007
These are scratch dark chocolate mocha cupcakes with vanilla swiss meringue buttercream and chocolate leaves, dry dusted with various colored luster dusts. to make them, i put melted chocolate on the backside of silk leaves and let it set up.  thanks for looking!
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By melysa
Nov 15, 2007
This is a goodbye cake for a friend..there is a huge lunch for her today at work so I made a big cake...she is a girly girl so I don't think she would mind having a cake that looked like it was for a wedding!!  It's 6-9-12 and fresh lemon buttermilk scratch cake..Limoncello syrup and Limoncello SMBC..I bought the butterfly wafer papers from JenniferMI and made the body from RI..Thanks Jenn!!!
Thanks for looking!
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By JaneK
Nov 16, 2007
French vanilla cake with chocolate SMBC and brown sugar SMBC trim and filled with Chocolate Irish Creme Mousse.   Flowers are RI and fruit is my homemade marzipan.  I cheated on the cornucopia basket and it has a gumpaste base with the RI added.  Didn't trust myself to do just RI basketweave.
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By dynee
Nov 21, 2007
My good friend and I made this for her husbands birthday. scratch chocolate mocha cake with whipped bittersweet ganache , vanilla swiss meringue buttercream and ganache on top. white chocolate stars w/ gold dust. This was our first try with poured time i'm pouring over a rack! it was DELICIOUS!
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By melysa
Dec 14, 2007
These cupcakes go with the princess cake. they are scratch chocolate mocha with vanilla swiss meringue buttercream and fondant pearls.
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By melysa
Dec 14, 2007
This is my first attempt at SMBC (swiss meringue buttercream) - I love it!  It is awesome to work with!
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By Berecca
Jan 1, 2008
brown sugar & vanilla smbc and scratch chocolate mocha cupcakes with white chocolate snowflake dusted with super pearl and disco dust. silver dragees and sanding sugar sprinkled on top. wilton tip 1M for the swirl.  for a winter birthday~inspired by merissa who was inspired by mawagner... thanks for looking.
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By melysa
Jan 4, 2008
Scratch chocolate mocha cupcakes filled with whipped bittersweet ganache and covered with brown sugar vanilla swiss meringue buttercream and rainbow pixie dust. Wilton tip 1M for the big swirls. Thanks for looking.
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By melysa
Jan 25, 2008
A lot of firsts on this cake.  1st:  fondant character, 6" cake, rope border, & swiss meringue buttercream.   It was sooo much fun (practice) & my DD LOVED the "angel".  Cinnamon cake, caramel SMBC & fondant cupid & conversation hearts (painted the words, pupils & tongue w/  vodka diluted gel color)  TFL!
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By dandelion56602
Jan 26, 2008
THANK YOU BRAGGMAMA2 for your amazing cupcakes that inspired me on these. fondant frogs, white chocolate and dragee details. smbc on yummy scratch chocolate mocha cupcakes.... happy valentines day!
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By melysa
Feb 13, 2008
This was a chocolate cake with peanut butter SMBC and milk chocolate ganache.  It was super late by the time I got done and my writing still needs lots of practice so it didn't come out nearly as nice as I'd hoped.
By aswartzw
Feb 16, 2008
A midnight chocolate cake with cookies and cream filling, vanilla SMBC frosting and WBH white chocolate transfer zoo animals.  So fun to do, but time consumming!
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By crazycakes2007
Feb 20, 2008
swiss meringue buttercream and fondant daisies with dragees and bows. thanks for looking~
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By melysa
Mar 2, 2008
This is a remake of the other afghan.  I was go gung-ho to do this cake I did it two weeks too early.  Made some detail changes.  All granny sqyares and angled the fringe.  I like it better.
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By dynee
Apr 3, 2008
first time making SMBC, WOW what a great taste! My flowers I need to pratice with using that frosting, but I wantted the look of real, right out of garden and soft..The cake is wrapped in a edible image and fondant.
The cc's were to match.. orange pinneapple cake/ filling a pinneapple mousse with the SMBC.. Thanks for looking!
By CINDY1956
Apr 18, 2008
smbc w/ sprinkles and fondant letters. a quickie.
2 3
By melysa
May 19, 2008


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