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Same cake shown with smash cake.  Both cakes are iced smooth with buttercream.  MMF butterflies and flowers accenting both cakes.  All other decorations done in buttercream.
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By gourmetcakes
Sep 25, 2006
This is the "smash cake" that I made for my grandson, keeping with the madagascar theme.  He really dug into this one! 

It was, I think, 6 inches around.
By mcginnis
Sep 25, 2006
Ford/New Holland tractor cake & matching smash cake for a little boy's 3rd birthday.
By Laura102777
Sep 28, 2006
Smash cake for little boy's 3rd birthday.  Has matching tractor cake.
By Laura102777
Sep 28, 2006
This was the matching smash cake for the caterpillar cake-this was my first attempt at sculpting with fondant. The characters were SO MUCH work, they took at least an hour each. Everyone thought I was nuts, but I really enjoyed doing it. The characters came out bigger than I had originally wanted, but everyone oohed and ahhed over it-that is before my son got ahold of it! :) Thanks all for the suggestions!
2 1
By marybethee
Sep 29, 2006
Cake is iced smooth with buttercream.  MMF barnyard animals encircle main cake and smash cake.  MMF ribbon.
8 19
By gourmetcakes
Oct 2, 2006
This is just a simple smash cake made for my daughter's first birthday.
By abc123
Oct 4, 2006
By sarzoemom
Oct 8, 2006
6" round smash cake chocolate with buttercream icing.
1 2
By Rainbow
Oct 14, 2006
The smash cake to go along with the cake I made for my niece's 1st birthday.
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By janetwhitson
Oct 15, 2006
This is the smash cake that went with the big Mickey cake.
By Shalan
Oct 17, 2006
Baby Einstein Smash Cake
By SpudCake
Oct 27, 2006
The bath cake was white cake and buttercream filling. Fondant decorations including the claw feet. This cake is on a wood board (built by my talented hubby) supported by 4 doules cut to 2" and screwed into a larger board cut to look like a puddle of water under the tub. The bubbles are buttercream sprinkled with edible sparkle dust. The smash cake is 5' round carved for the body and 1 1/2 cupcakes carved round for the head. Covered in buttercream with fondant eyes and beak.
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By SweetTcakes
Oct 29, 2006
Inspired by boonenati's JJ cake here on CC.  White cake with buttercream fill and crumb coat.  Covered in Fondant.  Smash cake was fondant too. (not a good idea..didn't make the really good mess that everyone wants to see and couldn't get into it...resorted to the older sister taking bites right out of the side of it :)  My first stacked cake - i was shaking like a leaf afraid it was going to collapse!
3 5
By neurnr
Oct 30, 2006
smash cake,, chocolate with buttercream
By debilou68
Nov 3, 2006
Made for a little girl's 1st B-day, Ladybug w/ matching smash cake.  Yellow cake w/ vanilla b/c covered in choco-pan.  Ladybug made of 2 sheet cakes torted w/a 7" oval on top, carved to get shape.  A pain, but I love how the cakes turned out...hope the baby girl does too!!
6 39
By missyjo30
Nov 3, 2006
Lemon Pound Cake with raspberry filling.  Buttercream icing with fondant decorations.  Last night they told me they would have to hold off on this cake because their little girl had the flu....and then this morning at 9am I got a call saying, "Please bring the cake anyways!"  That was a fast decorating job!
15 61
By meghanb
Nov 10, 2006
Done this for my co-workers little girls 1st birthday.
3 3
By StandingForJesus
Nov 14, 2006
I'm not happy with his arms and legs, I think they could have looked alot better than they turned out.
4 5
By StandingForJesus
Nov 30, 2006
This is for my neice tomorrow. It's a 6 inch smash cake. Her and her sister are only two years apart, born on the same day and I get to do their party cakes!!!
By ASupergirl
Dec 1, 2006
Basic Smash Cake, yellow with BC and Choc Transfers... this goes with the "First Birthday" cake..
1 2
By tye
Dec 4, 2006
These party pinata cakes have been the most requested cake I am asked to do. The top is a hard chocolate dome,which is made by swirling melted chocolate around in a bowl.You leave it to set and then remove the dome from bowl. It is placed over the top of round cake decorating with chocolate money and lollies.  use more melted choc to "glue" on any lollies that you can think of! Smarties, freckles, jelly beans etc.The birthday child gets to break open the dome with a toy/craft hammer, revealing the treasure!
6 13
By kncab
Dec 8, 2006
Rocking Horse smash cake to go with the Rocking Horse birthday cake.
1 2
By Shalan
Dec 8, 2006
this was the smash cake made to go with the hugs n stitches cake i made. Again all credit goes to the original designer of these cakes. this was white cake layers with pink buttercream icing and fondant decor
2 5
By Shalan
Dec 8, 2006
Smash cakes for twins' first birthday - goes with catepillar cake. :) One ended up being Italian Cream b/c I cut it out of a larger cake I already had - the boy loved it though! The other was vanilla. Both had vanilla buttercream.
By imartsy
Dec 12, 2006
6" smash cake to go with the "Pink Butterfly" cake in my photos.
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By ladybug03
Dec 15, 2006
This cake was a gift for my friends daughter turning 1. It was made to match invitations. I told her the sky was the limit and hoping to do some fun pink girly whimsical cake - but this is what she wanted. That sounds enthusiastic, doesn't it?
5 2
By aligotmatt
Dec 15, 2006
This is a chocolate fudge cake decorated in buttercream icing along with a smash cake for the 1 year old.  It was designed to match the party decorations.
3 7
By texagg00
Dec 20, 2006
Made this the same time I made the Baby Einstein caterpiller cake. Iced with whip topping and sprinkled with colered candy decoration.
2 1
By lkfarley
Dec 25, 2006
Cakes are iced smooth with chocolate buttercream and white buttercream.  Images transferred on with piping gel.  All decorations done in buttercream.
2 10
By gourmetcakes
Dec 28, 2006
OK... this is a small round iced in BC with a plastic duck, BC bubbles, and the child's name.  The mother has also ordered a 9x13 with the duck pan on top which I will post tomorrow, as the duck pan takes forever to cool and I don't want to lose it by then :)  I am so in love with this little cake, I think it is possible my favorite yet.. so neat and sweet.... thanks to all of the ideas I received here on CC... comments always appreciated
3 4
By SugarBakerz
Dec 29, 2006
This goes with the baby in a flower pot.  This is the one that is all for her, to destroy as she wishes.  Happy New Year!
By yoktom
Dec 31, 2006
All buttercream with fondant accents.  Same as my other one posted but this shows the smash cake.  The smash is 5 in round.

Thanks for looking!
10 65
By FatAndHappy
Jan 2, 2007
These cakes are iced smooth with buttercream.  Images transferred on with piping gel and filled in with buttercream.
1 11
By gourmetcakes
Jan 4, 2007
Just another Sponge Bob, this one with a Sponge Bob Smash Cake to go with it.  I'm thinking I can do ole Sponge Bob blind folded now, I've done more of him than any other cakes.  The strange little feller is just the most popular, what can I say?
4 12
By StandingForJesus
Jan 6, 2007
1st bday cake hugs and stitches theme. Another view. This one with smash cake. The icing on the smash cake is actually whipped cream colored purple!
1 3
By chefamanda
Jan 7, 2007
A little smash cake to go with the rocking horse cake.
Jan 13, 2007
These cakes are iced smooth with buttercream.  Decorations are done in buttercream to match partyware.
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By gourmetcakes
Jan 15, 2007
This cake is iced smooth with buttercream.  Decorations are done with buttercream to match partyware.
1 16
By gourmetcakes
Jan 15, 2007
This cake was for my niece to smash.  It was make to go along with the three tiered crooked cake I made for everyone else.
4 11
By kathmc67
Apr 13, 2005


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