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The wedding was their second and they didn't want a big affair. The color scheme was multiple colors. 12" square, 9" heart, 6" heart. Tea roses comprise the bottom tier on the 9" heart. The couple was surprised that a small cake would look so nice. They were very pleased
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By marriedhsdad
Jun 30, 2005
Vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting with  gumpaste rose
6 38
By psurrette
Sep 4, 2005
A lady was getting married and asked for a small wedding cake for 10 people. I came up with this and only charged her $20 or so. She was so rude when she picked the cake up, saying that she hated the flowers! She said that she was going to remove them and put fresh flowers on it! I've never felt so insulted. I still think it's pretty.
17 4
By cakes
Oct 22, 2005
Small reception cake...all buttercream. Roses and mums are air-dried.
15 24
By DiscoLady
Jan 28, 2006
I got a request late at night for a next day cake, this is what I could come up with in just a couple hours.
5 2
By Reyna
Feb 6, 2006
made for my teenage Cousin, She loved the sugar crystals and the cascading stars.  Another double stacked 6" petite cake all her own.
By toneg24
Mar 9, 2006
Cake for about 50 people, silk white frosting with a wave pattern on it piped in an ivory color. Cake plate was provided by Bride to be.
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By Ginger08
Mar 26, 2006
First fondant cake...self-taught as missed class this week, but easier than I thought.  6" square strawberry cake for my 4yo daughter who picked out the colors.
By FunCakesVT
Apr 23, 2006
Not as smooth as I wanted to, but they were good! Next time I'll try to cover the cake with apricot glaze. In the Wilton Yearbook it says it will make them smooth.
By Val40
Apr 25, 2006
Sponge with marmalade covered with ganache. Unfortunately the ganache didn't get hard (too much cream??) so it left us with very sticky fingers!!
By Val40
Apr 25, 2006
These are some of the mini cakes I made. The tier sizes are 3 1/2", 2 1/4", and  1". Covered in fondant - each decorated differently. The white one is MMF the other 3 are Wilton pre-colored. They are each setting on a 4" mirror for the base.
21 37
By Loucinda
Apr 25, 2006
This cake was made for my cousin who had a very small ceremony and never had a cake or a reception.  This is a 6 in with a 4 in on top.
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By sweetexpressions
May 23, 2006
This cake was made special for my son before he had his party. I used fondant to make the balloons.
By cakestacker
May 24, 2006
This is one of three cakes I have due for tomorrow.  This one was done for a very sweet lady at our church who used to play piano for us.  She's not able to play anymore and misses it so much, and I just thought I bright little birthday cake would cheer her up.  Now I have to get busy on the other two which I have to travel to Florida with Friday morning.  OH BOY!
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By StandingForJesus
May 31, 2006
Quick little surprise get well soon cake for a friend. His favorite color is Orange it was.
2 1
By rezzygirl
Mar 27, 2007
I had a hard timegetting this icing to smooth.  I am actually thinking about scraping it and starting over.  I am just not happy with this cake.  the daisies are mmf with royal icing centers.  Bc icing and strawberry top yellpw bottom.
5 7
By sweetexpressions
Jun 8, 2006
I made this cakes to give to my son's teachers during teacher appreciation week.  Covered in MMF. They loved them!
3 16
By sandralita
Jun 21, 2006
MMF covered cake, hand painted, buttercream shoe. cake is 5''diameter & 3'' tall.
4 3
By Aries-04
Jun 30, 2006
I made this cake for a small luncheon wedding. White cake, buttercream icing with royal roses. The M on top is white chocolate. After taking the photo there were a few things I had to fix - photos don't lie!
By Jen5600
Jul 8, 2006
Just a quick, small cake that my mom and I made for my grandma's birthday.
By oneprimalscream
Jul 21, 2006
All buttercream, chocolate cake with vanilla pudding between the layers.  I free-handed the methodist emblem... probably should have gone with a piping gel transfer, the flames aren't quite right.  9x9 cake, served 11 people easily.
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By wells123
Jul 30, 2006
6 inch strawberry cake w/lite strawberry creamcheese filling. Butterfly is FBCT. made for bingo prize at local Lion's Club.
By ladyday95
Aug 3, 2006
This cake is a small wedding cake for around 35-40 people.  The bottom tier is chocolate and the other 2 vanilla.  Decorated in Buttercream, on top gumpaste flowers and plastic leaves.
By Pootchi
Aug 7, 2006
When my co-worker asked me to make his wedding cake, I was a little hesistant since I'm not a professional but he insisted. I made a 10x6 chocolate cake filled with cookies and cream mousse. I stink at making flowers as you can see so there wasnt much going with this cake.
By jellopinay
Aug 10, 2006
This is my first heart shaped wedding cake, and it was not as difficult to ice as I feared it might be!  It is for a very small wedding...the top tier is a 4", the middle a 6", and the bottom layer is only an 8" heart.  The daisies are fondant, my first attempt at these flowers in fondant.  I love this cake!
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By gmcakes
Apr 20, 2007
The 50+ groom was insisting that all wedding cakes are white (I was rude and told him..maybe when you FIRST got married..but not anymore!  lol) I REALLY didn't want to do

So, this is what I came up with to keep withing the young brides' budget and the grooms requirements.
4 7
By RisqueBusiness
Aug 18, 2006
I've had a lot of requests for the deer head cake from people who were having small parties, so I've scaled down the deer head cake.  This cake is sitting on a quarter sheet cake board, just to give you a size reference.  I made 1 half sheet cake layer and was able to cut out all of the pieces I needed, with lots of left overs.  The whole cake is chocolate, iced in BC and airbrushed.  The antlers are a child-sized wire hanger, cut and covered w/fondant, then airbrushed as well.
9 13
By momsandraven
Aug 28, 2006
My husband kept complaining that he never gets to eat any of the cakes I make - or if he does he only gets a very tiny slice. This is a 4 inch cake that I made "just for him" w/ some extra batter I had. It's supposed to be "gold" - I used Americolors gold coloring. It also has a small fondant pearl on the "i" in Jim. I think he liked it but would have rather it be chocolate - it was white-vanilla cake w/ raspberry jam filling. Still yummy!
By imartsy
Aug 30, 2006
I was just practicing some flavor combinations but ended up selling this cake anyway! Used some flowers left over from my Wilton class (great to have those on hand!) The cake is either chocolate w/ oreo cookie filling or vanilla w/ oreo cookie filling - don't like oreo in the vanilla so I ended up using French buttercream vanilla as the filling instead. Cake is 6 in. Oh yeah - iced in French buttercream - YUMMY but couldn't get smooth.....
By imartsy
Aug 30, 2006
I was just practicing some flavor combinations but ended up selling this cake anyway! Used some flowers left over from my Wilton class (great to have those on hand!) The cake is either chocolate w/ oreo cookie filling or vanilla w/ oreo cookie filling - don't like oreo in the vanilla so I ended up using French buttercream vanilla as the filling instead. Cake is 6 in. Oh yeah - iced in French buttercream - YUMMY but couldn't get smooth.....
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By imartsy
Aug 30, 2006
Just something I made my boys to give their Daddy
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By southrnhearts
Aug 31, 2006
I love this cake. Even though it is obviously done by a beginner, I just Love the swirls and the peachy petunias. This was my final cake for wilton course 3! I made the petunias out of royal icing, and I'm especially proud of the cake topper, made with petunias, tulle and styrofoam.
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By Daniellemhv
Sep 4, 2006
I made this cake for my mom.  It's a 6" cake.  We were going together for the weekend to my grand-father's funeral and we were leaving on her birthday.  So when we stopped for lunch I gave it to her for dessert.  She was really surprised!!
By Pootchi
Sep 7, 2006
This is just the top tier of the Summer Daze whimsy cake in the WBH book.  I did it for a girl scout fundraiser auction and they told me when I dropped it off they were going to put it in the call out auction rather than the silent acution so that made me feel good. Plus the council leader asked me if I would make a cake for a troop sometime and I said of course. : )  Chocolate cake with cookies and cream filling and italian meringue buttercream. Chocolate runouts.
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By okieinalaska
Sep 9, 2006
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By ckirkland
Sep 18, 2006
This is a 10" round white cake with strawberry filling and buttercream frosting with basket weave design.  It was for a small wedding for one of my friends.
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By dannigirl
Sep 27, 2006
Fresh roses were the bride's choice of flowers for this small ivory wedding cake (10,7,5 in. layers). In the photo, the roses look red, they actually were more pink which accented the pink in the ribbon.
6 8
By PGray315
Oct 10, 2006
I made this cake for my cousin's wedding. It was a small wedding and they wanted a small cute cake. The cake is covered in homemade buttercream with buttercream roses that matched the flowers. There was only one problem I discovered while sitting it up. This was an outdoor wedding and the table was set up on a hill and was leaning.
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By Shalan
Oct 11, 2006
My son was celebrating his second anniversay on the same day, so I made them a small cake for them.   The mixer that is proinate in the pictur was my grandmother's mis master and I finnaly wore it out four year's ago.
By Ditter
Nov 2, 2006
This is a small (largest tier is 9") wedding cake. The top and bottom tiers are chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and raspberry filling. The middle tier is lemon cake with whipped topping and raspberry filling. The beads are clear pearls attached with royal icing rosettes.
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By TheCakeWizard
May 17, 2005


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