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I used the cinderella cake pan, but used pink to make it look like sleeping beauty. They were happy!
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By traci
May 8, 2005
My son is going to his first birthday party sleepover, so I made him these cookies to take along. I should have used a smaller tip for the eyes. They look a little buggy, like aliens.
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By Lori11941
Jul 16, 2005
This is a bortjday cake for my son for his borthday's kind of a joke, he loves to sleep and he loves Coronas so I combined the two.  My "guy" could use more work but I was pleased on how the bed youngest daughter and I had loads of fun creating this.
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By CIndymm4
Aug 6, 2005
I used the Wilton Wondermold cake pan and the doll pick that came with it.  I just took off the head of a Barbie we had and put in on the pick.
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By midwestmom
Aug 7, 2005
I saw this cake in the photos at the ICES convention and thought it was adorable.
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By icingonthecupcake
Sep 3, 2005
Made 4 sheet cakes for a baby shower.  I got a lot of ideas from this site.
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By talmas
Sep 27, 2005
This was made for a little girl who doees not like cake, and isn't too keen on frosting either.  (WOW!)  So, I tried to keep the frosting to a minimum with the Sleeping Beauty transfer, etc.
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By momsandraven
Oct 4, 2005
This was a cake a did for my niece awhile back. She wanted a purple cake with Sleeping Beauty on it. It's buttercream and my first time with fondant. Thank goodness I know so much more now. Talk about doing everything the hardway!
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By tamreese
Oct 12, 2005
For hubby's surprise b-day party. :)  Iced in buttercream, except the faces and trees.  I did this last minute and didn't have any icre cream cones or tree formers, so I just had to make do...and have short trees.  Oh well.  Overall, I am pleased with the results, but it was a learning experience! :)
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By Cakeasyoulikeit
Oct 26, 2005
Sleeping bags, pillows, faces and names all piped in buttercream.
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By KimAZ
Oct 29, 2005
The customer wanted a bow,  not really happy with it, but I do like the cake overall.  Got every idea right off of CC.  Thanks everybody.
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By bulldog
Dec 9, 2005
Close up of fondant baby.  Not as good as the one I got idea from, but not bad.
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By bulldog
Dec 9, 2005
Close up of fondant Sleeping Beauty
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By Nana2three
Jan 16, 2006
Cupcakes made with the pre-tinted fondant for my sister in law's baby shower.
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By mohara
Feb 13, 2006
All but the lollipop stick holding the moon is edible. Fondant moon, stars, baby, and blanket. Buttercream icing is applied to resemble a cloud.
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By mgcakes
Mar 8, 2006
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By julismom
Mar 23, 2006
This is my first attempt at disney's ASleeping beauty with rolled BC fondant ......I had a bit of a hard time w/ the dress because I didn't make the cake high enough for proportion so I filled in under the top part of her dress with crusting buttercream to try and compensate ....lesson learned I will make sure the cake is plenty big from now on : ) This was a practice one for another sleeping beauty I am making next Friday for a little girls Birthday party!!   Thanks for looking
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By twoprincesses
Apr 1, 2006
Cake made for a little girl's birthday.
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By lilrev
Apr 7, 2006
This was for a baby shower.  I misunderstood how many it was suppose to feed so the night before delivery I had to make matching cupcakes to pull it off.
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By Coastiemom
Apr 28, 2006
This cake was really easy to make, and was a huge hit at the shower.  After having two boys, my cousin FINALLY had a little girl.  So, we wanted her shower to be nothing but pink and "girly".  We made a 3-D castle out of foam board and poster board, and in the middle we put dry ice so that mist would be faintly surrounding the castle. That was the centerpiece.  It was a princess theme, duh.... : )
By grantsmommy
May 8, 2006
BCTS - Disney Princesses - Bday gift hit cake, so there is a slight problem above Cinderella LOL
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By vmw774180
May 16, 2006
Sugarpaste and Buttercream
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By zahurinina
Jun 5, 2006
1/4 sheet cake.  Choc cake with buttercream icing.

For a little girl turning 5.  The little girl loved the cake but asked her dad where the other two princesses were?  She thought that she was getting three cakes.
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By Fishercakes
Jun 5, 2006
All edible. Yellow cake iced in blue BC, sprinkled with edible glitter. Clouds are white BC dusted with pearl luster dust. Moon and stars are rolled fondant painted with gold dust. Baby, blanket and pillow are rolled fondant, some pieces painted with pearl luster. Thanks for looking!
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By Vmoore
Jul 16, 2006
Brown spot on his cheek is a photo problem - not on the actual piece. Thanks for looking!
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By Vmoore
Jul 16, 2006
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By LittleLinda
Jul 27, 2006
This cake is iced smooth in buttercream.  Buttercream image was free-handed onto cake.
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By gourmetcakes
Aug 4, 2006
10" round with Disney Store figurines on top.
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By CakesByEllen
Aug 7, 2006
This was my first doll cake and first stacked cake, as well.  The doll is sitting on a 10" round (torted) and is iced with WCBC.  Thanks to everyone who helped answer my questions, especially, Kiddiekakes!
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By chocomama
Aug 21, 2006
This is a fake cake covered in fondant that was used as a demo for a church auction. Based on Debbie Brown's in "Enchanted Cakes for Children" book.
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By feverfixer
Sep 5, 2006
The client requested that Sleeping Beauty be modelled to look like the birthday girl & that Prince Charming had to look like the boy she had a crush on. Models are fondant, headboard is gumpaste.
5 65
By sillyoldpoohbear
Sep 6, 2006
Buttercream icing with fondant baby & blanket.
5 18
By queenofcake
Sep 9, 2006
I made this Sleeping Beauty cake for my daughter's 3rd birthday party last week.  The headboard and footboard are made from gumpaste and I also used fondant, royal icing and buttercream.
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By snatal8
Sep 16, 2006
What was Sleeping Beauty dreaming of for those 100 years? What if she had been reading a book of fairy tales before she fell asleep? Her world melts down into the top of Cinderella's castle, which is in the clouds of Snow White's forest, which rests atop the Little Mermaid's world under the sea. As you can see, each princess is asleep, dreaming of their own true love.   ( fondant/ beginning of idea from Debbie Brown's Sleeping Beauty)
82 1,114
By dydemus
Sep 18, 2006
8" square w/ fondant sheets, bedskirt, girls & rug.  Gum Paste head board & foot board.  The little girl was thrilled with the cake.  :)  Lots of fun to make.... next time I would like to try a more detailed quilt/comforter.
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By bjfranco
Oct 8, 2006
Frosted in buttercream with fondant sculpture....I couldn't resist doing a sleeping baby cake after all of the fabulous ones I've seen here on CC! Thanks for the inspiration, all of you fondant-baby-makers!!
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By pancake
Oct 15, 2006
Just for fun!
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By littlesis
Oct 16, 2006
Made for a 5 year old's Birthday.  Used Debbie Brown's instructions in her "Enchanted Cakes for Children" book.  It's chocolate cake with whipped chocolate ganache filling.  Fondant decorations and bed was made of fondant with gum tragacanth.  Lots of fun to do :) TFL!
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By mvucic
Oct 16, 2006
31 chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream and Sleeping Beauty FBCT. Tiny white MMF daisies, tiny heart-shaped candies and pink disco glitter to finish!
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By MikeRowesHunny
Oct 18, 2006
This is a sleeping bag cake I did for my daughter's sleepover last week. Not the best, but it was a big hit.
By kgil1124
Apr 13, 2005


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