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Chocolate cake w/ bold colored buttercream icing
23 42
By ckirkland
Jul 27, 2005
for my newphew's birthday. all the "stickers" are made of mmf
2 1
By beccal
Jun 30, 2005
This is for my nephew's birthday. I cheated and used toys on top, but it was the only thing I could think of.
2 9
By ccr03
Nov 14, 2005
Here is a picture I recently did for my son's 8th birthday.  I wasn't too happy with the colors and the shape of the "skateboard ramp" but overall I was satisfied.
9 26
By Angelica
Jan 30, 2006
2 13
By blossum
Oct 6, 2005
Baked 9x13-inch sheet cake and 9-inch round cake.   Split round in half and placed one on each end of the sheet cake, then sculpted the sides of the sheet cake to give it more of a skateboard shape.
1 9
Apr 2, 2006
Cake for 10 yr old boy who wanted flames on it.  Personally, I think they look like leaves but hey the mom liked it.  I used tip 16 for the flames & 18 for the rest.  I did tip 18 zigzag around the side.
1 2
By jezzie
Apr 16, 2006
For my niece's birthday she wanted a skateboard cake so this is what I created for her. I made a 100% edible skateboard.
4 16
By terrob97
Apr 19, 2006
My son really loved the Spitfire skatebording guy, so I put him on his birthday cake. I should have sprayed red or used red bc under the spitfire head because you could see white bc through the image.
1 3
By luvbakin
Jun 14, 2006
My nephew asked for a "white cake with a skateboard on it" for his graduation cake. I made this sidewalk with ramp and chocolate skateboard for him.  The ramp is a dummy covered in fondant.  The sidewalk top is fondant and the diploma and flags are gumpaste.  The skateboard is ENTIRELY edible--made of chocolate with pretzel rod axels.  The only inedible items on the cake are the necklace on the skateboard and the wooden dowels holding the flags.
6 7
By BlakesCakes
Jun 17, 2006
This was a cake I did for my friend's husband. I think it turned out good.  The logo was supposed to be red but I couldn't get a true enough red to satisfy myself so I went yellow.  She loved and he loved it.
5 53
By Katydidz
Feb 13, 2006
Fondant half pipe and ramp, the rest is buttercream.  The 2 skateboarders came from a Happy Meal!
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By SweetResults
Jul 10, 2006
My son wanted a skateboard cake . . . I think that it ended up looking a little like a ramp . . . even the boys @ the party weren't sure . . . oh well . . . it tasted good!
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By LulaBelle
Jul 16, 2006
This cake was pieced together from 2-6" rounds and a 9x13 sheet, covered in buttercream and topped with MMF for the skateboard design and wheels all for a Tony Hawk birthday.
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By pinkflamingo
Sep 3, 2006
Carved from a sheet cake for a boy's 8th birthday.  His fav. skateboard was this Tony Hawk one.  It is supposed to be a hawk that is in the form of a skeleton.  Covered the cake in fondant, covered the board in royal to make it looked roughed up like a street.  The birthday boy wanted his brand new unused:)  wheels on the cake, so that saved a huge step for me!  Free-handed the hawk using royal icing.
11 52
By helipops
Sep 6, 2006
I'm sure most other skateboard cakes are in the kids section, but here's one for a grownup! Pretzel rods and donuts for trucks and wheels, and a white chocolate free-form skull!
2 2
By eatCakes
Sep 16, 2006
2 1
By pattycaker
Sep 19, 2006
This was for my niece's 10th birthday.  She was having a skating party but for some reason wanted her cake to be a skateboard ramp.  She just loves to challenge me.  I think I would have done a better job finishing the details if I did not also have a wedding cake for the same day.  Lot's of dowels to hold the stacked side UP!
4 5
By Parable
Sep 27, 2006
"stickers" are bct /  Wheels and brackets are fondant
1 4
By teesue
Oct 13, 2006
2 13
By amandasweetcakes
Oct 15, 2006
This was for my son's 10th birthday. These are his favorite things to do, play soccer, ride his four-wheeler and skateboard. It's kinda of unusual, but he loved it, and I enjoyed making it for him!
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By blossum
Oct 21, 2006
My nephew is a skateboard fanatic. I made this 1/2 pipe for his 8th birthday.
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By qtascnb
Nov 24, 2006
1/2 Pipe; different view
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By qtascnb
Nov 24, 2006
This is a birthday cake built on top of an actual skateboard deck!  Special thanks to youtakethecake for this idea.

The cake is 2.5 1/4 sheet cakes trimmed to fit the board.  The logos are FBCT -- my first attempt!!  I made the flames with the use of a template and color mist spray.  I covered the trucks and wheels with foil, then piped frosting over the wheels.  He had no idea that there was a real skateboard under there!  A great success!
3 17
By bethallan
Dec 1, 2006
He wanted a part yellow cake with chocolate chips and part chcolate cake with white chips, VERY YUMMY it was!!
2 2
By jespooky
Dec 12, 2006
Chocolate cake with chocolate BC and MMF accents.  Spitfire, Flameboy, and Happy Birthday "Stickers" are FBCT's.  I was SO behind with this cake.....a half hour before it was supposed to be picked up, I broke TWO of the transfers (because I was rushing) AND dropped a knife on the cake (hence the little star!).  Managed to fix everything up - and then of course, my customer was 40 minutes late!
3 5
By gakali
Jan 7, 2007
My son wanted a skateboard cake for his 14th birthday,so I gave it a shot. This was my first carved cake. It didn't want to cooperate at all. Everything I tried just didn't want to work. So I made it look like and old board laying in the grass with rocks and dirt on it. He loved it. I guess thats what matters.
By fmcmulle
Jan 13, 2007
This was for my nieces 14th birthday.  No classes, flying blindly! LOL
It was cute...but a lot of cake!!  The skateboard was an additional layer, which sat on the sidewalk.  The white at the top was actually just the cake board.  I had fun trying to figure this out...lots of mistakes, lots of lessons learned.
By darlaslade
Jan 15, 2007
Not my best work!  Wish I had moved the wording over some.  Was in a hurry. :-/  The skateboarder silhouette is done with red candy melts...reverse chocolate transfer.
2 5
By LisaMS
Jan 26, 2007
2 2
By reese04
Jan 29, 2007
By babycakes83
Feb 4, 2007
This was my first time using airbrushing.  I found this airbrushing tool at Walgreen's it is meant to be used with Henna for temporary Henna Tattoos.  I thought I could just fill the well with food coloring instead.  It worked really well but did use up both of the canisters of CO2 that came with the tool - It worked very well.  The rest of the cake well it could have been better.
3 4
By karthurs
Feb 16, 2007
This was a skateboard cake that I saw in a magazine and my son wanted me to make.
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By pdgrn
Feb 18, 2007
Here's my first cake for a customer (one that isn't a friend or family member).  The cake is a 1/4 sheet cut into a skateboard shape.  I used a piece that was cut off to extend the board a little longer.  It's propped up on a block of 2x4 covered with cake board wrapping paper.  The wheels are mini-donuts.  The kid LOVED it!
5 10
By bethallan
Feb 20, 2007
I made this cake ,thanks to lisaMS
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By lindav76
Feb 24, 2007
i did this for a customer who's son loves skateboarding.
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By pookster
Mar 2, 2007
I made this cake for my son's 8th birthday today. My first attempt at the FBCT!
Wheels are cupcakes trimmed and covered in fondant.
Mar 4, 2007
This is a try at my luck with a skateboard cake.
15 22
By Lejla
Mar 13, 2007
1 22
By lynsey
Mar 17, 2007
Another view of the skateboard
3 5
By Barbend
Mar 21, 2007


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