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Two shoe boxes and shoe made out of cake...vanilla cake with bavarian cream filling and buttercream icing.
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By micfish
Apr 6, 2006
I made this for my niece who LOVES shoes (what girl doesn't!) so I came up with this shoe box idea with play shoes on top.  This is my first attempt at MMF and thought how hard can it be?  I was so wrong.  It took me forever to do the box lid.  I just need more practice.  However my sister, who is very critical and will never admit she likes anything I make, said this was the best tasting cake she has ever tasted (it was a Duncan Hines box and chocolate buttercream with the lid MMF) so that made me happy
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By cmmom
Mar 14, 2006
This was suppose to be the shoe box with a lid and tissue paper but I got lazy and just placed the shoe on top.  It was made for my 2-year old that loves shoes and purses.  It was the first time I made a chocolate mold AND first time I used my luster dust.
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By cmmom
May 5, 2006
This was made for a friend's 50th Birthday.  Both cakes are chocolate mud, and carved to shape, then covered in fondant, the shoe box in chocolate fondant.  The accents are fondant/modelling paste, and the logos are hand drawn with non toxic markers.  The mirror base was something I came up with because I was too lazy to cover the board with fondant ;0)

Thanks to Boonenati(Nati) and Socake(Sandra) for all their help and for letting me "borrow" their ideas :)
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By franjmc
Jul 23, 2006
Snakeskin Print shoe made of gumpaste, imprinted with a rubber texture mat, and painted with petal and luster dusts.  Shoe templates from "Romantic Cakes" by Kerry Vincent.  

Cake is 2 layer vanilla with chocolate ganache filling, buttercream and fondant covered.  Mimics a shoe box.   Tissue and lid are gumpaste.
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By mvucic
Apr 28, 2006
Jimmy choo shoes and shoe box for birthday
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By mykidsarekillingme
Aug 29, 2006
First request for a shoebox birthday cake for a young lady who was turning 21.  She's majoring in fashion design.  Shoebox iced in bc.  Fondant barcode label and receipt with edible ink.  I must give credit to my DH who did the writing with edible ink.  He has a steady hand!   I wanted to try doing a fabulous high heel like the ones I've seen on this website.  So I tried my best at sculpting a shoe out of fondant.  Used pearl shimmer dust to add sparkle to shoe.  I'm pretty pleased with the result.
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By cakeshy
Sep 25, 2006
Showing close up of shoe with piped detail.  hand painted with edible silver paint and snowflake luster dust to give sparkly finish.
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By Arty
Sep 29, 2006
This cake was for my sister's bridal shower.  This was all firsts for me, first time making the cake flavors, first time making a shoe, first time making a shoe box and a sache (sp).  The shoe box cake was key lime cake with white chocolate mousse and crushed graham cracker filling.  The sache was a gluten free chocolate cherry cake with whipped chocolate ganache filling.
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Oct 29, 2006
All Fondant, shoe and box covering and tissue
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By mypastrychef
Dec 25, 2006
Here are the 2 together, much better pic since it doesn't show the imperfections as bad. This was for my best friend's bridal shower, she lives for shoes and purses. It was a Diva shower!
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By chefdot
Jul 27, 2006
Made this for my friend at work. I had to rush it since after getting home tonight we went out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary and i had to do it after getting home in order to take it to work tomorrow. 
The cake is a 4 inch caramel mudcake covered in fondX, with a gumpaste shoe.
The butterfly was made with a mold from the UK that a lovely gal from Perth gave me as a Christmas present.
Thanks Tashy :D
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By boonenati
Feb 5, 2007
My very first gumpaste shoe, thanks Nati for directions. It was great fun to make. My husband was a bit dismissive of the fact that I had used a non-edible ribbon for the shoe, he was amazed when I told him it was gumpaste, the thought it looked so real. The cake is yellow vanilla cake brushed with strawberry preserves and filled with bavarian cream. Coated in IMBC and covered in fondant. The lid is rice crispies treat with fondant. The label is gumpaste. Cake was for a very fashion forward 6 year old girl.
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By BakingGirl
Feb 19, 2007
A bit lumpy and shooting the picture at 1AM didn't do anything to enhance the pic. I used a loaf pan, but if I try this again, I'm going to use a larger sheet cake and build up the box instead.  Also, used a marble cake, but the chocolate portions seemed to not "stick together" as well as the yellow.  Live and learn.
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By dazey1050
Mar 4, 2007
By wendynik
Mar 22, 2007
Thanks to boonenati for the inspiration to do this cake!! Her gumpaste shoe instructions are priceless!!
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By CakeL8T
Mar 26, 2007
I made this cake for my mom's birthday. She collects miniature shoes so I knew I had to try it.  The gumpaste shoe I made broke in half so I took the good half and had it poking out of the shoebox.  8x8 2-layer cake cut to proper dimension and covered in fondant.   The lid is made from styrofoam and the shoe sticking out is made out of 50-50 gumpaste/fondant
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By christyA
Apr 7, 2007
B/C frosting with MMF lid.  Shoe is made of white chocolate.  Cracks and holes in shoe are well disguised with ribbon and bow! :-)  I put a MMF sole inside the shoe to cover up mistakes in there as well.  Boy that shoe mold was HARD to use!  Thanks for looking!  Have a great day!
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By creativepassion
Apr 23, 2007
This gumpaste shoe was not the best, but I tried to dress it up as best as possible.  The shoe box is covered in Satin Ice.
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By TToomer
Apr 26, 2007
Made this cake for our local church.
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By Lejla
May 8, 2007
Not sure of anyone else experienced this same sort of problem, but I keep getting request from people to make the same cake designs over and over again.  For me it gets extremely boring.  Has anyone figured out a way to get deal with this issue?
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By TToomer
Jun 4, 2007
This cake was for my niece who is turning 19 today. 
It was 4 layer devils food with chocolate filling, covered in MMF and 
airbrushed w/pink and black. Shoe and purse are gumpaste.
It was my first shoe and my first time airbrushing. Alot of things went wrng and I'm not completely happy but I'm sure my niece will be.
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By itsloops
Jun 7, 2007
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By itsloops
Jun 7, 2007
I made this for  a great friend at work, who was turning 27.  Her birthday is on Halloween but she said growing up she always had halloween themed birthday cakes, so I decided to make her a different kind of birthday cake.  She is into shoes so this is what I made for her.  The cake is cinnamon cake iced with cinnamon buttercream, topped with fondant.  The shoe, tissue paper and lid is made of gumpaste.  Thanks for looking.
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By barbara-ann
Jun 17, 2007
Here is the side of the shoe box I made.  It's made from gumpast and hand written with edible markers.
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By barbara-ann
Jun 17, 2007
I made this cake for Panelope Ann Miller's birthday while at a movie set. It was my first time to make a shoe, it's not perfect by any means, but a whole lot of fun to make. I also put pearls around it but did not have them on when I took the pic.
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By cakemaker11
Jun 20, 2007
inspired by the great shoes posted here, and thank you for all the help and  PMs that were answered.
11x15 cut and stacked for shoe box, fondant covered and gp shoe.  when making a shoe be patient with the 
sole and give it plenty of time to dry.
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By sweetcakes
Jun 25, 2007
Chocolate chocolate cake...Fondant everything else!!!  Thanks for looking! : )
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By adven68
Jul 6, 2007
Did for a girls birthday, who is a "Channel" fanatic!  7" round for the bag (cut in 1/2) and 1/4 sheet cut in half.  All fondant, w/ fondant details.  (I spelled the shoe brand wrong!!   I did change it before it was picked up!!)
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By cakesbyallison
Jul 8, 2007
Inspired by a cake and shoe here on CC, this cake was done for a lady who always wears high heels. The cake is buttercream and the shoe is gumpaste
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By pinkflamingo
Jul 26, 2007
chcolate cake with strawberry filling and chocolate BC. shoe is 50/50 gumpaste/fondant. thanks for looking. any suggestions always welcome!!!
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By ceca
Jul 26, 2007
This cake did NOT turn out the way I had expected. I didn't prepare enough for it and it cracked to one side so my box was sagging. Then after I put my stripes and the tissue on you could see my mess ups! My MMF didn't work! (still isn't working!) I don't know what was happening that day!  But! My sister loved it! And the cake tasted good regardless.  This was my first shoe and shoe box. Any help or nice constructive criticism is welcome! Thanks for looking!
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By step0nmi
Jul 27, 2007
I made this cake for a shoe contest a chain of stores in Toronto.  I placed 4th out of a 1000 people I guess that isn't realy that bad. The box is pastilage, the shoe and tissue paper are both made of gum paste. It all sits on a heart shaped fondant covered buttercream cake. I truly enjoyed making this cake and am looking forward to making another one. And yes.......I love the colour pink!
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By dolcebaci
Jul 31, 2007
This is my first attempt at shoes.  I was happy with the result but it took ages.
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By ireneleach
Aug 3, 2007
This is the first time I had made shoes.  I was pleased with the result although it took me quite some time.
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By ireneleach
Aug 3, 2007
my first attempt at shoes and box.  Shoes are gumpaste, with fondant broach? Box is choc fondant tinted black.  AP was for birthday gal's name.  TFL!!
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By littlebits
Aug 13, 2007
Made this cake for one of  my friends 30th birthday.  I tried to make the shoe like Kerry Vincents.
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By sweetbabycake
Aug 14, 2007
I did this for my 12 year old who absolutely loves shoes. She chose the color! I intended to make the lid, but I was having a hard time, so I decided to do an "open" box with tissue paper coming out of it. You can't see in the picture but the side has a customized shoe box label. I covered the board in the matching color. Oh, and the shoe was freehand. Only after I made it did I see the template on here and next time I will definitely use it.
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By aoliveira
Aug 16, 2007
Made for a fashion show.  Top of boxes ar crispy rice cereal treats to ensure sharp corners.  First attempt at using a single sheet of fondant to cover a square cake.
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By dbax
Aug 24, 2007
Caking lesson number one... always let gumpaste shoes dry for three days people. THREE DAYS! My first shoe, and it fell apart on transport. :(
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By cherub5
Aug 27, 2007


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