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Yellow cake all bc frosting.  I did SpongeBob out of royal, and used the same technique as an FBCT. I used lollipop sticks for his legs, and anchored his arms with toothpicks in the back (after the arms fell off!) The shells are all white candy melts and the little flowers are leftover royals I had.
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By eriksmom
Dec 10, 2006
This is a scratch chocolate cake with white chocolate frosting.  I used a seashell mold and candy melts for decoration along with crumbled vanilla wafers for the 'sand'.
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By SweetieD
Dec 11, 2006
This is a cake I did for a bridal shower. Mini 3 tier w/ sotas and shells made from white almond bark then brushed w/ luster dust.
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By CakeL8T
Dec 20, 2006
All yellow cake, all BC filling and frosting. Shells are white candy melts with a bit of brown color swirled in. Pearls are satin ice fondant, coral is royal (thanks vixster, for the tip!). The sand castle is the only non edible part, made of real sand. 12" square, 10" round, 6" round
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By eriksmom
Jan 1, 2007
I made this cake for my son's 7th birthday. Everything is edible. This is my first attempt at a hand made figure, and I am quite happy with how he turned out. The cake is a half sheet size, shells are fondant pressed into a candy mold, trees were made with a clay gun  and leaves were made with a leaf cutter. Boats were hand cut, clay gun to add accents. Blue piping gel for the water look. Crushed butter cookies for the sand
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By luvbakin
Jan 18, 2007
I used the wilton 3 tier mini pans, using the 2 smaller of the group, I think 4" and 2.5".  No one lies when they say these take some time.  I tried to wrap them as a whole with the fondant, instead of each little tier, and end up with air bubbles when I couldn't smooth it down starting from the top just was really a bummer.  Looking at them all in the box you couldn't tell as much as you can here in the picture. BUMMER, although I can't wait to try it again.
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By doc_farms
Jan 19, 2007
A three tier cake..each tier was 2 cakes deep...
A totally edible cake ...everything modelled with mexican modelling paste and dusted with various lustre dusts..
The water effect on the board and cake tiers was done with paste colour mixes with paintig solution and glitter and then dabbed onto the cake..
It took forever ariel and flounder took the most time but it was for my little girls birthday yesterday so I didnt mind...Worth it all the kids loved it
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By rach1
Jan 21, 2007
closer piccie of the mermaid
By rach1
Jan 21, 2007
This cake was for my daughter Mackenzie for her 2nd birthday she loves Little Mermaid. It was my firsts time using Rolled Buttercream Fondant.  It is a White Chocolate cake covered in Rolled Buttercream.  Sabastion and Flounder are both Rolled Buttercream. And I used candy melts for the seashells.
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By SisterSister
Jan 24, 2007
Yellow Chocolate Chip Cake, 12" bottom with 10" middle and an oval on top, sculpted slightly to appear more flowing and not so round.  BC icing with the blue not mixed totally to look more marbled like water.  The sea grass is fondant and the pink coral RI.  The two large white coral's on top with Nemo are White Chocolate (thx ShirleyW) along with chocolate shells, and the rest is all gumpaste.  I modeled Mr. Ray (the stingray) the rest are Disney Figures.  Nemo's Anemone is a fruit rollup! Enjoy!!
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By stlalohagal
Feb 9, 2007
These two were a recreation of a previous cake I posted.  Client only wanted one chocolate and one white cake, but I colored the BC to look like a both a regular and a strawberry margarita.  Fondant parrot, palm leaves, and coke bottle caps (guest of honor retired from Coca Cola), nilla wafer sand, chocolate rocks and shells and some jelly bean stones and dragees, sparkling sugar for the "salt" and let's not forget the fondant "Cheeseburger in Paradise"!!!
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By msauer
Feb 18, 2007
Cake done for my son's birthday...took ideas from several other cakes on this website. Thanks for the inspiration!
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By friedgreencats
Feb 27, 2007
This was for a book fair at school.  The theme was the seashore.  Sea shells and coral are white chocolate dusted with luster dust.
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Feb 28, 2007
dummy cake with chocolate seashells with luster dust
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By Neva
Mar 5, 2007
Buttercream icing with gumpaste flowers, chocolate sea shells and candy stones
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By annlou
Mar 16, 2007
Seashells six-inch cake for a surprise bridal shower at my DH's work.  Just a small gift to the bride and groom.  Shells and coral are candy melts with luster dust.  Thanks to Alaskanmom for the inspiration!!
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By Kate714
Mar 21, 2007
Seems to be a revived interest in Mermaid. Vanilla sponge with bc and fondant. Fish, shells, starfish and sea horse all coloured chocolate. Must say I love doing these cakes because your icing needs to be less than perfect for the rocks and the sea! Such a saving on time and very liberating!!!
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By Leigh01
Mar 26, 2007
I wanted to play around and came up with this, obviously the inspiration came from cakes seen on this site.  Thanks CC.
By calvarykari
Apr 4, 2007
2-layer 9x12.  One is devil's food, the other is amaretto butter. Almond pudding filling.  All BC.  Flip-flops are MMF, sand is graham crackers, seas shells are candy melts.  My DH said, "Well now you know how to carve a coffin at halloween."  Trying to get it to look right when it was so tall was very hard.  overall though I am pleased.
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By cinjam
May 5, 2007
luster dust puton the chocolate shells, MMF covering cake
By Andicake
May 6, 2007
Pina colda cake with raspberry filling iced with bc and accects of chocolate sea shells
By wehmom
May 11, 2007
Cake was done for baby shower themed "Under the Sea."  Picture of Mermaid with baby is based off water color by artist Laura Logan.  Cake is covered in fondant with picture done in BCT.  Shells are white chocolate.
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By srentreken
May 12, 2007
Vanilla cake with chocolate bavarian filling and swiss meringue buttercream.  Little mermaid and fish made from fondant/gumpaste, while the other sea creatures (crab, sea shells) are made from candy mold.
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By dewia
Jun 4, 2007
6, 10, 14 iced in buttercream with chocolate sea shells. Baby in shell topper and graham crackers sand. Sails boats were cut to size from a 8" square. Sails are gumpaste on a stick. See close up of baby in My Photos.
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By CakeDesigns
Jun 5, 2007
Here is my first wedding cake.  It's a White Russian cake with ganache filling.  It's covered in mmf.  The shells are white chocolate luster dusted.  The topper is a picture frame.  The sand is ground up grahm crackers.
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Jun 10, 2007
This is one of my favorite cakes!  White chocolate sea shells hand painted.  It took 2 lbs of chocolate to do this 6", 8" 10" cake.  The bride was extremely happy with her cake and received so many complements on the cake.  No one could believe you could eat the shells.  Everyone thought they were real shells.


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By danasflowers
Jun 12, 2007
This is the cake that I worried about for the past 4 months. I wanted it to be special for my little girl's sweet sixteen luau. The bottom tier was a 10-inch white cake with raspberry filling. The middle tier was an 8-inch white cake with pineapple, coconut, and macadamia nut filling. The final tier was a 6-inch white cake with strawberry filling. All the layers were covered in turquoise colored buttercream and covered in white chocolate shells, sea stars, and coral.  Thanks for looking!
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By Bev55
Jun 23, 2007
The tiers are 14" Square, 10" and 6" Rounds.  WASC Cake with traditional BC icing.  The seashells are all white chocolate with a milk chocolate swirl and all luster dusted.  The palm trees came off the couple's Florida wedding cake done by CC member Pinkbunny.  Unfortunately the wonderful bridal couple she modeled out of gumpaste did not survive the trip home to St. Louis.  Check her photo gallery for a wonderful cake.  Thus my improvising using a photo of the couple from their wedding laminated.
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By stlalohagal
Jun 23, 2007
I made this cake for a girl at work that went to the Dominican to get married.  It was my first time using a scratch cake and everyone loved it.  Shells are white chocolate with dust (forgot the name) - chocolate mocha cake, MMF
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By Jenteach
Jun 24, 2007
This was my first attempt a ta flip flop cake.  i got the idea for the beeded straps from another cake on here.  i decided it would add a little extra to it to use the letter beads to spell out the happy birthday :)  i was upset with the icing because I COULD NOT GET IT SMOOTH!  other than that i thought it turned out cute, and enjoyed making it.  yellow cake with buttercream icing.
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By jjbrink
Jun 29, 2007
Donated cake (18x24) to feed clean up volunteers. Only thing I would do different is actually mold the fish (at 1am - I didn't have any molds and I wasn't about to try to find any!)  It was a hit and I actually received several orders from it!
By Deana
Jul 2, 2007
my first sand castle.  the customer wanted it to be laying down instead of really 3 D because it was for a family trip to the beach and they had a ways to drive.  So this is what came out.  Thanks to Doug for the sand mix recipe.  The cake is key lime, carved to shape, covered with bc and then with "sand", Seashells are candy melts.  I wanted to add a fondant pail and shovel, but it would have cost more than she wanted to spend - oh well, lol.
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By littlebits
Jul 3, 2007
WASC Cake, with Almond BC.  Silk flowers & sea shells the couple gathered at the beach.
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By missym
Jul 7, 2007
This cake did not come out as well as I had hoped.  It was for a couple for their anniversary.  The husband wanted to get his wife the same cake that they had at their wedding: Chocolate bourbon cake with peach mousse filling and covered in white chocolate ganache.  It was important b/c it was the cake her parents had suggested and both passed away this year so he wanted to do something special for her.  They were both very happy with the cake and I was horoned to be a part of their special day.
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By Blue0877
Jul 12, 2007
This cake was for a beach themed wedding.  Not my idea of a wedding cake, but the bride and groom loved it.  The shells are candy melts everything else is bc.  The delivery location for this cake was about 35 minutes from my house and down a pretty bumpy highway.  The palm trees separated on the way there so I had to cover it up with shells, but I don't think anyone ever even knew.
By shipleyc
Jul 14, 2007
Though this was for a shower it was basically a wedding cake.  double layer each tier with bc base covered in fondant.  I purchased natural shells because they looked best.  The candied ones just looked fake and hadn'tcharge enough to make it worth making shells for this amount needed.
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By Jennifer9800
Jul 15, 2007
40th. Birthday cake. wanted a elegant beach theme. What do you think!
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By sueognibene
Jul 16, 2007
This cake has been extremely popular.  I have tired to do a different sea shell cake, but no once is interested in other designs.  I guss a good thing catches on! This is yet another one of my sea shell cakes.  Same design but I changed the colors of the chocolate shells up a bit to match the colors of  wedding.  The bride looked at the cake and was very excited.  She kept repeating said the picture she saw really didn't do the cake justice. She was very impressed.


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By danasflowers
Jul 20, 2007
8inch Chocolate pound cake, 6"white iced in BC with grahamcracker sand, white chocolate seashells and silk flowers. There is also a heart drawn in the sand on top but hard to see in this picture.
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By BlairsMom
Jul 30, 2007
This was a gift for my friends wedding. All the teirs are cake dummies except for the top. I made all the chocolate sea shells and dusted them with pearl dust. All the real shells are from my moms own collection she picked up on the beach. Everyone loved this cake and had NO IDEA it was fake. The reason for making it fake was because I helped out at the church and that the travel time from my house was about 2 hours. I had sheet cakes in the kitchen for them to cut. French vanilla torted with red rasberry.
31 230
By psurrette
Sep 6, 2005


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