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Worked for HOURS on this cake, but it was fun and customer loved it.  My favorite items were the french fries in ketchup and the flip flops (on the side).  Lots of other details not visible in the pic- 3D cheeseburger, 3d poptops, compass, a 5'oclock somewhere clock, sand, rocks, shark fins all around the top of the bottom tier (ahem...swimming to the left AND to the right). Palm trees/leaves on wires and inserted into straws. (9" over a 12" cake). TFL!!
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By msauer
Jul 29, 2008
Wedding cake with sea blue buttercream icing.  Molded white chocolate sea shells.
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By sugarfly
Jul 29, 2008
I did a demo on chocolate dusted seashells for the ICES convention 2008 in Orlando.  This is a pic of part of the demo board that I made with the shells to show prior to the demo and Jennifer Dontz used the shells to decorate a wedding cake during our joint demo.  Shells dusted with ECG color dusts.
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By Denise
Aug 2, 2008
buttercookies with royal icing and luster dust
By miracle_usa
Aug 5, 2008
yellow cake (3d durable yellow cake recipe on this site) with white chocolate and strawberry bavarian cream filling.  FRosted in cream cheese frosting.  Asked my sister to frost it and she did it very roughly and I tried to get it smoother but couldn't anyway (and she took Wilton classes).  chocolate sea shells and RI coral.  This cake was for my birthday and it disappear.  I didn't get to taste it.  Oh and my nephew dipped his fingers all over the cake before I took the pic.  Tried to cover it with coral.
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By martmarg
Aug 5, 2008
This was for a beach themed wedding...the groom proposed in Hawaii, hence the theme.
The cake flavors were Irish Cream and Chocolate Mocha with complimenting BC flavors.  The shells were made out of white chocolate and the fan coral was piped RI.  The sand was brown sugar.  This was a fun cake to make!  TFL :)
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By confectioneista
Aug 9, 2008
6,8,10 square white BC icing and chocolate seashells. the pics not the best, but hopefully i'll get a better one later.
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By shorty56
Aug 30, 2008
Flip Flops are layered cakes so I could feed more people.  Buttercream with royal flowers and white chocolate seashells.  The coral is made out of white chocolate also.  Enjoyed doing this one.
By my2rys
Aug 31, 2008
I love the scalloped bottom pan I ended up using, 3" x5" upper layer.  I used the fleximold for the fish and sea horses and Ariel's shells.  The mermaid scales were done with a straw tip.  The tails fins were cut with the medium leaf cutter set.  I loved all the deep colors of this cake:)  I thank my DH who did an awesome job on Flounder!
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By margery
Aug 31, 2008
I got ideas for this cake from by the slice.  This was for a wedding for about 135.  12 inch sq, 9 inch rd, 6 inch rd... thanks to all the great ideas on cc... by teh way i did this cake along with 3 others from 8/30/08 to 9/1/08... thanks for looking
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By Tray2
Sep 2, 2008
purple sandals, sand is graham crackers with chocolate molded seashells.
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By Sugarchic
Sep 8, 2008
Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, filling and letters and shells are all chocolate.  Sand on top is granulated brown sugar.  I did use molds for shells & letters.
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By cwcherry
Sep 17, 2008
Chocolate walnut cake with raspberry/brandy/chocolate ganache filing, covered with fondant.Shells and big pearls are white chocolate.Seahors, numbers and rings are fondant.
By miracle_usa
Sep 19, 2008
Iced in buttercream with chocolate seashells
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By psurrette
Sep 21, 2008
This was the request of a mom for her daughter B-day... Sea Creature themed request heres what I came up with,,, Plants, flowers, & sea shells are made of fondant...  Vanilla White cake with B/C icing  Sand is a combination of all edible ingredients... Added edible luster dust to some of the pieces as well... TFL!
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By Cakeyladey
Sep 24, 2008
vanilla cake w/ butter cream frosting, white chocolate sea shells w/ pearl dust. Thanks for all the great inspiration!!!!
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By jodiejoey
Oct 23, 2008
First attempt at making a whimsical/topsy turvy cake.  I chose this shape because it seemed appropriate after I heard the design that the customer wanted.  They wanted a blend of elements that make up the birthday girl.  The girl loves to shop @ American Eagle (AE), hence the Eagle on top.  She loves music, hence the notes.  She wears converse sneakers, hence the logo.  She loves dolphins and sea shells, hence the first tier.  I hope I achieved what they wanted.  Cake is Puerto Rican almond recipe.
By Juny1980
Oct 25, 2008
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By Hardygirl18
Oct 25, 2008
hand painted (food coloring) gumpaste shells, my first fondant cake, choc chip pound cake with vanilla buttercream filling.
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By mommameagan
Oct 27, 2008
gumpaste shells, hand painted with wilton food coloring. too much fun.
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By mommameagan
Oct 27, 2008
This was made for an "Under the Sea" party. It's mostly buttercream with little chocolate seashells added on around the sides and top.
By ginascakes
Oct 27, 2008
Pound cake with buttercream and gumpaste decorations.  Shells are hand-molded chocolate and dusted with luster dust.  The birthday girl brought her Ariel and Flounder to me for the top of the cake.
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By mooj
Oct 28, 2008
For my daughter's 7th birthday...she picked out everything.  Even told me how to to the mermaid.  Not my favorite but she helped and she loved it.
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By augustaharrison
Nov 7, 2008
This cake was for a  7 year wedding anniversary, they met at the beach in Jamaica.  She gave me a pic of a cake from pink cake box and this is what I came up with.  TFL
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By Iva1976
Dec 28, 2008
Whew! This one was a pick up at 3 today and as of 9 this morning, the cakes weren't even baked,lol. I managed to finish thankfully! Thank you for looking! Happy Baking!
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By dellboi2u
Jan 3, 2009
Fondant covered cake with white chocolate shells and coral
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By cakesbykitty
Jan 4, 2009
This cake was made for a bridal shower cake.  Shells and coral made from white chocolate.  Sand is made from ground up graham crackers and rope border is made from 2 tones of fondant twisted together.
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By JNettecakes
Jan 12, 2009
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By Cmaysa
Jan 17, 2009
White chocolate wedding cake with chocolate ganache filling and butter cream frosting. All shells are made of white chocolate and dusted with edible glitter. Cake top is made of fondant and royal icing. All parts are edible.
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By annierooney41
Jan 21, 2009
This is my first wedge/slice cake...  Inspired by all you CC members!  I had wanted to try one of these for a while so, I used my Sisters B-day as an excuse to try it ...  Cake is WASC with B/C icing all decorations are made of fondant with exception of pearl dragees....  used glitter dust and glaze... Brown sugar with edible glitter for the sand.  She loves Tropical places & the color scheme is done in her favorite colors...  Let me know what you think good or bad... Thanks for looking!
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By Cakeyladey
Jan 23, 2009
bottom is german chocolate, middle is vanilla, and top is chocolate fudge....all with cream cheese icing. all decorations are gumpaste except hula girl and I bought her off ebay.....
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By liapsim
Feb 1, 2009
Father's Day 2008 - Made for a Padi Cetified Scuba Instructor. 9 inch double layer Lemon cake covered with Lemon Icing. Mermaid's upper body is a plastic Wilton doll pick. Sea animals, mermaid tail, rocks and sea shells are Fondant and painted with gel colors.
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By juleebug
Feb 17, 2009
More wedding show cakes, chocolate sea shells
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Feb 18, 2009
3 tiered funfetti cake! I used buttercream icing, piping gel for the water, sugar colored light brown for sand, the palm trees, fish, and sea shells are candy melts and the flip flops are candles. I used a Wilton Beach themed wedding cake as inspiration but changed it around to make it kid friendly.
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By caseyt
Feb 24, 2009
This was my first attempt at making sea shells.  This was a 6 and 8 inch round stacked cake decorated with buttercream.  The shells were made of fondant dry brused with luster dust.  This cake won a Blue Ribbon at our State Fair.
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By staceyzcakes
Mar 2, 2009
This is a chocolate cake with caramel icing.  When the icing was still soft I patted a mix of brown sugar and raw cane sugar around the edges to give it a sandy look.  The towers are ice cream cones.  The sea shells are molded candy,  The pail is carved chocolate cake covered in fondant.  The shovel is fondant & the flags are made from gumpaste & toothpicks.
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By TracyJoy
Mar 13, 2009
The 14, 10, 6" tiers are iced in ivory buttercream and decorated w/seaweed and chocolate molded shells.  The seaweed is created by dipping piping gel covered florist wire in non-perials - very delicate:(  The seeds drop off at the least bit of handling.  This was a display at a Bridal Fair, then in my shop.
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By kakeladi
Mar 16, 2009
This cake was for a wedding that was being held in a gorgeous house with the ocean as a backyard... simply gorgeous... the bride called me as soon as she say it telling me that it was beautiful... i was not too happy with it untl we were done putting the cake together and then i absolutely loved this cake... it was keylime cake with mango filling (top to tiers) and then it was amaretto canilla cake with amaretto buttercreme for the bottom tier... We wer happy to ge a trip to the keys included with this delivery... yay... any comments are appreciated...
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By pinklesley1
Mar 16, 2009
dolphin & sea life birthday cake
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By fmme2u
Mar 31, 2009
This was a gift for my friends wedding. All the teirs are cake dummies except for the top. I made all the chocolate sea shells and dusted them with pearl dust. All the real shells are from my moms own collection she picked up on the beach. Everyone loved this cake and had NO IDEA it was fake. The reason for making it fake was because I helped out at the church and that the travel time from my house was about 2 hours. I had sheet cakes in the kitchen for them to cut. French vanilla torted with red rasberry.
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By psurrette
Sep 6, 2005


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