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It is traditional to eat apples dipped in honey on Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) and honeycake is also a tradition.  These two cakes combine the traditions.  Both the "apple" and "honeypot" are honeycakes filled with chocolate ganache and covered in fondant.  The "honey" is piping gel. I've learned a lot since these two cakes!
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By itsacake
Aug 17, 2005
I made this MMF covered cake for a friend returning to Anodover-Newton Seminary.  She drove from Cleveland to Boston, hence the map, road, & construction barrels.  The cake is lemon with raspberry mousse filling.  The coffee cup is sculpted cake and everything else is MMF or covered in it.
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By BlakesCakes
Aug 31, 2005
This is 11X 15 vanilla cake with BC frosting.  The cowboy hat is sculpted from 2 4" (tuna cans) pans and covered with rolled fondant.  The bandana is also rolled fondant and pattern detail with food color markers.
9 3
By Mac
Oct 2, 2005
Whew!  A lot of work and time went into this one...Didnt' come out as I wanted to (had a hard time with the head)!, but still fun to make.  For the head I layers 6' & 7", body used 9" and carved, feet were each 4" round cakes.  Put dowels in the feet for support ofcouse, as the cake was quite heavy. Put extra support in the body to hold the head...
18 51
By Godiva
Aug 24, 2005
This is a sculpted pumpkin I did in class today. I took it with Alimonkey. Talk about a GREAT class. Anyway, hers is much cuter than mine, but I learned a ton. I'm definitely going to have to practice my fondant. The color is airbrush.
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By gdixoncakes
Oct 22, 2005
Four alternating layers of chocolate and butter yellow, with strawberry filling.  Buttercream icing.  Real fruit and artificial leaves.  The "tail" of the basket is styrofoam since cake would not support the weight of the icing.
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By piklpop2
Nov 22, 2005
Based on the 3D Scupltede Baby in a Flower Pot on this site, by Anne Hjelte Welch
10 14
By redstar
Dec 3, 2005
Another view of the cake based on the 3D Baby in a Flower Pot on this site
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By redstar
Dec 3, 2005
This cake was made for my Mother's Group combined 3rd birthday in September.  I made a few buttercakes & sandwiched them with buttercream until it resembled a large rectangular block.  I then carved out the Nemo shape and, due to limited time, piped orange butter cream rosettes all over.  The fins are modelling fondant and the shell shaped fins are fondant pressed into a madeleine tin and painted orange.
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By sone
Oct 20, 2005
These are coconut cupcakes with pina colada filling, coconut buttercream icing, and fondant snowflakes.  The angel on top is a hand sculpted fondant choir angel.
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By BlakesCakes
Dec 21, 2005
Bird's Eye View
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By redstar
Jan 9, 2006
This was my moms birthday cake.  It is chocolate cake with chocolate whipped cream filling with raspberry buttercream icing.  Its my first sculpted cake and the fondant was too thick so it buckled a little bit.  It tasted pretty good though
By swtperfection
Feb 12, 2006
For girl's b'day.  Baked in a 3-d car pan w/minor sculpting.  Customer provided picture of b'day gal which I covered in plastic wrap & placed in the windshield as the driver.
By kakeladi
Mar 12, 2006
I did this at Wilton in Chicago-my first experience with sculpting, 3-D, fondant, etc.  Base is 2 sculted 14" cakes.  Castle body is 2 6" cakes. Turrets are 4 layers of cake cut with a biscuit cutter, layered with icing in between each.  The turret tops are molded rice krispie treats.  All covered in fondant.  Bushes are rice krispie treats airbrushed.  Molded fondant dragon on the roof.  Royal icing brush embroidery water.  Royal icing tufts of greenery & flowers
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By BlakesCakes
Mar 20, 2006
I thought I was going along pretty good on this one til I realized that I forgot to cover the antlers in royal icing!  In a pinch, I covered them in fondant, we'll see how it holds up.  His nose is a little too big, but beyond that I'm very pleased for my first try with this.  I'm really enjoying experimenting with sculpting cake! Thanks for looking!
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By momsandraven
Mar 24, 2006
Everything is edible. Baby is sculpted and covered in Fondant. Blocks are also cake covered in Fondant. Toys & Quilt are Fondant.
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By Redkraze
Mar 29, 2006
Here is my sculpted cake entry for the Capital Confectioners' Cake show in Austin Texas.  My creative DH decided to take the pic outside.  Puppy, squirrel, bone, and stump are sculpted cake.  It is fondant covered and painted with a paintbrush.  The board is covered in fondant and I used a star tip to give it texture.  I used a veining tool and a toothpick for the stump texture.  I used a toothpick to give the animals fur.  I know you are going to ask.  It took me a week and I missed a lot of sleep.
29 81
By talmas
Apr 3, 2006
I made this cake as a surprise for a gentleman who was getting married.  As you may have guessed, he is a horse trainer.  He went crazy when he saw it.  It was my first real sculpted cake. 

Hope you like it.
14 40
By Birdlady
Apr 3, 2006
This is a repeat of a cake I made in December. Unfortunately, I didn't write down how I made the other and this one was lacking in cake so it is not as tall. Customer still loved it though.
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By HeatherMari
Apr 6, 2006
Here is the correct Thomas photo for the description I put with the JoJo cake! He was sculpted from a 3 layer cake and covered in buttercream with gumpaste features. Thank you to all who helped and answered my questions on this cake.
2 11
By HeatherMari
Dec 19, 2005
Thank you to Jasama & everyone that has made one of these cakes! I opted to make it all out of cake. It went pretty well I think! Although red is so awful to make!! Will definitely make this one again!
9 15
By HeatherMari
Apr 18, 2006
This is a sculpted truck that was made for a little boy.  It was done with 5 6" square cakes.  Had a whole lot of fun doing this one.
3 14
By Birdlady
Apr 26, 2006
5 20
By tawnyachilders
Apr 29, 2006
I did this cake for a co-worker's son's Skating party.  Double chocolate cake with buttercream icing.  I used the Wilton lamb cake mold and then sculpted the skate.  The wheels and stopper are mini cupcakes.
9 18
By Granpam
Apr 30, 2006
White cake with buttercream icing.  Violet's mom wanted a violet theme for her first birthday .  This was my violet sculpted from a second cake I had frozen for easier sculpting.  I just used a googled search for violet pictures enlarged one and used it for a pattern.
1 2
By Granpam
Apr 30, 2006
This is the cake I did for my nephew's b-day. The cake is iced in BC and all of the accents are in MMF. This is the first time I have ever worked with MMF and it was so much fun.
14 107
By mariak
May 1, 2006
the whole thing is covered in MMF. I had a little leftover wilton fondant that I used for the spikes and the curly pieces. The "fire", teeth, and wings are gumpaste. This was my 2nd attempt at the wings and they weren't dry yet so I didn't stick them in the cake like I had planned. The mouth is supported open by a board underneath the top of the mouth. I did a little painting and also dusted with gold lustre dust.
60 358
By mamacc
May 23, 2006
A school bus I made for my son's last day of school
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By barbaranoel
Jun 8, 2006
Choc cake with filling, sculpted, fondant covering with Choc clay accents
4 13
By Ursula40
Jun 11, 2006
Vanilla cake with bavarian cream filling and buttercream icing. Handles are ribbons.
6 9
By micfish
Jun 23, 2006
Made this cake for my friend's birthday after seeing the gorgeous cakes TooMuchCake has done.  Was a lot of fun.  Lemon/Orange cake iced and decorated with buttercream.
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By madicakes
Jul 21, 2006
Round cake is lemon buttercream icing, vanilla cake with grand marnier SS and barvarian cream filling . Decorations all buttercream.  Number cake, is vanilla cake, buttercream crumb coat and fondant. First time sculpting numbers and covering w/fondant.
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By rezzygirl
Jul 22, 2006
Okay this is my attempt at the MLP cake from Debbie Brown's Lovable Character's book.... let's just say I'm not gonna put her out of business any time soon! I was trying to use rolled buttercream for everything and I'm not quite sure how to work with it yet so I was getting frustrated. The ponies peeking out of the windows are a little creepy looking - I had given up at that point and just tried to make "something" to fit in the windows.... all in all I think it turned out okay.
10 16
By imartsy
Jul 28, 2006
This was for a little girls first birthday. The elephant is covered in satin ice fondant with a green polka dot fondant bow. The "grass" is a 10 in square that I carved to make the edges more gradual, like a hill. Then I added BC grass and some fondant flowers. My cake kept cracking with the stand up bear pan b/c of my recipe. So, I ended up be-heading my stand up bear cake and using just its head. Then I stacked up round cakes for the body and a strong central dowel for support.
8 18
By mamacc
Aug 2, 2006
This was my first time using MMF, using luster dusts, sculpting and painting on a cake.  I think it went okay but the MMF started to crack in a few places.  I wish I would have put in some seaweed or gravel with BC because everyone at the party thought it was out of the water.  I got the idea combining several pictures I saw in the galleries.  If yours was one of them thanks for the inspiration!
4 26
By calla74
Aug 13, 2006
This is one of the first sculpted cake I ever made. I made a mistake with  icing the teddy in white buttercream first,I should have used brownto crumb coat it. I piped the fur with a #2 tip.The eyes are brown m&ms and the nose is a ball of fondant. The ears are chocolate coins that I stuck into the head and then pipiped downward.
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By val25dejesus
Sep 7, 2006
All I did was bake this cake and make the frosting (which was a disaster).  DH made the frosting useable and carved the cake and frosted it!!!  He is amazing!  This is for my bosses 50th birthday party.  She collects hippos and this was her request.
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By hockeygirl658
Sep 10, 2006
My first sculpted cake, back when my son was in preschool and they were having a thanksgiving brown bag lunch, I of course volunteered to bring "a turkey"  well after that i was booked for every birthday party that came up!  One cake CAN launch a career-
12 11
By rosiecakes
Sep 15, 2006
What a FUN Cake!  The baby likes trains so there in lies the theme.  I didn't want the coal car to be too drab so I shook some Goobers with gold dust and voila'-  Gold nuggets.  Engine & Caboose are yellow cake with BC and center car is choc. cake, choc frosting.  When time to cut the top of the caboose was taken off and used for the baby's smash cake.  Wheels are Uh-oh oreos with BC and rails on cakes are cut and colored dowel rods.  Tracks are BC too.  Fun, fun, fun!
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By jewels625
Sep 22, 2006
3D army tank.  Sculpted and covered with sugarpaste
1 4
By cakesunlimited
Sep 24, 2006


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