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Intricate scroll work, sugar ribbons and a "faux fondant" finish are highlighted by a profusion of spring sugar roses, hydrangeas, cosmos freesias and sweet peas.

By: Maria Short <a href= target=_blank>Creative Pastries</a>
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By Anonymous
Apr 13, 2005
This was for my brother's wife who is a writer. It was orange spice cake with cream cheese icing. It was soooo yummy!
7 20
By sarahscakes
May 15, 2005
Fondant covered square cake with royal icing scrolls in gold. Cherry blossoms in brushed embrodiery and hand painted sugar pearls. 50th Anniversary celebration on a yacht which unfortunately did not have much lighting.
13 22
By Cakebaker57
Jul 1, 2005
My first tiered cake. Push in pillars made that very easy! Chocolate Explosion Cake with whipped ganache filling (YUMMY!) and chocolate fudge frosting. Royal icing roses. Scroll work on the sides (first time doing that, too). I was trial running this flavor combo. for our future wedding cake, so decided to post it here. I learned a lot on this cake! Chocolate frosting warms up and thins out a lot in the bag as you decorate with it. Glad it turned out OK. Tastes good!
11 4
By AngelWendy
Apr 13, 2005
7 23
By dinkadoo
Aug 8, 2005
Buttercream on chocolate, raspberry filling.  For my MIL.  I like her.  She's hot.
3 4
By Dale
Oct 14, 2005
For a Chocolate/Ivory themed wedding tonight at a very Art Deco venue. Worked perfectly!

I did the scrollwork in dark brown royal icing instead of chocolate, as it is an easier medium for me to work in. Fondant was Ivory White Chocolate.

Sizes are 6", 9", 12" and 15". Spiced Carrot Cake filled with Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting.
96 1,463
By antonia74
Dec 2, 2006
I made this for a baby shower--but I think it would make a lovely, contemporary cake for a small wedding.  It was another giant ding dong, only this time the client wanted a little "something" to decorate it up with.  I used white bc to do the scroll work on top of the ganache.
7 7
By llj68
Oct 28, 2005
This was my final cake for the Wilton Course III.  It was my first attempt at a stacked cake.  It turned out nice although I do see lots of things to work on.
6 9
By christyA
Aug 3, 2005
This was a cake I did for a family in our church.  It is all strawberry cake (6" and 10") with BC icing.  The family told me what sizes and flavors they wanted and left the rest of the creative design up to me.  It's my 5th wedding cake and I am pleased with the outcome!   Thanks for looking!
By luv2cake
Nov 7, 2005
Scroll work on the cake, gum paste flowers surrounding the layers. Bride and Groom make of clay to look like they are sliding off the top tier!
68 599
By Ginger08
Nov 20, 2005
French Vanilla cake, buttercream and fresh flowers. The rose petals are silk and HUGE...but they look good in the picture...
10 24
By Jenn123
Jan 4, 2006
This was a white cake filled with Raspberry Buttercream.  You can not really see the side but there is pale blue scroll work that matched the bride's maid's dresses.  There are fresh flowers arranged on top.  They matched the Bride's bouquette.
3 9
By shannas
Jan 23, 2006
Scrolls, scallops, cornelli lace, buttercream roses.
5 11
By KimAZ
Jan 28, 2006
Heart shaped cake with free hand scroll design and buttercream roses.
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By KimAZ
Feb 10, 2006
Yeah, I know, not a lot to it, but I was in a major hurry for my little girl and her Valentine's Day party.  It's simple and quick, 30 minutes to decorate.  Little colored sugar on top and it's good enough for the kiddies.  They didnt care, they just wanted to stuff their faces.
11 25
By Dale
Feb 14, 2006
Birthday cake for a 30 yr old. Stacked 10" & 12" rounds. Freehand scrolls, bead piping and laminated scrapbook photos.
14 7
By KimAZ
Feb 17, 2006
This cake duplicated the detail scrollwork that was on the wedding dress.  The cake was iced in rolled fondant and then I handpainted all of the scrollwork using a paste food colour, and then added detailing using gel icing mixed with silver dusting powder
21 38
By hockeymom
Feb 21, 2006
for those who saw my originial posting, here is part 2 of the picture, with the dress beside the cake the was the inspiration for the scroll work.  This was part of my booth from the 2005 Jan. bridal show in Owen Sound, ON.
22 30
By hockeymom
Feb 23, 2006
This is just a close-up of the scroll work on my 1st wedding cake.  Any comments, suggestions?  I'm open :-)  Thanks everybody!
4 2
By cakeatty
Mar 2, 2006
This was the first cake I did after I finished my cake classes. I did all the scroll work and flower placement on location. The chocolate iced was white cake with rasberry filling and the ivory iced was chocolate cake with white chocolate pudding filling. We served each piece with a rose petal, it was elegant and tasted so moist. My family loved it!
12 14
By Giamom
Mar 11, 2006
I had these layers in my freezer and needed the space, so I iced them up and took it to work to give away. Nothing spectacular, but wanted to use my scroll presses for the first time.
9 11
By VACakelady
Mar 14, 2006
6-8-10 tiers all almond buttercream chocolate cake for the bottom, vanilla and chocolate for the center and vanilla filled with raspberry for the top. Silk flowers.
7 16
By psurrette
Mar 26, 2006
Another cake for my mom...she seems to get the easy ones.  This is buttercream in a simple flower design
5 9
By mendhigurl
Mar 30, 2006
Decorated with buttercream, scroll work on sides and fondant pearls for borders.  Travelled 2 1/2 hours with this cake for a friends wedding and put 13 dozen real roses on it.  Cut, mirrored initials on top layer.  My husband had to place the top layer, because it was to tall for me to reach!
6 15
By cindycakes2
Apr 1, 2006
3 Tiered fondant cake with scrollwork on sides
6 17
By lalerlang
Apr 2, 2006
4 tiered scroll designed cake; we placed flowers with what the florist left for us...only 4 orange roses but they had to be on there!
13 17
By Ginger08
Apr 10, 2006
Just a 2 layer heart cake with scrolling
By xandra83
Apr 11, 2006
I told her I really didn't have much time to go all out decorating it but still wanted me to make the cake. Golden Vanilla cake with choc. frosting recipe I got from here. I filled it with dark choc. mousse. The color scheme I got from a argyle cake someone here had decorated.
4 1
By fmandds
Apr 15, 2006
I was just trying a new recipie and figured I would give scroll and rosettes a try.  The cake is Pina Colada Rum w/ whipped pina colada rum filling and buttercream (OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!!).  I would appreciate any constructive critizicm on my cakes.  Im not sure if im doing my rosettes right?  Any help??.....
8 11
By missyjo30
Apr 19, 2006
I wanted to practice scrolling on the sides of the cake.  Also wanted to experiment with a different kind of border.  The cake is chocolate with cherry filling frosted with bc.
4 1
By Bettycrockermommy
Apr 22, 2006
Done like a photo in a magazine, in barely orange and white with gum paste flowers. Scroll on it was painted with gold dust.
8 9
By Ginger08
Apr 22, 2006
My first white wedding cake. Free hand scrolls with silver dragees and fondant bow painted with pearl luster dust.  6,8,12" squares. I took my photo before flowers were added by the wedding coordinator. ( Hope it looked ok)
18 44
By KimAZ
Apr 22, 2006
This cake was made for a 60th (WOW!) anniversary.  THe customer wanted something like a wedding cake but only 1-layer each--for a small gathering.  We both had a hard time deciding want to do on it, bc her mother used to decorate cakes.
6 25
By Mac
Apr 27, 2006
First try at scroll using press sets from Wilton.
By Katskakes
May 2, 2006
Scroll using press sets from Wilton
3 1
By Katskakes
May 2, 2006
This is the second one of these I've done, with some minor changes. It is a mini cake, 3.5" X 3.5". White cake with buttercream frosting and roses. The cake is on a candle holder, to give you an idea of the scale of the cake. Gave this to my son's Pre-K teacher and she loved it! Thanks for looking.
3 21
By cindww
May 7, 2006
Butter cream practice cake.  Used Wilton scroll impression kit (pushed too hard).  Purchased gumpaste topper (I'm taking the gumpaste course next month!).
3 2
By PinkPreppy
May 12, 2006
Vanilla cake with, vanilla pudding filling. Iced in BC, fondant roses spray, icing image placque. Thanks for looking!
11 26
By bigcatz
May 12, 2006
Okay, I really had trouble with my fondant this weekend.  It looked absolutely perfect when I first put it on the cake, then all of the sudden, everything shifted and slid down the sides of the cake.  I almost didn't post it because I"m so embaressed, but I know that we all learn from our mistakes, so I'd be happy to hear your comments.  I was happy with the decorations though.  The bride, my best friend, wanted bead work to look like the pattern on her dress, and it turned out really well.
18 18
By dolcesunshine20
May 15, 2006


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