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Buttercream with fondant sailboat
2 3
By blue123
Sep 2, 2009
sailboat , rope and bear made from fondant , everything else made of gumpaste on a 10 in. round cake with BC frosting.
By klpint
Sep 7, 2009
3 76
By zacl01
Sep 12, 2009
Buttercream cake with gumpaste sailboat.
4 28
By classiccake
Sep 16, 2009
By Nursecb23
Sep 23, 2009
By Laura102777
Sep 29, 2009
This was my first attempt at a fondant covered shaped cake. I used homemade marshmallow fondant. The sail was made a few days before with Fondant and Gum Tex.  It was attached to a dowl rod with Royal icing. I also made the little girl and dog a few days before.
1 3
By Leecheenut
Oct 6, 2009
By: Amelia Carbine
1 57
By Anonymous
Oct 7, 2009
Baby boy bouquet with coordinating cookie kabobs for the big sister and brother. Snail inspired by mitsel8. NFSC, antonis ri.
2 8
By bbmom
Oct 7, 2009
Buttercream frosting with fondant sailboats and stars.
1 1
By texanlostlover
Oct 12, 2009
6 44
By cookinqueen
Oct 13, 2009
I made this cake for my Dad's 59th birthday. It's made with pound cake, buttercream icing and MM Fondant. The water is glucose.
1 1
By jossie_ja
Oct 18, 2009
Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.  Sail is white chocolate.
By nbs4847
Oct 24, 2009
A friend had a new baby boy.  I thought I would help them celebrate with cookies!  TFL
1 6
By Peeverly
Dec 6, 2009
This cake was designed from the theme of the nursery, sailboats, cars and airplanes.
By andrewscakes
Jan 23, 2010
Carved cake, all buttercream. Sail made from fabric.
1 2
By deb12g
Jan 27, 2010
This was made for the 90th birthday of a man who made and sailed boats. The sail was made by his daughter. Boat is made of RKT covered in fondant. Cake is covered with blue BC and blue piping gel. It made for a nice effect. Lesson learned: the piping gel WILL make the color from the fondant bleed. The underside of the boat looked like a bloody mess, and the buoys looked like they were melting into the water.
By carolynM
Jan 27, 2010
NFSC w/Antonia RI.  Accents are made out of fondant.  TFL!
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By Jewels117
Feb 6, 2010
Client wanted sailboats for her husband. and cut NFSC w/ RI.
1 2
By laurs_1981
Feb 10, 2010
I made this for my husband.  It is chocolate cake with strawberry buttercream filling and a chocolate ganache under the MMF.  This was my first time making and using MMF.  It was very stiff but was much easier to work with and tasted better than other fondants I have used.
By wmfanucchi
Feb 13, 2010
This is a cake I made for a friend of mine who just had a baby.  I used the top tier of GWU90's Sailboat cake for the design.  Mine wasn't the same size and I had to try to repair some mistakes on it by doing different things, but it turned out O.K. Not near as nice as hers, but oh well!  TFL!
1 9
By Maromine
Feb 20, 2010
This birthday cake was inspired by sailboat cakes posted by mamacc and  say_it_with_cake her on CC.  This was my first attempt at carving a sailboat.  Not bad, but I think next time I won't make the boat as tall.
2 2
By Renabaker
Feb 21, 2010
Buttercream with fondant accents Gumpaste boat and sail.  Thanks to CC for the ideas.
By CookCourt
Feb 26, 2010
this cake was made for a gentleman who flies planes, sails and plays golf.
By katnbforbes
Mar 3, 2010
Baby shower. desin matches the invitation.
By Susie112562
Mar 6, 2010
By sweettoothmom1
Mar 7, 2010
all buttercream.  Made for a little boy's first birthday.
By Susie112562
Mar 7, 2010
10, 6 inch round tiers. Buttercream frosting. Fondant boats & letters.
1 6
By SweetBakesOhio
Mar 23, 2010
Sugar cookies iced with royal icing
By omcdfour
Apr 7, 2010
6" chocolate with ganache filling and 10" French Vanilla with b/c and raspberry preserves filling.  Iced in all b/c with fondant/gumpaste decor.
2 9
By PaulaT
Apr 16, 2010
Wilton Pan, iced in BC
By tonyap
Apr 18, 2010
Mom-to-be's event planner asked for help with a baby shower cake that would have a nautical theme.  The phrase, "Ahoy, It's A Boy!" was in the decorations and needed to be incorporated in the cake design.  The cake itself is blue buttercream with white buttercream borders and lettering.  To get straight/solid shapes, the lifesavers and the backing to the sailboat topper were cut from gum paste and dried hard.  Colored fondant was then cut and adhered to them for decoration.  The rest of the cake decoration is also colored fondant.  The banner was a mix of gum paste and fondant that was dried, so it would hold shape standing up.
3 30
By LoveAtFirstBiteCakery
Apr 21, 2010
Cake inspired by a cake on cc by gwu90. MMf, 6 and 8 inch rounds
19 249
By rvercher23
Apr 21, 2010
I got this idea from somewhere online - I am sorry but can't remember where.
1 1
By jadedlogic
Apr 25, 2010
By Kristen4man
May 2, 2010
I was given a napkin as the "inspiration" for this cake, and I replicated the napkin design in layered fondant.  The napkin is the second picture, just for reference.
3 7
By percussiongrrl
May 11, 2010
birthday cake for a young man who enjoys sailing at a specific camp over the summer.  It was a surpise for him.
By katnbforbes
May 13, 2010
Made this cake & cookies for my cousin's baby shower - she and her husband love sailboats. The little flag on the mast says "Ships Ahoy, It's a Boy!".
By floridachic
May 18, 2010
Graceful Cake Creations from Flickr originally designed this cake. My replica isn't quite as nice but I love how it turned out. I designed the cupcakes to match the boat. TFL!
1 9
By misterc
May 22, 2010
3 10
By cakeglitz
May 22, 2010


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