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Made these for DH shop.
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By thesocialfrog
Nov 16, 2005
I am a member of the CDAV(Cake Decorator's Association of Victoria in Australia). Today was their end of year break up party where we all took christmas cakes that will be donated to the community to help people less fortunate. I made a miniature 3" cake covered in red fondant and piped with cornelli lace in royal icing. A bit rough, but it was a quick job. JOY done in gumpaste and painted with gold dust.
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By boonenati
Nov 18, 2005
Daisy flowers made with royal icing
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By ibcablr
Nov 19, 2005
No Fail Sugar cookie recipe with Royal Icing. My first time so I played around with it and made a few cookie treats on sticks with my kids. They loved it so it works for me.
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By Caribou
Nov 22, 2005
Christmas is nearing and you can make a couple of ready to use santas with royal icing
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By ibcablr
Nov 25, 2005
Acorns, various leaves made from sugar cookie dough and glazed with royal icing on lollipop sticks to create a fall centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table
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By KrazyKross
Nov 28, 2005
Royal icing
By izzybee
Dec 8, 2005
By izzybee
Dec 8, 2005
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By izzybee
Dec 8, 2005
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By izzybee
Dec 8, 2005
For my grandmother's 75th Birthday.  She didnt want to cut it open!  It's a royal icing flood on the 75, painted with gold luster dust.  Pink fondant.  Fondant/Gumpast 3-tier rufle.  Royal icing lace points.  Lots of work.  Only because I love my grandmother so much :)
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By PerryStCakes
Dec 28, 2005
This was devil's food with raspberry filling covered in bc w/royal flowers It is supposed to be ivory but I was disappointed in finished color, too yellow
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By debbilicious
Jan 1, 2006
This is the end result of a class I teach fMichael's. The last class I taught I had one student and this was her final cake after 6 weeks of work. It contains more than 20 types of flowers that we created in the class and then the last session I helped her assemble the cake andshe arranged the flowers she'd made over the last 5 weeks.
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By scWMI
Jan 5, 2006
This cake was made for a friend leaving for Iraq and also it was his birthday - the letter made of Royal icing say - We Will Miss You, We Love You and then the top is supposed to be a birthday hat.  First layer was white cake with Lemon filling, second layer was white cake with raspberry mousse and the top was chocolate with raspberry mousse.  All frosted with buttercream.
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By cakecre8tor
Jan 7, 2006
I did this cake a few months ago at Michael's for a class demonstration. The leaves are gumpaste, the flowers are royal icing and the cake is decorated with buttercream. I had several people sign up for classes as this cake was completed.
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By scWMI
Jan 8, 2006
No fail sugar cookies with royal icing.
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By culinarilyobsessed
Jan 13, 2006
Yellow cake with class buttercream icing. Royal icing "cages". Royal apple blossoms and daisies.
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By krissy_kze
Jan 25, 2006
Make all different kinds of royal flowers over the 4 weeks of the Wilton Couse II.  Basketweave and just place royal flowers sparatically
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By mcbeal42
Jan 26, 2006
Inspired by a cake out of Colette Peters' book of Birthday cakes  - Letters are royal icing.  Chocolate fudge cake with Buttercream icing.
By cakecre8tor
Jan 30, 2006
I made this this morning for my mother in laws birthday today. It's a chocolate fudge cake with BC icing. The roses and drop flowers are royal icing.
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By bethanne73
Feb 3, 2006
Chocolate cake with Buttercream icing. Royal on the towers.  Chocolate candies as borders and doors.  Thought I had the towers straight, until I photographed it!  Angle is everything where ice cream cones are concerned!!!   It was a fun "first castle".  :-)
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By Phoov
Feb 14, 2006
This was a rough draft - I wanted to see if I could do royal icing butterflies - so I didn't spend a lot of time on the icing (buttercream).
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By dydemus
Feb 16, 2006
First try with No fail cookies and Antonia's royal icing
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By JamesSweetie
Feb 16, 2006
This is a 1/4 sheet white cake iced and filled with buttercream, the kingkong image is a royal icing transfer.
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By sgirvan
Feb 17, 2006
I made this cake as a christmas present for a friend.  It is a chocolate cake filled and covered in chocolate mousse.  There are blown sugar ornaments which are hand painted and some royal icing ornaments that I piped.  The ribbons are gumpaste and then painted with a luster dust paint.  The swags are fondant, embossed, and then i painted the color on the embossed flowers.
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By pastrypuffgirl
Feb 18, 2006
I made some royal icing for the rest of my pumpkin cookies and iced them today.  Was wondering what to do with the cookies and the girls came home with note saying there is a bake sale at school friday.
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By momlovestocook
Oct 19, 2005
Royal icing airbrushed flowers with buttercream roses.
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By Jenn123
Mar 3, 2006
These were fun. Got the idea right here. Don't you love this place?
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By mgowan
Mar 5, 2006
Roses with royal icing hearts
By bertie
Mar 5, 2006
Lots of fun making all those flowers!
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By jdelectables
Mar 6, 2006
recipe from this site with royal icing flowers left over from course 2
By jdelectables
Mar 13, 2006
These are the first royal icing cookies I have ever done.  My white royal icing was too thick.  Better ones coming once my son takes his nap.  I have to make 12 dozen of these for a school function.  Good thing I love decorating.  I wouldn't have had the courage to try if it hadn't been for you guys.  Used the no fail sugar cooke recipe.  It is true.  Ya can't fail!
By carrielynnfields
Mar 17, 2006
I did this cake really quickly to put on display for Wilton cake classes at Hobby Lobby.  The fondant wasn't even smoothed out and one of the royal icing flowers broke when they moved the display case, but they are still getting a lot of students because of this.  The daisies did come out pretty well though.
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By kelleykakes
Mar 19, 2006
Found originial idea on this site & in Wilton mag.  The royal icing snowflakes were insanely time consuming but easy (just tracing on wax paper).  I only broke about 20% of the snowflakes.  Big wow factor for not a lot of skill.
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By Virginia
Mar 19, 2006
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By elif
Mar 22, 2006
I'm amazed at how different the frosting looks in two cakes.  Really looks like two different colors.. live and learn. Will do all basketweave next time!  Devil's food cake, chocolate buttercream icing, royal flowers.   Wanted a fall look....needed to experiment with the tiers.  Don't like the look of the white posts and the frosted crystal plate. Will do THAT different next time too.  Amazing what a picture can teach you!!!!
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By Phoov
Nov 8, 2005
White cake, white buttercream icing, royal flowers.  Customer didn't care what I did, so I practiced swags, etc.  Added more color than I usually do with my white cakes.  I need to get out of the BOX!!!
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By Phoov
Nov 8, 2005
Though time consuming I really enjoyed decorating this cake. I let my best friend have it bc I'm on a diet. Turns out that it was the moistest cake I've ever made - obviously bc I couldn't eat any of it! And I pnly broke 2 of my royal icing flowers.
By eryka1842
May 25, 2005
These are the flowers I made for my Wilton Class 2 final cake.  I wanted to take a pic of them in this state as I don't know how great they'll look once I put them on the finished cake!
By crisseyann
Mar 23, 2006
This was my cake when I completed the Wilton course II.
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By danitza
Mar 29, 2006


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