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First time doing a royal icing/colorflow design in years.  Could've been better (smoother) but it worked.
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By Susan94
Apr 13, 2005
The bottom two tiers are vanilla sponge with custard and fresh strawberries and the top two tiers are a rich chocolate cake with whipped cream.  All flower-shaped tiers are covered in HPT ( a stabilized whipped cream) and airbrushed for the outside color.  The daisys are handmade of gumpaste and the centers for the daisys were made seperate, airbrushed, and then glued onto the flowers.  The letters are pre-piped royal icing that I stood up in the cake for easier visibility.
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By pastrypuffgirl
Apr 13, 2005
This graduation cake was a vanilla cake with pastry cream and strawberries inside.  It is covered in whipped cream and has some airbrushed buttercream roses.  The base of the graduation hat is cake and the top of the hat is a piece of foam board covered in tissue paper.  The small purple flowers are royal icing as are the letters.
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By pastrypuffgirl
Apr 13, 2005
This is my Finale Cake for the Wilton Course II class. The butterflies are colorflow. The flowers are royal icing. The basketweave and icing is buttercream. I thought it was pretty.. 

This cake developed cracks in the frosting and a huge earthquake-like crack down the center by the time I got home. See that picture in the Cake Disasters forum in thread called "Earthquake Cake...".
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By AngelWendy
Apr 13, 2005
This is a dummy cake. I iced it with Royal.
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By Apieceofcake2
Apr 13, 2005
My first tiered cake. Push in pillars made that very easy! Chocolate Explosion Cake with whipped ganache filling (YUMMY!) and chocolate fudge frosting. Royal icing roses. Scroll work on the sides (first time doing that, too). I was trial running this flavor combo. for our future wedding cake, so decided to post it here. I learned a lot on this cake! Chocolate frosting warms up and thins out a lot in the bag as you decorate with it. Glad it turned out OK. Tastes good!
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By AngelWendy
Apr 13, 2005
the flowers were all made of royal icing
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By cakecre8tor
May 17, 2005
Though time consuming I really enjoyed decorating this cake. I let my best friend have it bc I'm on a diet. Turns out that it was the moistest cake I've ever made - obviously bc I couldn't eat any of it! And I pnly broke 2 of my royal icing flowers.
By eryka1842
May 25, 2005
1st birthday cake - wanted something sweet looking!  Daises are royal icing.
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By bovaritter
Jun 15, 2005
Birthday cake - Buttercream roses and royal icing ribbons
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Jun 16, 2005
This is a graduation cake for a coworker who just completed a year course in massage.  
Thought I'd go with something other the usual graduation cap.
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By freakyfrau
Jun 26, 2005
I made these also for the coworker who graduated, I wanted to make sure there was plenty of cake!!!  These were kind of practice for the cake I'm decorating tomorrow for my grandma's birthday
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By freakyfrau
Jun 26, 2005
Fondant covered square cake with royal icing scrolls in gold. Cherry blossoms in brushed embrodiery and hand painted sugar pearls. 50th Anniversary celebration on a yacht which unfortunately did not have much lighting.
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By Cakebaker57
Jul 1, 2005
THANK YOU Sgirvan for the recipe.  I had almost given up on cookies after a disasterous first attempt, however I saw your recipe posted on another thread and decided to give it one more go round. The second time was much more successful.  Decorated with royal icing, for a cowboy themed baby shower.
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Jul 11, 2005
Got the idea from one of Colette's books, I think.  Lemon cake with lemon curd filling, iced in buttercream and the spikes are royal icing.
Thanks for looking
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By texasmichele
Jul 14, 2005
I have made this wedding cake for a couple a few months ago. The appreciation and the compliments I received on this cake were overwhelming. I truly enjoyed making this cake but it was also a lot of hard work.
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By Fatema
Jul 24, 2005
This was my other fair entry from last night for the Special Occasion/Parties cake division.  I used royal icing and painted with food coloring after it dried.  The bottom collar broke into 4 pieces while I was putting it together!  I "glued" it to the base with more royal icing.  This is my first royal iced cake.
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By thecakemaker
Jul 28, 2005
This was my first stacked cake for my final of my last Wilton class. Blue fondant with a satin ribbon around each layer.  Made the flowers with royal and the beads with fondant.  Not too shabby for my 4th cake, right?
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By nocentstar
Aug 2, 2005
I work in a pizzeria and I made this for a co-worker.  It is a pistachio cake with cream cheese frosting.  The peppers an onions or royal frosting.
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By isabella
Aug 23, 2005
cake is nut lovers herseys, frosting is basic BC.  flowers are all royal frosting.
By isabella
Aug 24, 2005
9x13, 2-layer white cake with buttercream icing and royal icing flowers
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By KrazyKross
Sep 2, 2005
This is my first picture posting. I am so intimidated by the talent here that I hesitate to post mine. This is a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream icing covered in fondant.  Royal icing flowers.  I loosely followed the directions for making butterflies found on this site.  Then sprinkled real peridot gems on the wings.  The cake was for my sister's birthday.
By cybourg
Sep 10, 2005
10" square cake topped with 6" round, 2" round turrents with ice cream cones coated with royal icing shingles.  Trees on side of castle were ice cream cones with royal icing leaves.  Fences, drawbridge, flags, and windows were all color flow.
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By KrazyKross
Sep 25, 2005
I made this cake at the end of taking Wilton Course 3.  In course 3 we learned the basketweave technique & also how to make quite a few different types of flowers using royal icing, which is what all the flowers on this cake are made of.
By culinarilyobsessed
Sep 27, 2005
My final project for Course II, also my mother's birthday cake. Chocolate chip cake with chocolate buttercream, royal flowers. I'm pretty pleased with the result. I was really dreading the basketweave and didn't expect it to come out as well as it did.
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By alimonkey
Sep 29, 2005
I swear this time it is my course II cake
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By melxcloud
Sep 30, 2005
I made these for the goodie bags to go along with the Spiderman theme for my nephew's 6th birthday party.
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By culinarilyobsessed
Oct 1, 2005
second time doing basketweave. did it during class and rushed. I don't like it!! flowers are royal icing. I loved how they looked. 
cake was a yellow cake.
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By momoftwogirls
Oct 3, 2005
Just a top view of Variation on the Course II Finale cake. Basket weave was so much fun to do. Took a little time, but I got it... And the FLOWERS! ARGH! I was pulling my hair out with the Royal Icing.. but I finally calmed down, and Look.. they came out good. Cake is just classic yellow, buttercream beasket weave.
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By AndiSue
Oct 3, 2005
Oval basketweave cake with royal lillies on top.
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By CakesByEllen
Oct 14, 2005
This cake was made at very short notice, not planned at all. My friend said she was coming over so i came up with this for her..... The daisies are first attempt at royal icing flowers. I was pretty much practising royal icing flowers, but ended up putting them on a cake.
By Tamanna
Oct 16, 2005
I made some royal icing for the rest of my pumpkin cookies and iced them today.  Was wondering what to do with the cookies and the girls came home with note saying there is a bake sale at school friday.
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By momlovestocook
Oct 19, 2005
Chocolate Roll-out cookies decorated with royal icing.
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By culinarilyobsessed
Oct 22, 2005
Sugar cookies frosted with Royal icing.
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By cakecre8tor
Oct 27, 2005
I made this in my Wilton's class... The entire class had terrible trouble with our royal icing and all our color flow died a very sad death... But I came home and made the beautiful butterfly then dropped my royal flowers and my color flow butterfly on the flower it was rather sad... But my teacher assisted and the basket weave is perfect...
By kristingeorge
Oct 28, 2005
Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream icing, the fence, ghosts , cat and shingles are royal icing.
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By marjiw
Oct 31, 2005
I'm amazed at how different the frosting looks in two cakes.  Really looks like two different colors.. live and learn. Will do all basketweave next time!  Devil's food cake, chocolate buttercream icing, royal flowers.   Wanted a fall look....needed to experiment with the tiers.  Don't like the look of the white posts and the frosted crystal plate. Will do THAT different next time too.  Amazing what a picture can teach you!!!!
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By Phoov
Nov 8, 2005
White cake, white buttercream icing, royal flowers.  Customer didn't care what I did, so I practiced swags, etc.  Added more color than I usually do with my white cakes.  I need to get out of the BOX!!!
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By Phoov
Nov 8, 2005
Blue royal icing azaleas on a white chocolate cake with raspberry filling.  End of Course cake.
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By Bossy
Nov 9, 2005
This one I designed for 2 bankers who were very meticulous... from the sponsor cake giveaways,to it's packaging, cake tasting and their photo for the cake! But it was all worth the try! I used fresh flowers here , water fountain and played around with tulle and series lights to get that dreamy look. This is a satellite cake. Hope you like this.
12 19
By Cynch
Apr 13, 2005


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