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Red Fondant Flowers -
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Jan 28, 2006
This is the first cake that I have displayed at a Bridal show recently.  It is white buttercream with fondant heart decorations and roses.
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By rayven
Jan 28, 2006
This is my first wedding cake.  It is based on a Wilton design and the bride wanted the same color morning glories.  Flowers are made with royal icing and sprays are handmade.  The cake was fudge marble and the filling was chocolate ganache with Godiva Chocolate liquor.  I also used my own almond buttercream.
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By kelleykakes
Feb 9, 2006
This is my first big cake!  I taught myself with the help from this site and help from the forums here.  It's a 3 tier, pineapple filling, with the white wedding cake recipe and I used the Viva Method Crusting Buttercream icing-I used salted butter which seem to cut down the sweetness.  Although the viva towel did not work-What worked was a water spray bottle.  It's not that smooth, but hey, it's my 1st cake and I'm teaching myself.  Thank to all who helped me with my ?'s and thanks to this site.  :)
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By AmberCakes
Mar 6, 2006
This cake was for a couple who wanted a single tier as they didn't have a lot of guests or funding. Instead of making a very plain cake, I added the vines & other details. I was very nervous when they came, incase they didn't like it, but they did!  Thanks for looking!
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By OCakes
Mar 9, 2006
This is a three tier (12, 10, 8 inch; two 2" layers each); classic white cake with vanilla flavor.  Torted and frosted/decorated with vanilla flavored buttercream.  Swiss dots in buttercream and "celadon" green ribbon (from Wal-Mart!!).  This wedding was today (3/17)!!!  Everything about this cake went perfectly -- finally!!!!!!!!!
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By egarman
Mar 17, 2006
yellow cake with buttercream icing my first attempt at string work on a cake and doing the ruffles I loved making all the flowers and leaves and think they really finished the look
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By craftst3
Mar 23, 2006
This was my first 5 tier wedding cake, and on every tier was the couples wedding vows. Talk about a lot of work! Almost had a nervouse breakdown setting it up because it was so high. Not bad if I do say so myself...
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By julibel
Apr 4, 2006
This was my very first wedding cake a few years back.  Much thanks to my sister for trusting me!  The design is the same as the beading that was on her bodice.  I used the edible dragees.
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By MissMoore
Apr 27, 2006
I made this cake for a friend of my mom's.  They were 12, 10, 8, and 6 inch layers all of different flavors and fillings.  I also had to transport it an hour away to the wedding reception.  The bride didn't even see the cake until she entered the reception and was thrilled at how it turned out.
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By dvass
May 14, 2006
This is a wedding cake I recently did.  It is all white cake except the bottom layer which is chocolate.  The layers are doubled and iced in buttercream.  I used pink ribbon and fresh roses to trim.
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By bunnypatchbaker
May 16, 2006
I made this for a bridal show.  I like it, though everyone was confused by the wedding rings.  People thought they were pretzels or something, lol.  I should have just put a monogram in there & been done with it.
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By estherhead
May 28, 2006
I started making cakes three months ago and one of my co-workers asked me to make her cake.  I really enjoy making it and she loved it!  This website has been very helpful.  Thanks for looking.
By bori74
Jun 17, 2006
This is my first wedding and tiered cake. It was for my little sisters wedding. I had trouble getting the icing really smooth but she loved it.
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By miosha
Jul 10, 2006
All buttercream Wedding cake.  Decorating using the sota Technique.
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By Sherry0565
Jul 11, 2006
Cake was a 10" and 6" done in BC with fondant flowers, leaves and ribbon on top tier.
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By helipops
Jul 13, 2006
This is just a better shot of the seashell cake, the other pic. didn't show any details on the fondant seashells.  Seashells decorated with petal and luster dusts.
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By helipops
Jul 18, 2006
This cake was a dummy I did for our cake design studio.  Inspired by a pic in the british cake mag.  I changed it up some by putting rolled ribbon roses on it.  This was my first attempt at ribbon roses.
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By helipops
Jul 19, 2006
this cake was done yesterday for my mom's birthday,  first time I have done swags on a cake, it was alot of fun!
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By helipops
Jul 20, 2006
This is a four tier wedding cake done in fondant with fondant ribbons and royal icing beading.
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By helipops
Jul 22, 2006
This cake is loosely based on one the bride saw on  It is a 16"marble with BC filling, 12" french vanilla with strawberry filling, and a 8" with ganache filling.  All covered in BC and MMF lavender trim.  The florist arranged the flowers.  This is my 3rd wedding cake.
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Aug 7, 2006
Used design from Wilton's scroll separator picture.  The bride & her family loved it!  I used royal flowers & MMF covered the cakes.  This is the easiest wedding cake I've done.  Thanks for looking.
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By bkdcakes
Aug 8, 2006
This was my first attempt with white choc. fondant,  quite difficult to work with.  I also did the roses out of white choc. fondant.
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By helipops
Aug 11, 2006
This is the cake that had 272 servings to feed 160're thinking "that's a lot of leftovers!!"....WRONG!  When I asked the hotel staff to box up the leftovers for the family, they came out with 2 small plastic containers with a total of maybe 20 servings!  Small pieces were cut, no seconds for guests and STILL only had 20 leftover pieces...SO MAD!  Banquet staff had no idea what happened to all the convenient.
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By mocakes
Aug 20, 2006
First dummy cake. MMF with impression mat and luster dust, topped with rosebuds. This was the first time I had used all of these together. Thanks for looking.
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By cakegirlnc
Aug 21, 2006
A bride was going on a tropical honeymoon- and wanted the colors of the tropics incorporated in to her cake.
By countrycandle
Sep 1, 2006
This 3 tiered cake was made for a friends daughters wedding. Her colors were red, black and white.  The cake is white with raspberry filling, covered in white fondant.  All of the flowers, roses, apple blossom and stephontis are made of gum paste, flowers were made 3 weeks in advance.  The boarders are of buttercream   The tiers are 8, 12 and 16 inches.  I was pleased with the red on the cake.  I used only a few small red rose buds, made for a nice accent.  The bride was very pleased.
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By pnuttynut
Sep 2, 2006
This turned out to be one of my Favorite cakes I've ever made! I put Alot of time and effort into it. The scroll work thru the middle was all hand piped and took me quite awhile to do. I ended up taking one of my plastic scrolls and using it to make the pattern all the way around each of the cake tiers. I had never made this design before so I was nervous. The Bride/Groom and Guests all LOVED it. Said it was the Prettiest Cake they'd about Ever seen! I was so HAPPY!!! If you have any questions Just email me
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By Cakesbykaye
Sep 10, 2006
This was my son's wedding cake from last weekend. Modeled after Carmen Electra's wedding cake my new DIL saw in a magazine, it was (from top) 8" and 10" with the columns, and 12" stacked on 14", set on the silver cake plateau.  Design was freehand swirls with fondant pearls placed at random and along border.  8 dozed fresh red roses finished off!  Also made a deer head grooms cake and 44 mini cakes for rehearsal dinner...what a week!
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By cindycakes2
Sep 11, 2006
4 layers - french vanilla - lemon filling and my lemon cream cheese frosting.Tasted awesome, but the wedding was up in Yosemite Park and the drive up there was not fun with cake!  The roses were supplied by the florist. They came in little vials of water, I've never done that before and you can see the front rose smashed and buldged the cake because I inserted it wrong... I'll never transport a cake to Yosemite again.  Was really pretty though.
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By alicegop
Sep 17, 2006
This is a cake that I made for a friend of my daughter. The layers are 6" French Vanilla, 8" carrot, 10" red velvet, 12" chocolate, and 14" white.  It is iced with BC with BC dots, and real roses.
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By MsRhonda
Sep 17, 2006
This was my first wedding cake.
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By jcg42002
Sep 18, 2006
The bride wanted simple and elegant, and that is all the direction she gave me.   This is the result.
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By yoktom
Sep 27, 2006
Buttercream, polka dot ribbon with fresh fuschia gerbera daisies.
By lotsoftots
Oct 8, 2006
This was my first wedding cake, done for a wedding last Sunday. The gumpaste flower was inspired from a piece of fabric provided by the bride.  It was really fun to do!
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By Caroline
Oct 10, 2006
12" white cake with apricot buttercream filling, 10" lemon with lemon buttercream filling, 8" strawberry with raspberry filling. 75 roses bordering each tier with a cluster on top.
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By aligotmatt
Oct 12, 2006
I made this cake a month ago. It is covered in homemade buttercream. Two of the tiers are dummie cakes. The roses are silk. It has a simple swag design. The bride absolutely loved it.
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By Shalan
Oct 13, 2006
This cake was truly a fun fun time for me.  Got the idea from Colette Peters.  The bride chose fall colors so this is what we went with.
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By helipops
Oct 15, 2006
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By gracefull
Oct 23, 2006
This was a three tiered wedding cake for a young couple in our church.  The bottom layer is half chocolate and half white and the top two are lemon.  One of their wedding colors was navy, but it was too hot for navy icing, so I accented with navy beading around the base!
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By bunnypatchbaker
Jan 22, 2006


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