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This was my 1st wedding cake.  The bride and groom married in Hawaii and came home to have their reception.  No real rules with this one so everybody was pleased!  Thanks for looking!  I'd love some input on this one.
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By cakeatty
Mar 2, 2006
This is just a close-up of the scroll work on my 1st wedding cake.  Any comments, suggestions?  I'm open :-)  Thanks everybody!
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By cakeatty
Mar 2, 2006
This was just a plain round yellow cake, white BC.  I did absolutely no detail work because the florist was going to put live flowers on it.  Oh, brother, did the florist ever.  It was absolutely the worst thing I had ever seen.
By egarman
Mar 10, 2006
I made this cake for my little sisters wedding.  I couldn't get the icing as smooth as I wanted, but she loved it anyhow.  The top and bottom layers were lemon w/BC and the middle was red velvet.  My mom and I placed the flowers too.
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By jenib_99
May 8, 2006
This is the first ever wedding cake that I made.  It had chocolate, white, and yellow cake.  It was frosted with bc and covered in mmf.  It was sure a learning experience, but turned out well.  Of course you always learn from the first.  I can't wait for order number 2.  If you can give any suggestions for improvement i would appreciate the input.  Thanks for looking.
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By angelbabym
May 20, 2006
Upclose of gumpaste roses I made last year.
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By estherhead
May 28, 2006
I made this last summer.  Loved the flowers.  The back got bumped & was not pretty.  Thank goodness it was against the wall.  I told the bride's mother & she chose not to tell the bride who never even noticed.
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By estherhead
May 28, 2006
3 tier round cake seperated by crystal pillars
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Jun 1, 2006
I made this cake for my uncle's birthday.  It was a three-layer chocolate cake (soaked in a strawberry syrup) filled with a dark chocolate ganache.  The cake is iced in a chocolate buttercream, drizzled with chocolate candy melts, and topped w/chcolate covered strawberries.  Thanks for looking!
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By kbretzlaff
Jun 25, 2006
My first attempt at fondant.  I used the Wilton, nasty-tasting one.  DH Dark Chocolate cake, DH pre-made frosting (in the interest of time).  I did it before I found this site, so my cake was kind of fluffy.  I torted and filled both layers, but I didn't know about making a dam, so the frosting squished out.  I used wilton candy melts in a ziploc baggie for the decoration.
By cryssi
Jul 13, 2006
I really had big hopes for this cake but it has a lot of cracks and I obviously didn't get the hat well dusted off before I took the picture! I am having a heck of a time with my fondant cracking!
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By cakerunner
Jul 22, 2006
I did this for a birthday cake for my brother-in-law's mom's b-day.  All BC  a 10" and a 6".  I figured it went better in the wedding cakes section.
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By helipops
Jul 22, 2006
This cake was iced with buttercream and smoothed with a paper towel
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By ZoeAnn
Jul 26, 2006
Fondant booties,Cross.
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By Kiddiekakes
Jul 28, 2006
Made for a co-worker for her husband's birthday.  He loves raspberries so I put fresh raspberries in the cake and the frosting!
By girltrapped
Aug 7, 2006
This is my first attempt at basket weave.  Not too bad, but I had trouble with the top.  This is a cinnamon chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream.  Loved the chocolate cake, but not a fan of the choc. buttercream.  Next time I will make a chocolate fudge frosting for sure! ;)
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By karenm0712
Aug 15, 2006
We did this cake to practice lattice work in the first night of course 3. Instructor reccomends putting a single rose in the center to really show off the lattice!
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By cakerunner
Aug 16, 2006
This is one Tier of a Wedding Cake I made. I thought this would make a Very Pretty Birthday Cake or cake for other occassions.
The hearts I made...using Wiltons White Chocolate Melts, and colored purple with wilton food coloring paste. then I poured it in the Heart Candy Molds I had, let them harden, popped out and trimmed....and they made wonderful decorations for my cake! I used 2 different Shades of purple to trim the cake!
By Cakesbykaye
Aug 27, 2006
Wanted to embellish more but strings were not cooperating with me. Overall pretty happ with it... practice makes perfect! Also, love the new smoothe edge plates!
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By cakerunner
Sep 1, 2006
This is the first wedding cake I ever made.  Everything is done in BC icing.  With Fresh Flowers.  The top is 6inch, then 8inch, 12inch, 14inch & 16inch, and the side cakes are 6 & 8 inch.
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By Taralynn
Sep 11, 2006
Chocolate cake with Baverian cream frosted with wedding colors--ivory MMF, choc brown MMF circles.  5 sizes of circle cutters used.  Thanks for Antonia's cake for inspiration.
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By margery
Sep 13, 2006
Top Tier is half white, half chocolate. Middle layer is  white and bottom layer is chocolate. Frosting is buttercream. This was my first stacked cake and first wedding cake.
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By smbegg
Sep 17, 2006
This was my first dummy cake and first attempt at a wedding cake.  The cake dummy's were actually a little hard to work with as they're too lightweight and when you ice them, they want to push away from you.  It's hard to get the icing smoothed out.  Also, I had a lot of trouble with the fondant tearing.  I think I need to sand down the sharp corners of the cake dummies a little more.  I thought this turned out okay but I was working on it too late and I was too tired and started rushing.
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By cakegurl06
Sep 19, 2006
I took a class at church (not Wilton I, but using Wilton techniques) and decorating a cake was our "final". I tried to use most of the techniques we learned in class - it was fun! I made a chocolate cake with cookies n cream filling (from this site). I'd like to learn how to make my roses a little tighter and less ruffly, and to make my leaves end in a point, rather than forking. I'll also have to figure out this crumb coat thing, since I still got crumbs in my second coat of icing! Any suggestions?
By riveritaly
Sep 19, 2006
This was my Course III Cake that I completed in class. I had a lot of fun with the flowers.  I used a 10in and a 6in white cake with Chocolate Butter Creme.  The flowers are the Easter Lily, but I made them orange for the fall and made them resemble a Tiger Lily. They are made out of Royal icing.
3 2
By SteffeeH
Sep 28, 2006
Based on Wilton's 2007 decorating magazine. 
I had Lots of fun making the cake 
and my wife love it.
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By Bosch00
Sep 30, 2006
Made this for my Mom's birthday.  She tookit to share with her co-workers.
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By girltrapped
Oct 1, 2006
three round cakes 4", 6" and 8" frosted with pink tinted butter cream frosting.  FLowers used #2D tip and letters used #3 tip and royal icing.  I traced my cake pans onto wax paper and then filled the outline with B/C frosting and froze each one before laying it on top of each round cake.  Big time saver and makes the tops much smoother than I am capable of doing by hand yet.
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By qtpie94
Oct 10, 2006
Bride wanted purple and pink roses and a traditional wedding cake.  French Vanilla Cake all iced in Buttercream.  The bottom layer is 12 inch the middle layer 10 inch and the top a 6 inch cake.
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Oct 14, 2006
Cake with KU colors, thought it looked a little like a clown cake! Customer seemed happy. Not too happy with my not so smoothe icing, but she raved. Also, didn't take my repair kit and of course 2 of the blue strings on the bottome broke, one in transit and one by the customer after transit. lol. Won't forget my repair kit again!
By cakerunner
Nov 3, 2006
I made this cake for a Double-40th Birthday Party for 2 of my best friends Evelia and Aide. I didn't want to make an Over the Hill cake because my friends are always very happy people and I thought that a black and white cake it was going to be too boring and depressing for them. They loved the cake!!! The party was in October, so I used autumn colors.
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By mariprincesa
Nov 9, 2006
I was asked to do a wedding cake by my church for someone they were helping out. So I did this just for the cost of supplies. It is yellow and chocolate cake on each layer with baverian cream filling. Fondant roses and MMF for the cake. There is a lot I learned about doing a wedding cake. Please tell me what you think, good or bad that is how you learn to do better!
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By Nicla
Nov 27, 2006
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By glowbewon
Nov 29, 2006
Light blue rolled fondant over a chocolate hazelnut cake with chocolate hazelnut ganache and nutello filling.  Freehand the snowflake.
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By vixterfsu
Dec 15, 2006
4 tier basketweave cakes with fresh flowers.
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By CakeL8T
Jan 3, 2007
I wanted to try Rolled Buttercream. so this is it. 6" chocolate cake. Wasn't to difficult but found you have to be careful it can tear very easily.. but it tasted wonderful.. I used creme bouquet and vanilla for the flavoring.
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By slb1956
Jan 5, 2007
I had some leftover MMF and decided to play a little.Round 4 and 8 in dummies,fondant covered,fondant flowers and dots.RI borders.Dusted in pearl luster dust and gold.
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By Dennysse
Jan 14, 2007
Round cake dummies,fondant covered,BC decorations and fondant flowers.My first attempt at cherry blossoms,well sort off (Im crazy about them,reminds me the day I got married).The tree is painted with Wilton brown,and the little fuschia blossoms are BC (big mistake,nothing like RI to decorate).Borders are BC,cornelli lace on the top,all the cake dusted with super pearl.I wanted the green ribbon to be satin but I forgot to buy it.Fondant ribbon is a little hard to make.I had a lot of fun.
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By Dennysse
Jan 19, 2007
This one I finished I while ago for my DH and DS.Butter yellow cake with raspberry filling,whipped cream scrolls and raspberry swirls decorations.Practicing the scrolls but need to improve making the stabilized whipped cream.
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By Dennysse
Jan 28, 2007
This is my second wedding cake!  I don't know if you can tell, but there are pearled swirls on the side of the cake.  This was a pain but the bride was excited with it.  Thanks for looking!!
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By cakeatty
Mar 2, 2006


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