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Made for my nephew's 10th birthday. Red Velvet cake,buttercream frosting,RKT game controller covered in fondant and fondant logo. All edible except gift tag. Thanks to "WhyNotFab" for her tutorial on a game controller.  Enjoy!
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By ncbert
Aug 25, 2009
This was such a fun cake to do! I even got the seal of approval from my 4 year old son when he said, "Good job Momma!" 
This was ordered for a little boy's first birthday.  Elmo is a RKT.  Only his legs are just icing piped directly onto the cake.  The cake is iced in BC and the rest of the accents are fondant, including Elmo's eyes and nose.  The smash cake that went along with this was carved into the shape of number 1.
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By momtobtb
Jan 26, 2008
My co-worker wanted a Colts footbal cake for her grandson's 12th birthday so this is what I came up with.  The football is RKT and jersey and stripes are MMF.
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By momtobtb
Jan 20, 2008
"Lawn" cakes to serve 225.  House and shrubs are molded RKTs.  The house is covered in fondant and the shrubs were dyed with airbrush colors diluted in Everclear.  Done to replicate an existing home in the Cleveland suburbs.
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By BlakesCakes
Sep 15, 2007
Here's a 3D Barney I made out of RKT.  It was a lot easier than I thought.  Cake is iced in BC with fondant accents.  Barney is covered with fondant.
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By momtobtb
Mar 21, 2008
Lots of firsts: stacked tiers, stripes, RKT top.  Close friend's Baby Shower w/Teapot theme. All fondant. 12" stripes, 9" polka dots/teapots, 7" RKT Teapot topper w/Duff Roses.  Teapot closeup. posted separately.  Mom loved it!  I'm not completely happy w some parts so critique welcome. Also did matching teapot cookies, and minature treats, tartlets, brownies posted separately in Cookies and Petit Four
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By PattyT
Apr 8, 2008
First time doing a cake like this and I got a late start on it too! I didn't even turn on the oven till 6pm the night before it was due and I had to be at work by 9am. Finished it a 4am so the flames on the sides are not very good. But everyone loved it. Strawberry cake with buttercream frosting. Made to look like my great-nephew's favorite toy truck. Fondant bumpers and rims brushed with silver dust. Tires made from Rice Krispie treats covered in Rolled Buttercream.
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By mccorda
Feb 15, 2008
Covered in buttercream and mmf accents. This is my first time modeling fondant and using mmf. The My Melody ears at the top are RKT, this is my first time using them also.
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By Guera
Apr 14, 2008
RKT farm, mmf farm animals, 9x13 cake.
By brightbrats
May 26, 2008
First off, we had to buy the cake (client's request) and I made the topper. The "21" is RKT covered in fondant. My wife added the flowers. The fondanting of the "21" was fairly difficult, but I ended up doing a long strip to do the egding then cut out the front and the back of the numbers and used clear vanilla to glue/blend the edges. It was hard to see the seams afterwards, but there were still some issues. I think I rolled it out too thin because RKT bumps were showing despite a coat of buttercream.
By C-Mart
Feb 20, 2008
Thanks to Lisa for posting the instructions! I used RKT for the head.
By diamondsonblackvelvet13
Jun 21, 2008
This is RKT sailboat covered in fondant with gumpaste sails tied with fishing lines
By lbain
Jun 24, 2008
I'm pretty happy with how this cake turned out.  The head is RKT and the body is carved from 8" round cakes.  Inspired by the one by kitagirl and all the others on here.
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By luelue1971
Jun 27, 2008
This is the second of the pair. Alot of fun to do. The monster is RKT and fondant. Oh! I got the design from a napkin.
By diamondsonblackvelvet13
Jun 28, 2008
Elmo cake for my son's second birthday party.  I took inspiration from many of the Elmo cakes on this site and went from there with my design.  I see his flaws, but overall I am very happy with how he turned out - and so was my little boy!
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By ThreeDGirlie
Aug 11, 2008
This was SO fun to make!!! The cake is chocolate with a fudge filling. I covered it with chocolate Satin Ice. The forearm, fist, and guitar are all RKT. All the details are fondant.
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By diamondsonblackvelvet13
Oct 4, 2008
Since the cottage was only made of RKT, I had to make a cake also, and my Dad is a die-hard golfer. He's Scottish, and I'd planned to try to put the Scottish tartan on the sides of the cake (which is why they aren't covered so well in bc) but ran out of both time and energy! Ah, well, he was tickled anyway! TFL!
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By Callyssa
Oct 29, 2008
This is my first attempt at a fondant cake.

I made the marshmallow fondant and just used a boxed mix for the cake (one new project at a time).

His head and body are cake and the other parts are made with rice crispy treats.  I used licorice for his arms, legs and antenna.

This was a lot of fun and I'll definitely use fondant again.
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By islandgirl72
Feb 15, 2009
This was so much fun to make!!  The legs are RKT, all else is cake and BC. 3 6"round layers and 1/2 a ball pan.
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By imakecakes
Feb 23, 2009
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By darlaslade
Mar 7, 2009
Green RKT w/ MMF Shamrock Cutouts, made for granddaughters pre-school party.
By bkkimberly
Mar 29, 2009
11 x 15 Sheet cake w/ extra 6' squares on one end, Covered in MMF, MMF road, flowers, rocks,  BC  River,  Trees & Log are licorice wraped with MMF, w/RKT tops.    Dora, Diego, Bridge are DecoPak.
P.S.  I'm both polish and left handed,   ?  Happy 3DR ?  Was a good LOL...:)  TFL....:)
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By bkkimberly
Mar 29, 2009
This was a retirement cake for a Senior Chief but I am also considering it to be my retirement cake.  I had such a hard time with this cake!!!!  It was a full sheet cake and I never thought it would be so hard to cover the cake in fondant....NEVER again.  Anyways.... the anchor, "USN", and star are RKT and the chain is just fondant.  I wish that I had more time to work on painting everything because I know I could have gotten it all darker.  Also, i had planned on covering the RKT with chocolate before layering with fondant ...but once again ran out of time.
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Apr 17, 2009
This a 9.5" tall RKT and modeling chocolate sculpture. This little boy didn't want a cake so we came up with this. This my first time working with modeling was interesting and I'm looking forward to more! His expression when he saw it was PRICELESS! I am a CSM and as always, thanks for looking!
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By diamondsonblackvelvet13
Apr 18, 2009
This is  a RKT bear covered in chocolate fondant.  This was my first time using my new pearl border.  Once I master this tool, it will be a real time saver!  The key is the mastering part.
By Reimagining_Confections
May 4, 2009
First I'd like to thank all of you for your wonderful tips!  I completely copied my helmet from 'tirby' - My helmet didn't turn out as well as I would have liked....It's not as tall as it should be from a side view and it ended up being larger than the cake it's sitting on which looked funny to me.  Bottom 9" round covered in BC and MMF.  RKT helmet covered in fondant - 1st time using them for a cake.  Clone Wars sign is chocolate (is this called a chocolate transfer?) - I saw jennabel441's cake with the chocolate Clone Wars and might try attaching one directly to a cake next time. The 6 year old boy was so excited and it made all the time I spent on it worth it!
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By amyfruity
May 21, 2009
This was for my daughter's Kindy teacher -we threw her a shower at school with the kids.  10' square, 8' round.  1st time doing a doll dress - used rice krispie treats under the skirt - painted dress w/super pearl dust.  There are a few changes I would make to the dress, but I was happy enough for my 1st one.  No one noticed the flaws that I did which is always a plus! : )  All of my inspiration came from CC on this one - thanks!
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By texasseegirl
May 21, 2009
RKT cut out using a cookie cutter, candy melts and ice cream sprinkles for the decorations.  These were party favors for a birthday party.
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By klg1152
May 23, 2009
I did this cake for my close friend Kerri whom wanted a cake for her nieces (2) graduation from 6th grade; their school mascot is a dolphin.  
Yellow cake with vanilla fill, BC iced, and then covered in Satin Ice.  Graduation Hat is chocolate, Tail and Dorsal Fin are RKT and the water is royal icing.
Thanks for looking
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By Crissy_Cakes
May 28, 2009
Nintendo DSi with accents from Zelda game - chicken and feathers and other accents are fondant. Top lid is RKT covered in buttercream and fondant. Bottom is cake covered with fondant. Lots of fun to make, TFL.
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By vescakes07
Jun 3, 2009
Another Frog Cake!  The frog is entirely made of RKT covered in fondant.  Cake is Devil's Food enhanced cake mix, swirled with white cake mix.  BC frosting.
By srski
Jun 8, 2009
10in Chocolate Turtle Cake with Fudge and Caramel Pecan fillings -Hand-Painted Boat is RKT - everything else is fondant/gumpaste - I wish you could see more details - Mama has pink toenails w/flower flip flops & sunglasses, pugs have bulging eyes, thier lines are all hooked on stuff thats NOT fish! Dads expression is "O LORD! HELP ME PLEASE!" Cake is on a Camo covered board ~
I did this for a Man who loves to fish and hunt - even when he has to take the Wife, Kid and 2 Pugs along!  A recipe for disaster!
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By GayeG
Jun 15, 2009
This is a RKT baby dragon.  I have been loving the gelatin technique, so his wings, spikes, and tongue are gelatin with red disco dust(sooo cool).  The nest is those chinese noodles mixed with melted white chocolate.  The "cake" is a 14'round of choc. chip cookie, topped with choc. buttercream, topped with a 14" round of brownie.  I then coated the whole thing in ganache and added those Pereoutte(sp?) cookies on the sides.  Went a little airbrush crazy and sprayed those cookies to match(sort of flame like colors).  Thanks for the egg color help CC.  Gumpaste egg!!!  Enjoy!
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By Reimagining_Confections
Jul 1, 2009
My first real cake after shoulder surgery. I made this to see is my shoulder could take rolling out fandant, so far so good!  It was blue raspberry with raspberry flavored buttercream under the fondant. I didnt get to finish the flowers or butterflies, shoulder gave out after so long at it... Rice crispie base with crushed Oreos & Cinnimon G. Crackers.
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By misroxy73
Jul 8, 2009
I made this for my boss' girlfriend's 60th birthday party.  She has an adobe style house in Tucson.  He gave me a couple of pictures to copy.  The  cake is 2 layers of 12 x 18 carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.  The house is RKT covered in fondant.  The cacti are fondant.  Some of them have candles in them.  The sand is crushed up nilla wafer.   
Thanks for looking
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By ChicagoAlex
Aug 1, 2009
Cupcake Cake for my sons 8th birthday.  Light Sabers made out of RKT and covered in fondant.
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By zoraya
Aug 10, 2009
The towers are stacked cookies, the turrets are RKTs covered in fondant.  The cake is covered in BC.  The railing is made of royal icing.  Jasmine is just a flat print-out of Jasmine laminated.
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By LittleLinda
Aug 13, 2009
Miss Piggy is Sandra's favorite character, so she needed to be a big part of the cake for such a special occasion.  She is constructed of RKT coated in white candy melts under fondant.  The 6" and 8" cakes are marble cake with vanilla buttercream frosting.  This was my first time modeling with RKT, and I was really pleased with the results!
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By themaytrix
Aug 17, 2009
My boyfriend's son just started football this year, so I thought a football cake would be fun for his bday. It is chocolate filled with oreo mousse and covered in vanilla BC. The goal posts and jersey are gumpaste and the football is RKT covered in dark chocolate fondant. He loved seeing his name and # on the jersey!
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By Kel1222
Aug 18, 2009
A two-layer WASC with lemon filling and BC frosting. Car is RKT covered in fondant. Other decorations are fondant. Side panels and numbers on car are colored with petal dust. Rocks are chocolate-covered candy. I got inspiration from many great cakes here on CC. Thanks to all!
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By poohsmomma
Sep 7, 2009


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