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This is a two tier mini cake done for my daughter's Bridesmaids luncheon this weekend. I have 5 more to go! Thank goodness not all of the girls are in town! White chocolate cake with buttercream covered in fondant. The flowers and pearls were purchased except for the gumpaste rose spray that I made on top. The rhinestone snowflakes are a new pin and earrings along with rhinestone trim around the cakes.
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By heychele
Feb 15, 2007
i messed up a little bit but i semi-covered it up. im really pleased with it.
By howie
Mar 19, 2007
Buttercream with fondant belts and rhinestone buckles
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By delaware
Apr 21, 2007
I made this cake for a good friend's wedding, one I was also in...  All buttercream with rhinestone banding around the bottom and third tiers.
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By Almali
May 8, 2007
White buttercream, red filigre, rhinestone trim.
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By Mencked
Jun 4, 2007
This was my first wedding cake and for my brother. I had trouble with my fondant. Bottom layers are styrofoam and the top was raspberry lemon & covered in fondant. There is black and pink ribbon around each layer with rhinestones glued to the front. To make the monogram I printed the letters on paper in the same font as the wedding invitations (I also made those) and my dad cut them out of wood with a scroll saw and put dowel rods in the bottom, painted with pink paint then sprayed with pearl paint.
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By manielynn
Jun 7, 2007
Buttercream with real ribbon and strands of rhinestones.  Sugarpaste monogram on the top tier and fresh roses.  Hint: I cut the rhinestones apart for the top tier since its SMBC and I didn't want them sliding off!
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By KoryAK
Jun 25, 2007
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By NolansMom
Aug 28, 2007
This is dark chocolate cake with raspberries -n- cream filling and a nice crumb coat of chocolate buttercream.  Covered in fondx. I used super red luster dust on the dark pink polka dots. Tiers are 8" and 6".  I made the monogram from floral wire and hot glued the rhinestones to it.   I got a e-mail from the bride after her shower saying she loved the cake and the monogram. And she also said she is going to use the monogram as her wedding cake topper.  COOL!  I was thrilled that she liked it so much.
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By SweetTcakes
Sep 30, 2007
14" round, 12" petal, 9" hexagon and 6" round cakes, covered in fondant.  The bride liked my "Henna" cake, but wanted mixed shapes, and in a "light cantelope" color, airbrushed w/ luster dust and we addes some rhinestones for more sparkle.  I liked the cake design, but wasn't crazy on the color!  I think this would have been beautiful in ivory!
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By cakesbyallison
Oct 29, 2007
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By darylrc
Nov 11, 2007
Cakes: 6, 8 & 10. Icing: BC and fondant decorations with luster dust. Topper: rhinestones on wire. Sorry for the unprofessional picture.
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By CakeDesigns
Dec 27, 2007
This was asbolutely  my most favorite of all the wedding cakes I have done over the years.  It is of a wedding cake from a wedding magazine that I copied and of course changed a little to add my style.  Funny, she came to me with a few cake photos, some from pinkcakebox, and I just loved this one.  She and the groom hates fondant, but once she tasted mine, it was all she wrote.  She had to have it.  The "broaches" are rhinestone buttons.  Thanks for looking.  :)
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By Kyleen
Jan 16, 2008
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By darylrc
Feb 23, 2008
14/10/6 stack. White cake with strawberry filling. All fondant.  The client ordered the topper and purchased the rhinestones for the cake. They were not edible, which bothered me some. But since he works at the hall and was cutting the cake and assured me none would be eaten, I was really glad to have them as I think they set the cake off nicely.
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By sarahnichole975
Mar 19, 2008
Banana mud cake covered with fondant for both cakes...1 inch pillars in between to seperate the two cakes and purchased rhinestones to decorate....
By YummyFireMummy
Apr 2, 2008
7 53
By darylrc
May 3, 2008
12" Butter w/ Strawberry, 10" Raspberry w/ Chocolate Mousse, 8" Chocolate w/ Raspberry & 6" Raspberry w/ Chocolate Mousse - Decorated to match design on bride's dress - Edible Rhinestones & lot's of Star Glitter for sparkle.  Blue MMF Ribbon Borders - Whole Cake Iced in Vanilla Italian Meringue & sprayed with Super Pearl Luster Dust.  Filled Champagne Glasses separating 6" & 8" with Royal Blue Satin Ribbons & Fresh flower topper.  Thanks for looking!
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By ThatsHowTcakesRolls
May 19, 2008
This cake was a disaster.  The heat and butter cream doesn't work well together.  I am greatful that I was able to salvage the cake to make a "decent" picture.
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By meeah
Jun 27, 2008
Four tier square cake with  two quilted tiers and rhinestone accents. White cake with fresh strawberry filling. Quilting done with a silicon impression mat.
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By SherryO
Jul 1, 2008
A simple square cake with one quilted layer (using a quilting template). Decorated with ornate beaded ribbon from the Punjabi Market in 
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By SherryO
Jul 30, 2008
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By sammont1
Aug 20, 2008
All buttercream with ribbon accents and rhinestones.
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By Seashell_110
Aug 20, 2008
8 34
By darylrc
Aug 22, 2008
This was my 2nd attempt at making a cupcake bouquet.  I made this one with much more ease since I had done one prior.  This was a german chocolate cake recipe with chocolate buttercream icing.  I filled these with almond joy filling.  I got rave reviews!  I also decided to add a lil' bling, so I added some rhinestones...hope you enjoy!
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By Juny1980
Sep 5, 2008
4 1
Sep 9, 2008
This was absolutly difficult for me to get those sides of the cake smooth.  Now a days most brides do not want flowers or much decorations on their cakes.  The same day I went to drop this off I had another girl ask me if I would do the same cake for her wedding.  It jus seams like a waste of my time I had spent at pastry school learning all of these teckniques all for nothing.  I haven't really used what I have learned.  But never the less the cake turned out beautiful.
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By Mireya1972
Sep 21, 2008
Cues from the brides dress.  Brooch and rhinestones are not edible, fresh floral topper
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By KoryAK
Oct 12, 2008
This was for my sister's baby shower. This is also my first  belly cake.  I was quite pleased.  Thank you to all the CC'ers for the help.
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By jillmakescakes
Oct 13, 2008
6", 10", 14". Cakes are covered in fondant; bow is G/F mix. Top and bottom tiers have rhinestone trim and same rhinestones are in the center of the bow. The pleats are fondant; applied one piece at a time. This is my 2nd wedding cake. Thanks for looking!
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By sweetsbyl
Nov 1, 2008
covered in chocolate satin ice-
By aimers
Nov 2, 2008
1 19
By darylrc
Nov 27, 2008
4 21
By darylrc
Nov 27, 2008
3 13
By darylrc
Nov 29, 2008
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By darylrc
Dec 12, 2008
This was a New Year's Wedding Cake with IMBC.  Each square tier was wrapped with a black satin ribbon and rhinestone trim at the bases.  The florist then cascaded the lilies and roses from the top to the bottom.  It was quite spectacular!  I hope you guys enjoy it!
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By MellyD
Jan 21, 2009
Rhinestones or crystal wedding cake
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By fitzbunch6
Feb 4, 2009
Wow! 70 years together....not many people reach this celebration!
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By Strazle
Feb 8, 2009
All fondant w/royal icing, rhinestones & some painted details.  It's also got fake jewels (from Michael's craft store) on it, and the topper is a $1 frame that I put some printed paper in.  When I delivered the cake the sun was so bright that my pics didn't turn out, but the customer emailed this one to me later w/rave reviews.  TFL!
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By momsandraven
Feb 12, 2009
Cake isn't fancy, just BC icing w/ border done in ribbon w/ rhinestones that bride picked out. Fresh flowers. Thought this one was simple yet elegant. Thanks for looking!
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By CakeL8T
Jan 3, 2007


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