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I made this cake for a family reunion. I made it with one hand, had surgery on my left hand and it is still in brace!!!
By danette62602
Jul 18, 2005
This was for a reunion of everyone who had attended this elementary school which was closed in 1970 and torn down.  It is my best replica made from memory and a couple of very old photos with the school in the background.
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By piklpop2
Jul 18, 2005
I made this cake for a family reunion. I made it with one hand, had surgery on my left hand and it is still in brace!!!
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By danette62602
Jul 18, 2005
I made these for our family reunion today.  I am so excited about my new cupcake stand.
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By angelcake4u
Aug 27, 2005
I made these for our family reunion today.  I am so excited about my new cupcake stand.
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By angelcake4u
Aug 27, 2005
This is the cake I made this morning for my husband's family reunion today.
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By gilson6
Nov 12, 2005
Some of the faces on this cake represent people in Bryon's family.  The one with long black hair and bald on top is my husband!  Had fun with this.
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By Beecharmer
Jan 3, 2006
Two 9X13 chocolate sour cream cakes stacked and iced with chocolate sour cream icing.  Names and banners are fondant.  I made this for my mum-in-law as she is really into geneology.  She loved the 'apple doesn't fall far from the tree' idea too!
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By tripletmom
Aug 11, 2005
Family Reunion cake I made for a friend of mine.  Lots of green!
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By geehouse
Mar 20, 2006
A cake I did for my boss. She wanted a cake for a bunch of cousin's that were getting together and she wanted the names of the cousins on the cake. She liked the grapes idea and I wrote the names of the cousins all around the outside of the cake. Its all buttercream except for the grapes which are made from fondant. The bottom of the cake is 11x14 with a small oval on top. Vanilla cake with strawberry filling. She was really happy with it.
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By genean
Mar 21, 2006
I made this for my husband's family reunion.  The leaves are sugar cookies with liquid fondont and buttercream writing.  The cake is a full sheet half choc half butter, iced in buttercream and chocolate buttercream for the trunk.
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By skeeters
Jun 20, 2006
I got this idea from looking around CC and on the Wilton site...the cupcakes have MMF faces with bc details and leaves, the trunk is choc. fondant and the banner is fondant with bc writing.  Made for a family "picnic" reunion!  Sorry I don't have a better pic....they all came out kinda fuzzy for some reason.
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By KHalstead
Jun 26, 2006
Lots of ideas from here on CC for this cake. Made for my husband's family reunion. The eight apples on the tree represent each brother and sister.  Had a lot of fun doing this cake. 11x15 sheet cake with all buttercream icing. This family reunion sign is out of fondant.
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By klsrtr
Jun 29, 2006
FBCT buttercream and pine cones made on straws. Thanks for the help on that.
By tirby
Jun 29, 2006
Not to bad considering that the top layer of cake broke in two while we were stacking it!  Had the kids help cut out the flowers for this one!
By charlieonecat
Jul 1, 2006
simple cake - buttercream icing with class colors - emerald green & silver
By cowspot_me
Jul 6, 2006
I was asked to make something for our family reunion.  The cupcakes were very convenient!
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By mmdd
Mar 9, 2006
Chocolate Cake Buttercream Icing. Faces are candy Melts.
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By slb1956
Jul 14, 2006
This cake is out of the new wilton yearbook.  I really enjoyed making it for my cousins family picnic.  The stand makes the tree so easy to make.
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By mep2315
Aug 6, 2006
Two single layer 12 x 18 white cakes side by side, torted and filled with fresh strawberries, strawberry filling and fresh whipped cream.  Topped with fresh whipped cream.
By SpudCake
Aug 12, 2006
This cake was inspired by a cake and from a class with Colette Peters.  I had to pack my cake pans; fillings; shortening; and gum paste, not to mention I carried the fondant (20#'s) through the air terminal to make my connecting flight.  I baked, filled and frosted the cake at one friend's home and then we transported it to another friends home to cover it with fondant and get it decorated.  I tried to keep it simple due to wanting to participate in all the activities of the weekend reunion.  Go Gators~!
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By Rupnzel
Aug 23, 2006
I used a BCFT of my school's mascot (don't ask) and then the font of Nineteen Ninety was the same as on our yearbook.  It was a HIT!
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By dhmichaud
Sep 2, 2006
Family Reunion Name Cake.  Each letter was cut from a 12 x 18 sheet pan.  All done in buttercream.  150+ people were to attend the reunion.
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By debrab
Sep 3, 2006
This cake was made for my Family's Reunion.  We call it the Hamilton Family Affair.  My grandfather is the oldest living sibling and he loves watermelon.  That's why there is a huge slice of watermelon on the cake.  The cake was a big hit.  Thanks to all of the watermelon cakes on Cake Central I was able to create this cake.  I love this site!!!
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By kimhamjohn
Sep 12, 2006
This was done for my husband's family reunion.  It was copeid from the 2007 Wilton yearbook with some variation.  I put grass on under the tree and cookies in the grass which represent those family members who have died.  They're cookies who fell from the tree.  In front of the tree sats two rocking chairs with cookies in them which represent my husband's mamaw and papaw.  I can't wait for the family to see this cake.  I really think they're gonna love it.
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By StandingForJesus
Sep 12, 2006
Fudge Marble cake with buttercream icing.  Design from the Wilton Course I book... it was a big hit at the reunion.
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By gina1221
Sep 23, 2006
73 apples representing 12 generations of family. 3-2" layers (chocolate, butter, strawberry) iced in buttercream and decorated with chocolate icing and fondant apples. Hand painted 73 names on apples.
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By angelak
Oct 14, 2006
Cake I made for a family reunion...customer wanted Doves, and I freehanded them.
By ShelBell
Oct 23, 2006
I made this cake for my family's reunion.  It is out of the book pan on top of the rectangle cake.  I love sunflowers and chose to put them on the top.
By pastrypantry
Nov 21, 2006
I made this cake for a family reunion.  BC and royal icing faces and hair!
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By Alickert
Dec 12, 2006
This cake was made for a welcome home celebration!  The idea was out of a Wilton book, but this cake has a ton more people on it.  BC icing, sugar cookies with royal icing faces.
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By Alickert
Dec 12, 2006
One of my first cakes.  I did it for the family reunion & put the family crest on it.  It's all buttercream.  Cake was lemon.
By gelfling
Feb 6, 2007
Class of 72 reunion
By Chandra00
Mar 20, 2007
Chocolate cake with gumpaste flowers.  This cake christened my new KitchenAid mixer!
By Strazle
Apr 14, 2007
I made this for an italian family reunion, when they display it the cake will be flanked by an italian flag on each side, I borrowed the idea from another member (thank you).....the cake is all buttercream except for the leaves that I purchased at a craft store.
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By serena70
May 27, 2007
Two layers, one side chocolate, one side white, iced with buttercream, covered with fondant and all decorations fondant.   It didn't dawn on me 'til I was rolling out the fondant what a challenge it would be to get that big of a piece transferred to the cake - yikes!
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By Ksue
Jul 8, 2006
I donated this to my children's school.  It's about 230 servings.  Pictures are of the old school building, and the new one.  First time trying a book cake.  Thanks for looking!
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By gakali
May 28, 2007
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May 28, 2007
I did this cake for a Wing family reunion!!  I thought the message was so cute and perfect.  Of course, I have used the Cakery's style for this cake, and added wings to the decorations for fun.  WASC cake and High Humidity Buttercream.  I'm still new to decorating and I thank you for looking.  I appreciate all suggestions and comments.
By Suzycakes
Jun 9, 2007
Cake for my family reunion. Thank you to all on this site for the inspiration!
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By angelak
Jun 22, 2007


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